Friday, November 23, 2012

Heavy Traffic

Oh my... Red light, Green light, yellow light..... honk honk honk! So many vessels moving here and there..
This is all happening in my head... it's brain jam now!

It had been a hectic week.. tiring days... Thinking, putting in creativity, counting, practicing, budgeting, RM sign, searching here and there, shopping here and there, going from this place to another. Now, it's totally jam I think.

Unknowingly, I deleted my boss's sms when it came in without reading it while I was on the phone. >.< luckily, it can be retrieved back. Luckily... it's not coming in to my 012 number. Luckily, it's not on iphone... or else, I'll be so dead.

Yeah.... Christmas is coming, another production is coming.. that's why we are all bz bz bz...

Things to do:

1) Dance moves:
    - Spooky song (pending)
    - Office mob (90% done)
    - Japanese Sakura (Done)
    - YMCA (80% Done)
    - Indian (Done)
    - Flash Mob Call Me Maybe (95% Done)

2) Costume:
    - Office mob:
       vest (pending)
       hat (9 pending)
       neck tie (Done)
       white blouse (pending)
    - YMCA
       customized shirt (pending)
    - Japan
      Yukata (80% done)
      Red Ribbon (pending)
      Fan (Done)
      Wig & Extension (pending)
    - India
      Lengha (pending)
      Bangles (Done)
      Earrings (Done)
      Hair accessories (pending)
    - Evil man
      Tuxedo (pending)
      Walking stick (Done)
      Hat (Pending)
    - Poor lady
      Patches on shirt (pending)

3) Budget (headache - Pending)
4) Makeup items (Done? 99%)

Despite all these traffics in my head... I'm still excited! hehe

Yeah, It's Christmas season! are you excited for our production?? Let's look forward to Miracle Christmas 2012!! 

p.s: I'm so sleeeeepy.... @.@ Muscle pain.... I need off day... I want holiday.... TGIF!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Good News?

Hmm... i've been wanting to post up a post about my China trip but it seems like it's going to be delayed again. It's been a super busy period!! >.<

Well, back to my topic. Should I be happy when my boss inform me that he's going to recommend me for a promotion? A promotion to senior executive... but my working experience have not reach 3 years! He told me that he wanted me to be promoted cos i've done really well but everyone is saying that min is 3 years experience. siggghh.... He also mentioned that the only way for me to get paid more is to get promoted. (yeah, so true! I've done so much and of course I wanted more pay... isnt it?)

In dilemma.... dilemma.... which one? Or I should just go with whatever God gave me first??