Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Owls

It's been a long time since I felt so tired n din slp well. Im used to it during my uni life but now... It's all because of my little devils. Should I say owl? Vampire? Or robot? They never feel tired.. They can talk all nite, play whole nite, go in n out of ur room all nite n even early in the morning. Oh sleeping beauty just wasted like tat.

Btw 12-1am - they reach home
1.30am - went to another house to meet up with frens. another owl came into my room to get her stuff.
2am - came home, closing the main gate a little too loudly. Came into my room to get some more stuff. Then go out to living room. Talk, eat n laugh... They happy, me pengsan.
3am - they finally fall asleep.
5am - Jc preparing to go out.
5.15am - send Jc to church.
7 stg - that two owls woke up. Coming in to my room, going out.. Repeating for dunno how many times.
7.45am - SMS came.
8 am - another SMS came to another number.
8.15 am -phone rang! Really feel like scolding ppl edi. She said, " where r u? I'm here." I said, " who r u?" she said," u're not owl1 meh?". In a little super super tired and annoyed voice, I said," no, u look for owl1, call owl1 number." Grrr...
9am - someone came into my room n asked, "do u want breakfast?" n I was like Wat??? What time is it now? Just let me slp some more.
9.30am - SMS came in again...
The phone just keep on ringing nonstop. @.@
-- my whole nite n morning gone with busy busy ppl--

Super tired... I surrender... Next time, I will never allow owls to stay over. If u want, better become a Cinderella. Reach my room before 12am n transform into sleeping beauty straight away.

To me who is surperly "sing sui", it's better this way. T.T

Monday, April 23, 2012


Felt so negative now... I know we should owes be positive but there's so many things happening lately.

Really feel like complaining now. arrgghh!!

Spare a me minute to complain ok? It's boiling up in me... just nid to release it.

Who are you?! I'm not working for you. So, I don't do your work. I've been kind enough to help you with your paper (FYI, it is not listed in my job description to do question paper). It is your job to do your things perfectly. If i've helped and it's not perfect or as you wished, just be grateful and stop complaining and saying things which is ungrateful! You never know how busy am I and yet I still helped you out with your paperworks. Do you think that you have a higher qualification and it means that you are superior than all of us? All I ever heard from you is just complaints. You have been complaining for almost 2 years now (from the day I started working till now). Aren't you tired? You're not? I am! I am tired of your complaints and requests!

Some are leaving this company due to some reasons, some are staying just because the pay is higher or maybe they really love their jobs or their bosses. Well, for me... I have a good boss, good working environment but with some extraordinary colleagues only. Is it good or bad? I dont know.. cos sometimes it is good, sometime it isn't. Sis is thinking of leaving too... so, should I? One by one... they are leaving.. sigh~

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I cant feel anything...nothing at all... 

I don't feel like it's bothering me.... I don't feel like it's a thing that I should really know. The "me" that I used to be, would have been really angry and mad. But.... this time I felt nothing. Why?? is the red signal blinking edi? 

I have always wanted to know the whole truth. I have always wanted to know earlier on...n not the last one to know. Yes, I got it all mixed up and was so blurred n confused till today.... The truth... it was shown in front of me... but I felt nothing. Nothing... is alright that it is nothing.....? Or is it because... it is no longer in my priority list? 


Fuuuu....... sharing it out is not as hard as I thought it would be. 

Jesus loves us more than everything. There's owes a reason, why God put us here in our position. Why he wanted us to go through so many things, so many experiences that we thought we will not get through it before. By holding unto Him, we did get through... rite? This is why.... we must share all of our testimonies and life experiences... You will never know when it is the time to share, but you will know when there's a voice in your heart telling you to do so. 

I'm glad that i'm able to help (not as in action, but in prayer and advice), to guide, and to support someone who is in the same situation that I used to be. 

Last time, I used to ask God..... why am I so rebellious when I was young, why am I so stupid that I got fooled around, why am I stuck in this family, why am I having such a complicated and very dramatic situation. There's a reason... With Him, I'm able to go through it... He heard our pains, he heard our sufferings, he heard our cries, he stays with us and never abandon us, he heals us, above all else, HE LOVES US. This is why he will surely protect your family, relatives and friends. There's a reason why you are going through some things, he wanted to use you too! just like he used me... my life, although there's a lot of ups n downs, He still loves me and never gv up on me. 

When you're feeling depressed, just talk to God. He will comfort and answer you... it might not be immediately but remember God has his own timing or God has a better plan for you. When it is the time, you'll see the wonders of God coming into your life!