Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Old Has Gone, The New Has Come

I'm not sure whether you realised that you can no longer view my space or not. Let me tell you, it's totally gone. My favourite video is gone too. You can't search for it anymore but luckily I have my videos in youtube. haha~ so, I'm sharing one of my favourite video with you here. To view more, go to . It's nothing special..just my own collections.

Here it is..

This is my last blog's appearance in space (Fortunately, I've taken a few pictures of my space while trying on something new in my mobile phone's camera). I miss it so much.... ='(

There goes my Chelle's Space forever

Oops... There's a chatbox (white box on the bottom right)! haha~~ That's when im chatting with Kenny via web messenger. He was teaching me photo shooting online. Grateful to have such a good buddy and wonderful/professional photographer/sensei. Arigato Gozaimasu!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome to My New Home!

Welcome buddies~~

I've just received a notification from Windows Live Space saying that I need to transfer my blog to wordpress or else, it'll be gone forever (XD no la... it's just I cannot post anything new after Jan 2011). So, to prevent from losing my blog again, I've decided to shut down the one in Live Space and continue it with Wordpress. Hence, here we are!! Hope you'll like it! (I'm still trying my best to work out with the settings/appearance..pls bear with me for this period of time).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Red Dynamites

What's in your mind when i said Red Dynamites? Yes, the explosive chemical that is used to blow up something. I've been blown up by a few lately.. @.@ pity my purse.. it's bleeding now.


1st: On 3rd October

2nd: On 23rd & 24th October

3rd: On 6th November

4th: On 19 December


=.= can i scream for help? anyone willing to help me by sponsoring & subsidize me? or else, just help me with one thing... don't tell me there's more to come.

I'm pretty sure on 23rd Oct or 24th Oct, lotsa ppl going to ask when is my turn... Oh Goshhh... Yeah, I know marriage is a happy occasion.. I'm not complaining o wat. It's just that I feel a lil pity for my purse. Cos it's vomiting its whole edi. XD FYI, it's not that I don't want to get married.. just that, I don't think it's time yet cos i've just started my work not long.. plus I think 25 is still young. hahaha~~

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things to update

I'm back with a few updates... first of all, I have a good news to announce. Chin Eng's brother Chin Wah has been transferred back to Seremban hospital after warded in normal ward (not ICU) a week. I've learnt from Chin Eng that his brother's condition has been stable and is recovering. From the report he received, Chin Wah might be able to regain conscious in 3 weeks (Doc said let it be 3 weeks trial first) and if not, most probably in 3 to 6 mths time. See, Our God definitely answer our prayers. God will definitely make a new way.. Scientist said no brain cell regeneration, I believe in God, there's always the possibilities of brain cell regeneration. God is always my answer. Seek him and he'll gv u the best of all. Thank you, Lord!


Secondly, my boss just informed me that the new staff, Ms. Abby had turn down the offer on the day she need to report in to HR. Sigghh... so, my workload still remain the same. No changes like what I've hoped for. Nvm, always give thanks no matter what happen. I'm glad that I can be different from other people. Always be the unique one, no complains but give thanks only. *still in the process of learning*


Today camp has just successfully wrapped up. Coming, is the Impact Camp... No position yet but I'm tied with the fees collection again. The camp will be on 28-30 Nov.. It's not that I dont want to go, is I dont think I can go... cos I dont have any leaves left... In addition, it will be right after I come back from taiwan trip, where I need to apply for an annual leave and an unpaid leave. So, to keep my reputation, it's better not to apply. Impact Camp is where the believers encounter God. I pray that God's presence will be with them that they will be filled with His Holy Spirit and annointing oil. Let the living water flows nonstop and believers will never be the same again. For their lives will be changed from that time onwards. Hallelujah!~


Christmas Drama, the long awaited event each and every year. We have just finish shooting some scenes. Hope the outcome will be great and people will be mesmerised and be touched by the whole story. Can't wait... Pray that it'll b a great revival wave...big wave which surfers love most! PUSH!! Pray pray pray~


Sunday, September 12, 2010

The BEST gift ever!

Do you know what's the best gift? Jesus! To Know God, Love by Him, Love Him Is worthy... Seek him first n everything will be given unto u...

He provided me a lot of things... He filled me with His Love once again.. He gave me something ahead of things that will happen. He gave me good news. He gave me security, etc etc etc... too much! I love Him cos He first Love me! I Love Him for He is real!

Here's some of His blessings for me.
1) He gave me a BIG raya hamper... although I dont celebrate Raya.
2) He answer my prayer.. (related to my family).
3) He gave me 1 week break.. (because He knew I'll be too tired and exhausted after the camp).
4) He gave me strength when I'm too weak n almost get sick - luckily only fever for 2 mid nites, the next day still can work. Strength to continue the things He wanted me to do (including buying/drawing/wrapping mugs, continuing in finalizing camp's stuff).

5) He allowed me to play rock climbing, leap of faith, n flying fox and not to be forgotten to climb the Broga Hill without spraining my ankle again... just a lil too tired. Muscle a lil cramp, got o-che(s) (dunno where i got it from), n i guess i used too much of my ankle muscle.. XD. So, aircast nid to be on for this coming week before I go for my follow up consultation this sat..? Following are the beautiful scenery God created for us. Enjoy~  (p/s with some faces of our Today Campers).

He is my provider...So, I gave my all to Him. Thank you Father for your loving kindness and blessings. Without you, Im lost..

p.s. I love the wonderful works He has done in Today camp too! He's just too marvelous! Too GREAT! I Love Him...
Of cos, I love you guys too~~ U r awesome too~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flashback & Let the Miracle starts

I have a flashback of what happened last year 30 July when I got the
call from Ps Meng just now. Same injury which is on the head. I really
don't hope for anyone to go through the same situation. One can be very
worried.. even when you sleep, you don't sleep soundly. Yes, we need to
be still cos God is always with us and He brings peace to us but at the
same time, demons will influence one by inserting negative thoughts.
That's why we asked for Prayers and miracles to happen. Together we pray
until something happen! We pray that his brother will be able to
overcome the obstacle and come to conscious tomorrow morning. Unity and
faith are the keys.

*Flashback refers to my previous blog "My last memory of her"..

I received the latest news.. He's condition is deteriorating. Flashback
began again.. I tell my Lord, I don't want these flashbacks. Please give
me a good news n perhaps a vision of him glorying God for waking up
again. Right after my first prayer, I received the second call of the
night from our dearly brother. For me, it's a good news cos I can feel
that the miracle is starting from the report given by the doctor.. cos
It's not as bad as my flashback..Thank you Lord cos He hears my prayer!
So, what we all can do now is continue to pray for him.. Pray until
something happens.  It's just the beginning of good news. Have faith n
continue to pray, my dear brothers & sisters.

Pray that He'll heal him just like what He did to Don Piper...