Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dance! Dance for Him!

Although I've shared this video before in FB but I still like to share or embed it in here.... I love their dance, the choreography. Their dance really touched one's heart... the energy, the fire, the flow, the gentleness.... everything! I love it... Hopefully, you'll like it too. If you've missed it last time, do enjoy it in here.

Here's a brief description about them. They are christian dance ministry (OMD Mission Dance - Only Jesus Mission Dance) in Korea. They do a lot of performance both on stage and off stage (on the street, etc). You can search for them online or subcribe to their channel in youtube. Their website is www.onlyjesus.co.kr . Do enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed it.

Here's another video that I like too... I love the gentleness, the strength and the emotion that you can feel, the whole story that they portrayed out through their dance.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

4320 was a success!! 

Indeed it touched a lot of hearts... receiving lots of good comments from all friends. 4320 soundtrack and mugs were sold on 19, 24 n 25 Dec... selling hot like pancakes.

Of cos, I'll never forget my lovely dancers. You all have made me proud... in just a short time (a month to 1.5 mth, i guess..forgot edi), you've successfully learn lots of patterns... half of book 1 if not mistaken and some ballet style. I know I've been a little strict with you all, pls dont keep it in your heart... if I've offended you, I'm sorry. For the guys, you all did great too~ I'm really proud of you all, 14 of you... These 3 days (ROC, Seremban, PCKL), without you all... the performance will not be that awesome. You've put in a lot of effort, sacrificing your time and rest just for practice 2-4 times per week..Without you all on 24th, 30 sets of cd and mugs will not be sold out in 1 hr time. I really appreciate it and I gave thanks to God cos I have you all in the team. Together we shine and Glorify His name... I LOVE YOU ALL!~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last Minute


Some people like to do things in the last minute. Why on earth do you have to do it only at the very last minute? Can't you do it earlier on since you have plenty of time? Please be responsible!

I've sent out an email earlier on since last week regarding their duties and yet only just now he told me that he can't do it and saying angrily that no matter what, I've to find a solution for him. @#&*^@ Who do you think I am? There's no other people who is free to do it.. if not you, who else can do it? You say you need to do research... is all your job on research only? What's job title?? Aren't this your job? Saying you did not receive my email and blame me that I did not inform you on mon morning.... do you think I will do double work? I have things to do oso.... you are not the only one who hv things to do. It's not that I dont want to do double job but think carefully... What for I send email out n cc to my superior? what for? Aren't you suppose to check your email everyday in the morning once you have reach office? It's your own fault that you did not check earlier on. Why tell me last minute that you don't want to do it? Do you think I can do magic? If you can't do it, you should have at least reply me earlier on that you can't do it and not wait until today which is already wednesday, ok?

You say it's unfair cos u hv 3 slots, others hv 2 slots only... think carefully and recheck the prev schedule i've sent to everyone. You and some of them hv 2 slots, others 3 slots... did they complaint? NO! it's a rotation. You all wanted to be fair... I am FAIR! Last time you din get 3 slots means this time you hv do it. It's so simple and yet you complaint a lot!

Somemore your good friend also say, if there's swapping or changes, you should do it earlier on and not in the last minute. He also stated that he doesn't like last minute job. Even your good friend doesn't want to replace you in that duty of yours! What do you want me to do then? You are the only that will have 2 slots everytime? Is this fair to others?! think! Ohh...!! I am really pissed off now.

If you talk to me nicely, I wont b mad... the way you talk, it really pisses off!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Unmeasureable Excitement but Undescribeable Feelings...

19 Dec is around the corner... I'm excited! are you??

This morning I reconfirm my frens' attendance to the event..and guess wat.. 1 more coming! yeah~  4320, it's time for BIG wave! Time for God's work.. can't wait cant wait... Bz preparing, practicing.... although limited space, but Holy Spirit will definitely help us... We will do our Best to Glorify God's name.

Felt a lil stressed actually... pressured to be exact. The new friend I'm inviting (who actually approached me on her own..asking abt the event) is the Ballet teacher/dance studio director...DIRECTOR..O.O!!  I'm happy that she wanted to come and see but at the same time, if my choreography is not that good?? T.T how?? especially the ballet part.... Oh... who can help me? Anyway, I pray that God will do rest of the things... I'll just submit myself to him. (mou ngan tai ar.... scary scary)

Yesterday was the 1st rehearsal, Ps Meng said it was the best ever (for both drama n dance).... A lot of ppl said it's nice... just the chorus part mayb nid to be more sync. siigghhh..... happy that it was good but pressure cos it's not perfect. ='(  After listening to all sorts of plans from Sis Mei Lin, I felt more stress. sobsob.... It's not that I dont want to do it... I knw this is it... it's just that I'm afraid cos I'm not professional enough. I dont have the proper basic, I dont have proper classes before....Or should I just sign up for some classes now to improve myself? sighh...how?

