Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Promise of a Lifetime

Love this song so much.

Did you just cheer me up??

Honestly, I am stressed up!

Works, assignments, etc etc etc....

You wanted me to obey you. You wanted me to submit my all. You said.. "Do not harden your heart. Fear Him. Worship Him."

I love what I do... I love to think & imagine to be free in you. To be able to move freely.... without any troubles. But I know my limitation... I know cos i'm not a professional. Yet, you say... Nothing is impossible. I'm your strength, your rock, your foundation. Aren't this a little too heavy for me? a lil too big perhaps? a lil too much? I know your answer.... I know you tried to comfort me.

"Are you ok?", giving me peanuts as a reminded me ur words.

okay okay... I just wanted to release my stress. =x i'll keep quiet from now on. I will not b angry over little things.. I know i'm quite rebellious sometimes..pls forgive me. I will surrender, listen to u instead..

Friday, July 15, 2011


Gosh! I am not being pro-active o wat...

Dr. A ask whether the lab is open or not for later afternoon's class. For sure I dont knw about it.. common sense: Yes, it should be. But as a pre-caution step I need to re-confirm with the respective faculty rite? I  tried to contact their admin staff but she was not around. So, their lecturer ask me to call up their lab staff directly and I did so.

To my surprise, they have not receive any information about our class at all. Meaning, if I dont call up, they wont do anything (the lab will be locked..etc etc). But then... of cos all these small ppl, u know scare of dying or get scolded by big ppl rite? Hence, that lab staff asked me to write an email to her boss, Dr. B, and cc a copy to her to ask permission and inform her about the lab usage. Well, I did it again (I dont knw whether I'm just too obedient or wat).

Dr. B then replied and ask whether it's the same slot as requested by C. Of cos I replied yes... Then so suddenly C emailed stating that i'm complicating things up. Gosh!! So, am I the one that should b blamed for? Too pro-active? too bossy?? Great!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is it Good or Bad?

I dont know whether you have the same opinion as me or not.. why not u tell me?
Is it good or bad by....
- having a compassion heart
- being kind hearted
- concerning others
- lending a helping hand whenever you can
- having heartaches when someone is hurt
- treating others as part of your family
- getting closer to others
- treat someone better (as how you want them to treat you)
- thinking of solutions for others when they hv no one to seek to
- leading a role model for others to follow
- treating others by buying them food, clothes, etc

Some may said...
- u r foolish!
- that's y u r being bullied.
- that's y u r being used by others.
- do you think you are that great?
- do you think you have that much of resources?
- it's none of ur business, why care so much abt others?
- it's not ur responsibility.
- just pretend u did not see anything or heard anything.
- just ignore it.
- why dont u treat me the same way (when he himself is far more luckier than those ppl).
- why trouble others?

I just dont understand... is it wrong???
I have 1 big principle in my life: Treat others as how you want them to treat you. Love them, if you want them to love you.

So, why do u like me? is it bcos I'm so nice for you to be bullied? I'm sure it's bcos I treat you nice enough that you dont hv the reason to hate me rite? Think.... I'm so tired... it seems like ppl will never understand. siggghh...

Friday, July 1, 2011


I was confused with certain things... felt tired to go on with another thing... I am reminded in some ways that I shall seek Him first and not worry about tomorrow. But somehow, I am still lost in my directions... lost in a way that I myself dont know what is actually happening to me... it seems like.. my mind is blank. I couldnt think although I know deep down somewhere there's an's just that I couldnt recall what it is.

Felt helpless... felt so miserable.... felt like I'm storing in more n more and dunno who to talk to. I dont know where should I seek for the answer. Suddenly, I was reminded once again, pray! Prayer is the key to everything. It's like a snap of finger... suddenly awake! I've totally forgotten that prayer helps in this very matter that I'm super helpless with. How can I only remember that prayer makes a difference in ministry but forgotten that He also works in our own lives and ppl surrounding us? How foolish am I....

Being a leader, I only remember on how to comfort my darlings.... remember to teach them the right way but forgotten my own life. Somehow, a messenger reminded me... that I also need help from God, need someone(or God) to comfort from time to time, need a shoulder to lean on, need a heart to heart talk... by this way, I will b encouraged, I will be comforted, I will be able to reconstruct my thinking. Thank God... for reminding me through some ways.

Yes, you are the Greatest! You know my heart well... you know my know what I need... pls continue to guide me, O Lord.