Monday, June 8, 2009

A lucky thief!

I once chased after a thief when i was in form 3 n fortunately i got my phone back. On 7th June 2009 afternoon, i've just told Ps. Meng about this case and who knws... at 4am of 8th June, a thief tried to climb up to my room's window which is located on the 13th floor. He's such a brave thief to climb up so high. Here, i salute u thief! BUT....Unfortunately for him, im still awake n his torchlight's light which shines into my room got my attention. I was so surprised to see lights which looks like the light of the cars passing by houses which located at the side of the road. Eh, it's 13th floor high and it automatically struck my mind tat its not car but thief. So, i automatically sat up n looked at him. By judging at the position he stood, i cant actually push him down wit my broom cos :

1) he's standing the back of the middle window;

2) if i walk across my room to get the broom, he will surely see me edi n of cos he will ran off b4 i could do so.

So, instead of pushing him, i scolded loudly : UI!!!! APA KAU BUAT???!!!


He then jumped off from the bar to the corridor n ran off. The miracle thing is.... my roommate still slp soundlessly until i touched her n tell her tat there's a thief just now but after "har.. ohh...ok.." from her, she then slp back again like nothing happens. She's super funny man. I bet she wont rmb a thing tml morning. I remembered tat the thief wore a cap n stripe shirt. Should b a malay if not mistaken. Im sure he's not white or yellow. If and only if i have the guardhouse number, i would hv called them n ask them to block tat guy and search for him. Stupid management!!


First thing in the morning, im going to complain to the management. Why is there thief growing in PV?? They have ordered the security guard to ask us to show our resident pass at the entrance and there's a need for access card to access each block. So, how can a thief enter a PV block if there's strict double security like wat he implement in the daytime or evening time?? How can a thief enter our block at 4am when there's no one entering our block with access card at this hour?? Have u ever seen a lot of ppl entering PV at 3.30 or 4am?? I really dunno how good is their security... or is the thief from the same gang of security guard?? or maybe the thief is PV's tenant. Tat's really bad....haiz.  Secondly, Im goin to complain to the owner and persuade him to install bars on our window. I dont care... this will must be DONE!!


I knw im so fierce tat i can actually scold n chased after a thief. I even taught my sis on how to treat their thief last time. hahaha... If i were to be in her house and in her condition, i will surelly hit the guy's  hand which is in between the window glass. Must HIT it HARD!! I wont mind breaking those windows n hurt his hand. But my case here is i cant actually push him down from 13th floor. Or else, tml's paper headline will be "The first dead man in PV: A thief being push by A gal from 13th floor". XD  By the way, i felt lucky tat i din slp yet at this hour... or else, my roommate's laptop will b gone, mine gone... my labwork n my thesis gone! I'll b mad if my document really gone. Really lucky indeed!!!~


For the Lord is my SHEPHERD!!~~~ He will surely protect me~ YOSH!!