Monday, August 13, 2012


I have a testimony that I must share.... 

On the 4th August (Saturday) after the morning prayer/meeting, I have a sudden pain on my left shoulder blade (the triangle bone). It was so painful that I couldn't lift both of my arms above chest level. Whenever I move my right arm, it triggers the pain all the way from my right arm to my back and to the left shoulder blade. When I move my left arm, it's worst... 

Thanks to some of my dearies that the pain got a little relieved on that Saturday afternoon when they tried so hard to help me massage the affected area. But things did not go well after that. I can't lift up my hand during my interest/tambourine classes. My dancers were laughing at me... cos I really looks like an old lady, screaming for help, walking so slow, sitting/getting up so slowly... that I myself cannot even recognize that's me! 

Yes, the pain goes on and on till nite time. I couldn't sleep...and I have to take up painkiller to help me to sleep. The next day, it is still painful. Although, it is painful...but i feel like im a VIP cos I dont need to carry any of my things including my handbag, I dont need to open the door...I just need to wait for a while.. and I don't need to drive...Felt like a princess for a week. Lol~~  

I was on painkillers for 3 days and muscle relaxant drugs on 4 days, yoko yoko (topical muscle relieving liquid) 1 whole week... yes, it was prescribed on my own... =X yeah, you can say that I am a lil stubborn cos I choose not see doctor to waste my money. Cos after 3 days, the pain got a lil relieved and it was better... not much pain but I still can feel it. 

Last Friday, the pain came back during jamming session. It was painful but I have to endure it till the end of jamming session. I remembered what I've learnt in pharmacology... painkiller... Yes, it suppress the pain messages send to the brain but the more you rely on it, the higher dose you need to suppress the next pain. So, I tried to endure the pain right until before DF session starts on the next day. On 11 August, 3.50pm.. it was the last painkiller I ate (Why do I say last..? you'll know soon). 

Whenever I was on stage or Praising and Worshipping God, it's the time that I will give my all (I'm kua cheong-ing myself here... but this is what I learnt.. forget everything and give in your all). So, I dance so hard and lift up my hands like there's no pain at all... Jumping up and down, running here and there...sweating... catching up my breath... like usual. After praising session, I got back to my place... I felt a burning sensation on my left shoulder blade. It was so hot... but it's not that painful. I thought it was because I wore leather jacket, that's why u feel hot... lol~. Yes, the pain was there till night time but I was able to conduct my tambourine class (which is better than last week). 

Just before I sleep on Saturday night, I asked God to heal me... cos Sunday is a Healing service and I cant go around and pray for others when I myself still in pain and need medication. Just like what Ann prayed and said... "God will heal you and you will be completely healed right before the Sunday Healing Service", YESH! I was healed on Sunday morning! The moment I woke up, there's no pain at all... I can lift up my hand above my to stretch my body, my back, and swing my hand around without any pain. I thank God for the healing on my shoulder blade. Yes, it's the most painful thing. Although I lost my voice and  have a super sexy voice, but the freedom in moving around, swinging and lifting up my arms.... are indescribable. Yes, I got healed before I pray for others... and I believe, they too got healed by the Lord. Never give up and pray persistently.. you'll see the miracles in your life.