Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Feeling a little funny and of course proud.. =D

Yes, I miss being a Franciscan and I'm always proud to be one. hahahaha~

Didn't know that my junior, also from 3 Dynamic, produced this short documentary film about English language. I'm a proud senior?? XD You can see the tradition in SFC..ahaha.... the 38-ness, the craziness, the many action while talking, etc... lol~ Oh, Franciscan...

Actually, I was quite surprised to see this posted in SFC group page by my friend on 23 Dec (but I just watched it today >.<). I miss my English teacher, Mrs. Tok, she still looks young! Awww~~ It had been such a long time since I graduated from this school. Okay, enough of nonsense and craps... here's the video!

Enjoy English!~

Time to Renew and Refresh

Happy New Year!!~

A New Year.... It's time to be Renewed & Refreshed!

Loving this song this morning.... How I love you by Deeper album, Planetshakers.

I want to know You
I want to hear Your voice
I want to feel You, more than before

I want to touch You
I want to see Your face
I want You Jesus, more than before
More of You, Jesus I want more
More of You, my Lord
Take me deeper than I've been before
Take me further, God I long for more
Take me higher than I've been before
Jesus I want more, Jesus I need more
More of You
More of You, Jesus
More of You
I need more of You
(repeat 3x, ending 2x)

In everything you do, think of God first. He's the Centre of My Life and He should be yours too! 

Without Him, I'm nothing.. without Him, I'm lost... without Him, my life is meaningless. 
Jesus, I want to love you more and more each and everyday and each every step I take