Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Cakes

Ever dream of ur own wedding cakes? Do you want it to be special? I have few pics of incredible wedding cakes design which I took in an exhibition in Giza. Here it is! enjoy~

I like this the most... So beautiful~


This one is so meaningful~

You won't believe who made this....See below for more info.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Right Attitude

One should have the right attitude in everything he do. How you want your impression to be is how you are going to create it.

I'm really kek hei ar... sometimes, some people just don't know how to behave well or should I say have the right attitude. No matter it's in your workplace or personal life or maybe even in your own school, attitude is so important.

How can one possibly allow a patient to wait for more than half an hour just for delivery? It's a simple task and yet you take your own sweet time (don't know doing what). How will the patient feel? felt mistreated? And to my surprise, you can glamorously walk in the office and ask, "Eh, where's the patient?" O.O arrgghh... what should I say? eg: "They went to cafeteria while waiting for you"? "Buy you a coffee"? (@#&*(@^$  In the end, I just told him, "Someone else do the delivery" and FYI, I need to beg other people to do it. Luckily, he's kind enough and did not count much on how many works he needs to do.

In my own opinion, one should really adjust their attitude when it comes to something that you have already commited. This is your responsibility! So, don't toss it around like a ball or give excuses. Same applied to your personal life.. or if you are student, then in your school...

My fav sentences: "Treat others how you want others to treat you" & "Love your neighbour as yourselves".

*CYS calm down... Breathe in, breathe out... pheww...*

Friday, October 15, 2010


Abalone is a species of shellfish (mollusks). The shell of abalone is known for being exceptionally strong. It is made of microscopic calcium carbonate tiles stacked like bricks. It is used to protect its own soft inner body from any harm. You may crumble the outer shell by running over it with a truck but not the inner shell, also known as nacre.

Nacre appears iridescent because the thickness of the aragonite platelets is close to the wavelength of visible light. This results in constructive and destructive interference of different wavelengths of light, resulting in different colors of light being reflected at different viewing angles. (Sounds beautiful, rite? It is...)

You may not see the beauty of a person unless you know him or her for quite some time. So, this is the time where people usually break the ice and destroy the outer shell of a person by socialising with him or her. After some time, you may find the beauty of his or her character...  you may starts to fall in love with him or her. Just like how human admire the beauty of nacre. People even used it as decorations in their home or as accesories. Some people may have a fragile shell but I have a stronger shell just like abalone (I'm not praising myself here as beautiful or strong. Don't get me wrong. )

I may look tough, I may look strong but the inner me is always soft and fragile. This is why I need a strong appearance to protect myself. My nacre.. is it beautiful enough? How will you treat the nacre? Like how human admire the beauty of abalone's nacre? When you like it, you'll take out and polish it, look at it, admire a little more..then put it back to the shelf or your drawers? However, I found some cracks on my "nacre". Cracks that can never be mended.. No matter how hard you try, it will still remain. Over sometime, the cracks might expose the inner me...showing the weakness side of me. How long more can it endure before it really collapse?

The last event re-occured again... It's like a memory cycle.. Where it creates a deeper and more visible scar. I cannot erased it from my memory... The more I see, the more I feel it slicing the inner me. How long more do I have to endure? Will I be immuned? Can I harden my shell? Can I close up the cracks and be crueled? I wanted to.... or should I say...I'm already trying to...

What should I do now? Let go and forget? I can't... it's just like a movie. Where u'll recall the best part, the worst part, and the part that you hate most....Can I stop? Green or red light? I do feel like giving up.... it's tiring.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


confiance que les autres ont de vous?

J'ai essayé de dormir une heure .. mais il se trouve, j'ai pleuré pendant une heure. Je ne sais pas pourquoi certaines personnes aiment à dire des mensonges. Personnellement, je déteste mentir le plus ... je ne pourrai jamais accepter celui qui est près de moi en me disant des mensonges. J'ai pardonné beaucoup de fois et je lui ai dit que je n'aime pas vraiment celui qui est près de moi le faire. Mais pourquoi dans le monde, il le fait encore? Pourquoi êtes-vous répéter la même erreur? Oui, personne n'est parfait. Toutefois, si vous pouvez choisir de ne pas mentir, pourquoi ne pas me dire la vérité et de cesser certaines habitudes que je n'aime pas?

