Tuesday, August 6, 2013

He's hinting me

Fully describe me..... Now I knw why God wants me to listen to this song these few days. The way God speak to me. =)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some little updates

Hello hello~~

It's been a long time since i last updated my blog. hahaha~~ 

Kind of busy with this and that.. got no time and no mood to update. XP So, here are some brief updates!

Basically i'm trying to balance out myself here.. health, skin care, weight, ministries, tuition and my job. It's kind of freaking me out when I see my skin breaking out, dehydrated, and dull. So, it's time to do something without needing to go to Jln Imbi just to consult my skin specialist. Thus, I opt for masks... Trying out the Annie's way mask alternating with other mask e.g. Mario Badescu Silver Powder, Timeless Truth masks. So far.... Annie's way mask makes my skin softer n hydrated. Kind of liking it... will give it more time to really say it's effective. Let's see how my skin become in 2-3 weeks time. =)

I need to admit that i'm getting old.. a mere 15 sit up is taking my whole breath away. My gosh!! where's the "at least 20 counts" that I used to do. Yes, I know i've gained much more weight compared to my old days. That's why i'm trying my very best to slim down now with the help of Hot Top and Hot Pants (hahaha.... giving myself some excuses to not use that much energy to yield a good result =P) 

A few more days to go for our specially arranged Dance Workshop with Joel. Can't wait to learn more of Hip hop since it's not my specialty. So, it's time to absorb all like a dry sponge! (a time to keep myself in shape too... since i'll be sweating like running water starting from the first 10 minutes till the end. Hmm... a total of 4.5 hours will helps me to burn a LOAD rite? =p)

Then, next next week will be our Jubilee Prayer Camp for 3 days 2 nights. The week after, M4J.... then next few weeks will be the Final for Dreams III which we'll have our Love:Miracle musical drama! yeah!!~ a long awaited drama. Can't wait for it~~ Wish I can sit down and watch all....... Clone me clone me!! XD

That's all!! 

p.s. You know what actually triggers me to write this post? I just wanna shout out (once in a blue moon) that I'm getting freaking old these days! LOL!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Sometimes typo can be a laughter but sometimes it will create a BIG misunderstanding. 

Hello people out there. Typo in an official e-mail will certainly create some serious misunderstanding. Of course it will confused people from time-to-time too. For me, I don't look at the day you typed but the date. Everything goes according to the date. If you typed it wrongly and when I asked to clarify and you know that there must be some misunderstanding, can't you just kindly re-read your email and see if there's any mistake? 

Sigh! Adult! How old are you? With high education yet you still have lotsa typo in your email. I'm seriously doubting how you wrote all of your theses.

Thank God I have a boss who understands me well and supports me all the time. We clarified everything without your help and we don't know when in the future this will happens again with your serious typo problem and talking without some serious thinking. Yes, i'm mad cos you blew up my day early in the morning. I'm not your sandbag, A/Pxxx. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Listen to Our Hearts

As you all have heard, as you all have seen in the news. People from another country had invaded to my homeland. Although it's far from my city (about 400km - 6 hours 25 mins drive / 1 hour flight), but we are all united as one. I don't know what to say about our Government or those people who claim our homeland as their land. BUT can't they listen to what we want? We are the citizen who live there. We are the one who grew up there. It's not up to their decision, whose land it belongs to. 

All we want is just peace. Since it's been ages we've called ourselves Malaysian and we are proud to have live harmoniously together with different ethnics and races peacefully for decades. So, let us be. We owned the land. Not people who have not live or grow up there, not people who suddenly invade and claim its theirs, or people who said they will do this and that but all turn up to be empty promises. I pray that my friends and all who live nearby the towns/island to be safe. I pray that all Sabahan be united as one and not be shaken by any parties. May the Lord reign in Sabah and reclaim our freedom from all darkness. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Delete Button

Yes, it had been a rough day yesterday... 

Tired and hurtful... it filled all of my mind. Can't concentrate on my work and can't focus. It just kept on piling up on my head. Yes, I admit it's one of my weaknesses... it's really hard to accept pain or scar in my life. Although I tried so hard to joke, to fill my mind with so many things.. tears just fall automatically. 

BUT all these are the things that teach me and help me improve more. Like what Joel Osteen said, "Hit the delete button". I shall delete all the negative thoughts and renew it with the word of God. Reprogramme it with positive thinking. Thank God for giving me good sisters, good disciple and all the wonderful people around me. They advised me, they cheered me up, they are just wonderful! I believe God had prepared the best path for me, the one that He think best for me. As long as I don't give up on what he has given me to go through, I will success one day.. earning His praises. That's all I need. 

Thank you, sis. I will remember what you said,"You are who you are. Just be yourself."