I'm happy with my dancers esp when they manage to learn all the steps & patterns in a very short time but I'm sad when they do not listen to me or do not take things seriously... which causes me nid to repeat again n again for dunno how many times.. sigghh... They are awesome, this I cannot deny...but teenagers.. as you know tends to fool around a lot. sighh~  Oh, God please help me... give me your strength...

Well, trust God is all I need. I do the small parts, He do the BIG part... 4320 Christmas is the day that the Lord hath made!

** This is the day, that the Lord has made,
     I will Rejoice and be glad in it,
     This is the day that the Lord has made,
     I will Rejoice and be glad in it,

     Rejoice.... In the Lord,
     Rejoice.... In the Lord.

     This is the day, that the Lord has made,
     I will Rejoice and be glad in it,
     This is the day that the Lord has made,
     I will Rejoice and be glad in it.

     This is the Day that the Lord Has MADE!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Yeah~ Youtube is back in office....
 031210 is defintely a special day for me...

Everything is so smooth. I've been chatting for whole morning, lunch with colleague, then cell group with a few more new comers (They are attracted to his story.. hm.. He did a great job actually - building up r/ship with them), then here I am again in office..blogging. Oopss.. haha~~

Starting from last nite, I've got lotsa lotsa birthday blessings.. TQ everyone.. love u all. Wishes all the way from all over the places including Japan, Australia, KK, etc etc... TQ very muchie. I'm grateful and happy cos yeah, it's my birthday but at the same time, I grew older... O.O!! (nvm, as long as I'm young at heart, I will always be young~ XD)

Friends kept on asking me... what you want, how are you going to celebrate... the answer is I dunno. I want a lot of things... but in my mind, it seems like christmas event is more important cos I cant really see my birthday. it's like... it Outshine my birthday.. haha~~

I pray that friends that I've invited will get to know Him more during this special event. I pray that I can get lotsa good news..which makes my heart leaps a thousand times or more... I want everything to be well!! yes! Well! Let All things go according to His Will~)

Jesus I love you and please bless all the ppl whom I loved too. Ppl who bless me, bless them double or triple or more, Lord. Let it be overflowed...!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Everything is Near~


Bufday is near... Rehearsal is near... 19 is near... 25 is NEAR too... hehe~
Altho it's just the beginning of the month but it feels like the 25 days in gap are so small that you cant take a long breath to relax. We have to be prepared..we have to be well prepared for the upcoming war... we have to fully utilise all of our energy. We have to.... I dunno, you name it!

hahaha~~ I love December since young... bcos it's my long long semester break...Although now I'm in the working society edi, I still LOVE December.. cos I still can feel the holiday mood. The Christmas mood to be exact. I love all the Christmas celebrations and of cos my birthday too!~ XD (ermm... im not giving you some hints to actually rmb my bufday. It's just that I'm too happy and excited for the christmas event!)

I'm so excited that I've spent RM200 for my dancer's make up last nite. O.O!! I also dunno why I spent so much for just 3 little small things. ='( my purse vomit blood edi.... but the look that I wanted to achieve, is not... that complete yet.. sobsob.. ='''( how? who can help me?? anyone willing to sponsor us? XD I'll be really grateful and will welcome you big big with my hugs?? arms? which one do you prefer? haha~ I will say, hugs for ladies... guys? hmm..high5? XD

oh ya! I seriously need help. I need...make-up artist and hair stylist? haha~~ pro-nya.. I want ppl who knw how to makeup (dramatic look) and ppl who knws how to really braid hair..anyone anyone?? Cos I dont think I can do it all alone. I'll be really tired that 2 days... I need help...help.... and it's a volunteer basis ok? =))

Cheers!!~ I love CHRISTmas... I love to see Big REVIVAL WAVE... I love serving Him.. Muackss~


Cham lo.... I just realised the Uni has blocked our access to youtube. Argghh.... How am I going to survive? I'll be super boring when I really have nothing to do at that moment.

*Cry oso no tears coming out ar... ='( *