Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's a fragrance or a poison?

What do you think about body odour??

Do you know some ppl has a very very very strong body odour? My nose is so sensitive. I remember there's once, when I took the train to somewhere and it stopped at the pasar seni, ppl came rushing in to the train. Somehow there's one bangladesh guy i think, he stood right in front of me. He raised his arm to hold the handle. Oh my!! A strong smell came right out from where you know... my nose reacted so fast, that I can actually felt the itchiness..n not long after that, I started sneezing nonstop. Runny nose came and attacked me. T.T

I'm not sure whether you had encountered this incident before but some ppl... they put on their cologne or perfume or dunno wat. It is so strong that even when they are gone from the lift, or room, or place/area, that super strong fragrance is still there! O.O it's a like a poison... it's not a fragrance to me, it's a poisonous gas. It's too strong tat I almost faint once in the lift. siggh... ppl oh ppl..

Just now... someone came into my office. He stopped by for a while. Not even 3 mins... when he left, his odour... urggghhh.... it's still here. it's so strong.. =X I really wanna faint edi. I dont knw why some ppl, if you know that you have strong body smells, pls la.. use some nice fragrance n not too strong smell perfume can o not? Or if you know that you are going to sweat a lot, can u just wipe it with handkerchief or bring extra shirts?? Or bring some small bottles of perfume (mild type - if you dont like the strong ones?)with you everywhere you go..

Yes, I'm quite sensitive.. or shud I say.. I am very sensitive. My nose is sensitive.. my skin is sensitive. So, pls think on my behalf, okie?

- I can't stand strong body odour.
- I can't smell too strong perfume - I will really faint, I'm not joking. I've experienced it before. It was a blackout for me.
- My nose will get super itchy and thereafter, runny nose will attack me for at least 1 day.

Ohh...p-uh-leasssseeee ppl..

Exit Trailer is OUT!

Hey people..

This is the things that I'm bz with lately. Make sure you check the trailer out. Play it and after you've watched it, reserve your ticket wit me. Call me up or msg me or come n find me. Don't miss out the opportunity. It's a live dance performance with video clips for the whole EXIT production. Can't wait to see you all there! Be there cos I'll be there!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More spectacles to go!


I am so HAPPY! Never in my life I got my spectacle done so fast n so cheap!
The cheapest of all... but of cos frame's quality not very very very good la. Well, at least I can opt for more styles now. Will change my current spec's lens too! with that same price I got for my new frame. Then, out for frame shopping! wahahahaha~

p.s Will try a new contact lens solution mayb this coming weekend (just got it few days ago).. haha~ It's not even in the market yet and they claim to be better than all that is in the market. Yet to try soon! Can't wait... U knw my eyes are quite sensitive and can easily feel dry. So, let's wait n see.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lucky to know earlier

Today is like a normal day in office... but with a lil headache, flu n sorethroat. I did not realize anything wrong with me... until I felt my own skin while going down the staircase on the way to my sis's office. Weird.. why would I feel it? It should be my skirt that's covering my thigh.

Oh gosh... I realized there's a hole at the side. The thread had came off revealing my thigh. O.O cham lo... how am I goin to cover it up? asking for safety pin here n there but found none.

Back in my office, I sat there thinking...maybe my blazer will help me cover it up. But it's not long enough.. I can still clearly see my skin. Think think think... *A bulb lighted up* the best solution ever! hahaha~ I quickly grabbed it and went to the washroom. Solved my problem like nothing happened before.

Do you know what's my solution? hahaha~ My best friend for office tools... stapler! XD Bye bye my embarassing moment! It's lucky to know it earlier or else ppl will stare at me during lunch time. Thank God!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be strong!

Exit is nearer and nearer as the time goes by...

My heart aches when I heard all sorts of news happening around us. Sprained ankle, car accidents, sickness, body aching, etc etc. Today around 2.30pm, I received a sms saying, "I want cry already, because I wash my shirt hua dao... my leg n body liu xue le, hen tong". I immediately called her up..

On the other end, she was crying terribly.. asking about her condition, she told me her toe nail came off and the side of her body got scratch.. her cries deeply hurts my heart. I comforted her and advice her to get her wound wash & wrap up.

Our Father in Heaven,
I give thanks to you that you have chosen us to hear your calling,
I give thanks unto you that you give us the strength to live on day by day,
I give thanks to you that you help us to create stronger bonds each and everyday, strengthening us in both physically & spiritually,
I pray that, Oh God, it's your will be done and not ours.
Purify and sanctify us, so that You may use us to the fullest in your ministry,
Clease us, Oh Lord, with your blood that you have shed for us.
Nail our sins on the cross, and remember not our sins.
Lead us and guide us into your path with your words and spirit.
I pray that, Oh God, you'll cover us with your blood,
send forth your angels to protect us and our families,
Strengthen us as you have given us the authority and power with your heavenly angels to fight with the princes of air and regain the lost souls.
Here, I submit the dance team into your hands,
Be with us Jehovah, All glory and honour are yours.
In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Be strong my dear brothers & sisters in Christ. Don't cry and give up but stay strong and ask for His comfort. Do not complain but give thanks all the time. He has CHOSEN you, so lift up your cross and walk with Him into the narrow gate to gain the treasure in Heaven.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buttercup BKK Advice

My friend told me about his incidents and here it is in his blog. Funny~ I can't just stop laughing at him. I told him... u hv the not so brilliant look. that's y u r easily targeted to be cheated. XD Have fun reading it and learning some easy thai phrases.

