Tuesday, March 29, 2011

《EXIT 出口》

Copy from Ann:

A very special production by Creative Production Ministry of PCKL.
A combination of artistic cinematography, still photography, dances & songs.
Yet another great production you won't want to miss.
Follow this link for more Pictures on shooting.

《EXIT 出口》
Date: 29.5.2011 (Sun)
Time: 11:00am-1:00pm / 3:00pm-5:00pm
Venue: Bentley Music Auditorium
           Wisma Bentley Music
           3, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara,
           47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

More details & behind the scene stories coming up soon!

Let me know, I'll send you an invitation card. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Continuous Prayer is Needed

Let's continue to pray for Japan and for my cousin & sau sau.

There will be another monster earthquake within this few days. Highest probability is on Thursday which is 70%. Pray for their safety and enough food & supply just like the days where God feed His ppl in the desert. Currently... they will hv electricity cut off for certain areas from time to time. So, also pray that God's warmth is with them.. keep them warm & safe.

My beloved cousin & sau sau, please continue to update us your news from time to time and we'll keep you in prayer always. Keep your important documents with you and stay alert all the time. Ask for protection from God and hide under His Wings for you'll soar above all the troubles.

Also Pray for KK and all the neighbouring countries of Japan. Well, I do not know whether the news I've gotten last nite is trustable or not.... or it's just rumours. I'm not sure.. but we'll pray for God's mercy on all these countries and our beloved homeland, KK. okay?

Saturday, March 12, 2011


If you are reading my post, I'm asking for your prayer...

My cousin and his wife is currently in Japan. As you've heard, Japan just had a massive earthquake & tsunami. Both of them are separated at the moment. Cousin was stuck in Yokohama and sau sau in Tokyo. She is currently in M'sia Embassy as all things are in chaotic, no eletricity and train is not functioning. My cousin couldn't reach her and sau sau's phone is dead. She can only update her status from time to time using the M'sia Embassy staff iphone.

Please pray for their safety and God's mercy on Japan. Pray that God will keep them safe. TQ my brothers and sisters in Christ. I love you all.

Reiner & Alice, you'll be fine~ Immanuel!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Their efficiency

Girl A rushing into my office, screaming "Emergency! Emergency!". I quickly asked her,"What emergency? What happened?". A then told me B was short of breath and is currently outside my office. I walked over to her place prohibiting them from entering my super cold clinic. Instead, I led them to my office which is way warmer than the clinic.

She was hyperventilating actually. While instructing the others to get the lift, I asked whether she's an asmathic patient or allergic to anything. Girl A & C told me she need to be sent to Hospital but they do not know how to go there....saying B had the same experience before and was sent to that particular hospital. They told me it was triggered by the odour of the wall paint. Boss came out and asked us to go to the Uni's clinic instead for immediate doctor's attention.

So, we went down by lift and reach the clinic counter. No one was in sight.. not even the nurse. My students were calling for them... "excuse me.. excuse me". No one answered. A minute later, a lazy looking nurse came out and see. I immediately told her, "it's emergency. She's hyperventilating now. Quick!". She then open the door and led us in. A female doctor then came out and help (but with clueless expression.. like dunno what to do). Working super slow... taking her time (-.-"). She then took the medicine and gave her an injection and the other needful stuffs. She told us that she would refer her to a hospital cos she can only stabilize her and she need to get oxygen supply and blood test in hospital. After waited for 20-25 mins, she then said... "Since she's okay now. She doesn't need to go to hospital anymore." I was like... we're all ready to go to the hospital now..and yet u say, no need. She didn't even prepare the letter. I don't know what she had done during that 20-25 mins..chit-chatting?? @.@

See how those ppl work during emergency moment?? I really dunno how those doctors work or how valuable life is to them. I've experienced it before too during Connie's accident. I was like... My goodness, Cant u work a little faster?? I'm not saying that they are not professional or what but... please work effectively and efficiently. Value a life.. You'll never see a 911 rescue working so slow, will you? =.= tien ar.. work faster!

7 weeks to go

It is time for me to enter the strict diet & exercise plan.. can I do it?? (die of hunger later.. XD)

Big challenge is on the way..so no matter wat, I hv to stick on. If u see me suffering, push me forward~ =)

Daily foods on weekdays - Fruits and 1 healthy meal for dinner.
Daily foods at weekend - I'm allow to eat some delicious food rite?? (of cos not those fatty type la.. ='( )
Daily exercise - Stretching & sit up.
Monday night - Swimming.
Tues & Wed - Not available.. (haha~ tuition ar!)
Thurs & Fri - Not available again (Cell Group time~ or else my darlings will miss me so much.. ^^)
Sat morning - Jogging & Stretching.
Sat 9am onwards - Tuition, DF
Sat Nite - Dance practice (include stretching again)
Sun - Time for my muscle to rest...

I think i'll be super exhausted at the early stage. Pray for me tat I wont get muscle cramps. Haha~
Support me, will ya? (Normally ppl ask for luck.. but I want a different one ^^)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adrenaline Rush

Just had an adrenaline rush.. fu~

Was waiting for visitors to have a visit tour at our clinics since morning 11am... but delayed till 12.30pm due to traffic jam. Boss was worried that it'll clash with our lunch time at 1pm and asked us to open all the clinics door if we are going out for lunch.

2pm..doors are still open. Visitors are not here yet! @.@

My colleague came back and told us that she accidentally lock the door with keys inside the dispensary. OMG! We're like...(why does it happens right now at this moment). I told her we dont have extra keys and the only spare key is with boss and boss is in the meeting with the visitors. (-.-") sweating.. another colleague of mine said he can try to climb in through the dispensary glass gap and open it.

Right at that moment, boss sms and said they are coming down now and please get all the clinics ready. Double panic! My adrenaline was rushing.... heart pumping hard and almost jump out of its cage. I quickly ran over to the clinic and told my colleague. His action was fast~ Sliding in to the dispensary ( I wonder what the maintenance guy will see through the cctv above XD). In that very short moment, all things are arranged and ready for the tour. (cold sweat sliding down my cheek fuuuu~~)