Monday, June 18, 2012

3 hours of FUN

It was FUN yesterday... learning, teaching and practicing with 24 people at the same time for 3 hours. 

I know the time is a little short to learn so many steps and to get familiarize with your partner. But this is also the time when you'll build up relationships and see their funny/awkward moments. Haha~ But there's one thing I did not get it from them.... "stepping on each other's feet". From what I learnt from the professionals, beginner tends to step on each other's feet on their first lesson. So, imagine how clever they are....! 

For people who never dance before, indeed this is a big breakthrough for them. But I found it to be quite fascinating to see their spirits and the way they create their own style. The boys are the most incredible ones, they learned their basic steps from Eric, thus copying Eric's dance style... which is EXACTLY the same. I can't stop laughing at their way of dancing the moment I watched it. LOL! 

They are a few of them who made my day livelier... To name a few, David: the galloping master...Samuel: The master of "stealing chicken", and some admitted their own mistakes and wanted to repeat and repeat again. 

Although it's tiring... although I need to use all of my voice resulting a little sorethroat, but it's all worth it! Seeing how far is your accomplishment in just 1 day, I can't wait to meet up with you all again on coming Saturday for the 2nd lesson. Time to quickly wrap up everything and be prepared for the 7 July 2012! Shake the Stage with your swing dance! Impress them!~ Yeah!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Back OFF

Just woke up from being attacked by the demon. Satan really dislike the things we have done for God. The more he tried to stop us, the more we are going to do it because we know he is afraid now.

I can hear clearly just now. He tried to scare me. I'm being tied down, unable to move a single inch, unable to open my eyes and my mouth but I'm still able to pray in my heart cos my heart belongs to Jesus.

Rebukes him in my heart and slowly and forcefully I'm able to open my eyes and then followed by my mouth. Finally im able to speak in tongues and rebuke him with my lips. Slowly I can feel the grips being released.

Immediately I asked for prayers for myself and also those who ministered in Malaysia for Jesus crusade. I know Satan dislike it and he will tried his best to stop us by all means.

Pray now! Don't say that it's only MU nightmare. It's not! It's real! Pray now... This happened because he's afraid and he doesn't want revival to be in Malaysia. Pray for Malaysia. The more we pray, the more we preach the gospel, the more people who believe, the more he is afraid. Proclaim Malaysia for Jesus. Say to him, I'm not afraid of you!