He@ven_Of_bRokeN` EnGlisH: Taxi Scams - Bangkok (Read this if you're coming h...: "First of all, I must say that Thailand is a really not-too-bad country. I am loving the culture as well as the people here. I had been stayi..."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I cant even sleep well last nite. All I have in my mind was dance moves. The idea that I need to incorporate into the dance. All the "sensual" touch.. @.@

Never in my life, other than my boyfriend(s), I have intimate touch with. So stress! It's common you know.. I grew up in a convent school (means no guy at all except for the male school teachers in both primary & secondary schools). The only male friends I have were mostly from church. How am I suppose to actually allow them to touch me ( I rmb.. only Daniel ever put his hand on my shoulder for pic..others no)?? I cant.. I feel weird to tell u the truth. ticklish?? no..

It's not that I'm selling at a very high price but I just cant. It's hard.. siiggghhh.... If one touch my hand/arm, it's ok.. I can accept it. shoulder, forcefully say ok la.. but waist, my goodness.. face? No! I cant.. this is super weird. I cant pass my own self.

I need a breakthrough is it? It's just a dance.. I know. So, I nid to b a lil braver? T.T someone pls help me. HELP!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Laughing Medicine

These few videos are my medicine.. haha~ Can't stop laughing when i watch it. I miss those days when we're having fun.

The Da-lang's production. Created on Dec 2009 (If not mistaken).
Titled: Stress Management.
Part 1

Part 2

Da-Lang FM

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Do I really look that tired lately?? @.@ the 5th floor staff said I looked extremely tired lately.. well, my look isn't that important. All I can feel is that.. my eyes are heavy! (I need toothpick..toothpick~) haha~

My mind is... recently, my memory is not that good. I kept on forgetting things or maybe my schedule is too packed till I can't remember what I've arranged or what others told me. Do you want to be my planner?? my personal assistant perhaps? =)) Or my clone?? I wish I can do all things without the feeling of fatigue in my body.

Have a peek into my schedule for this week (or mayb will continue till next week(s)):
Mon- Angel's dance practice
Tues- Dance practice
Wed - Tuition
Thurs- Dance practice
Fri- Tuition
Sat- Cell group/DF/Dance practice
Sun- Sun service/Dance practice.

Let's see... hmm... mostly dance practice hor..? No wonder my muscle is so stress. XD However, my body muscle is not that painful edi but shoulder still a little stiff. Massage? free massage from anyone? =) U r welcome to massage me with all sorts of techniques u hv up on ur sleeve. hehe~ pijak on my back oso can! no prob~ (but dont tell me u r 80kg la.. my bones will break)

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Virology Lab Practical

There are 3 videos shown here... It's all culturing embryonic cell from a chicken embryo. These videos were taken since 2009 during my virology practical but I have no time to upload or to convert & cut to be uploaded in youtube (previously, there's a limitation for youtube where one can only upload a max of 10mins long video..but now, we are able to upload video which is longer than 15 mins). As you all know, I've lost my lappie and I've lost all the software but fortunately, I still have the video in my mobile phone. So, here it is! enjoy~

  • Demonstration by Mr. Bunny on how to do the cell culturing.

  • Part 1 of the lab practical was done by me. I love practicals... hehe~ miss those time.. This is the dissection part & embryonic cell culturing.
  • Part 2 was continued my lab partner in further culturing the cell for other body parts.

1 month to go..

As you all know the "Exit" cpm production has been postponed to 29th May 2011 with 2 sessions, 11am and 1pm at Bentley. However, it seems like my body and mind is in a stress condition now. @.@

I have muscle cramp these few days.. sleeping and waking up with body aching. Gosh, I have to admit that I'm getting old is it? ='( but it's okay... cos I'm not the only person having all this symptoms haha! all of us are in the same condition. Yesterdat, H told me that her butt is flowering! hahaha~~ 

My mind was in great tension too... U know what I've dreamt of last nite?? My team's dress turns into a blue green dress with sponge cushioning all over the dress. Making one to looks like puffy doll. The dress came with cushioned collar instead of the wide U neck that I wanted. Instead of soft and comfortable dress, it became a puffy and hard to move around dress. (@.@!!) my goodness.... usually I forgot my dreams easily after I woke up but this one.. it haunted me up till now.

Am I really that stress?? I know my muscle is.. haha~ still in painful condition la.. moving an inch feels like pulling my whole muscle out. ='(