La chose qui me blesse le plus, c'est pas le mensonge au sujet de qui vous sortir avec mais les images. Savez-vous qu'il me rappelle effectivement quelque chose? Vous souvenez-vous que je peux vraiment quelque chose de place que d'autres ne sont pas facilement repéré? Oui, j'avoue que je suis une personne très sensible.

Je ne peux vivre sans toi. Je ne doute jamais de mon propre capacité. Mais nous avons été ensemble depuis si longtemps. Cinq ans et demi ne sont pas à court .. Savez-vous que? J'ai été tolérant avec vous beaucoup ces derniers temps. Je vous ai donné beaucoup de liberté récents mais pourquoi avez-vous en abuser? Cela me fait mal, ne te rends compte?

Une personne comme vous ne saurez jamais ce que je ressens parce que vous ne vous préoccupez de votre propre sentiment. Vous n'avez jamais l'étape dans la chaussure d'autres personnes afin de savoir exactement ce que d'autres sentir. Je sais que vous ne lirez jamais ma cause blog, vous ne savez même pas que j'en ai un. Même vous, vous le savez, vous n'aurez jamais de soins à ce sujet. Ai-je raison?

Tous ces mensonges, il m'a fait mal .... Tous ces éléments, il laisse des cicatrices dans mon cœur.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's lie, What's truth?

In Oxford Dictionary,

Lie - an intentionally false statement. 
Truth - the quality or state of being true / a fact or belief that is accepted as true 

But when you demand for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, it means you demand for absolute veracity of a statement (Oxford Dict). 

If you are a person who dislike lies and someone told u the truth but not the whole truth, do you consider it as a lie? How will you feel about it when you know the whole truth?? In dilemma? or you have the answer in your mind? 

In my own opinion, if you tell me the truth but not the whole truth, it is still a lie. This is my dictionary... how about you? What's in your dictionary? 

Time time time

@.@ same as Ann, I need more time....

I need more time to finish the spelling bee list of words. I need more time to think of the dancers' dancewear, decoration, and choreograph for a song. I need more time to study for my MTS test. I need more time to mark my students' papers.

Yet, I still have time to indulge in Lecka ice-cream.. haha~~ yummm..... luckily they have a food fair in conjunction with the cultural nite.

Oopsss... air-con switch tripped.. Luckily not the electricity for the whole university. Phewww... but how long will it be before the air-con is switch on again? uh-oh... *pls not too long...pls pls pls*

Thursday, October 7, 2010

His Generosity

*Listening to "With All I Am " Hillsong *

Actually there's something I wanted to say for a very long time but I just dunno how to start with it or pour out all of my inner voice. It's just too much!!

About my job - A lot of ppl tend to ask me, "Why you gave up on the scholarship you got for the nursing diploma in IJN (National Heart Institute)?", "Why you don't work in your own field like medical lab technologist?", "Why work in Astro?", "Why don't you work in the job offered in MediCare?", "Why you don't go for sales in your field?", "Why work as admin?"... there's so many "Why". Actually I myself don't really know why.. haha.

Okay, first why I gave up on the scholarship is because during the interview, I felt like im being mocked by the interviewers and the length for the diploma (I mean diploma.. is diploma only) is 3 years and somemore it's not under IJN itself. Students under IJN scholarship will be sent to different colleges for the nursing diploma. After finishing the diploma, we're going to be placed for posting and after that a secured job in IJN but with the salary of RM1800 ( I think so.. I dont really remember). What I remember in my interview is that, I've told them I wanted to get at least a RM2200 salary for my starting salary but they told me it will only be possible if I go for degree or after i've become a senior and hold a high position.. deng! In addition, after diploma, I'm bounded by a bond of 5 years with IJN @.@ okay... IJN is not bad actually but when I sum up the whole length of time.. it's 8 years for a diploma only!! who wants? I accepted the offer but I didn't turn up to get my air ticket the next day.. haha~ my bad.. i know. (A lot of ppl scolded me for letting it go..but it's my life).

After my degree, I went to look for jobs in MLT field.. search n search. Easily, I got a call from HSC med centre. Interviewed and got the job offered but there's a bond again.. swt, it's 3 years and the salary is RM1600 only. I personally like the hospital very much.. they have loads of equipments. They have the one and only machine to test biomarker C12 (which is one of the cancer tumour marker) in Malaysia. Meaning that if the other hospitals patients need to test for the C12 marker, the samples will be sent over to this hospital (it's a very interesting job n I'll feel proud working in that hosp.. haha~). The manager kept on persuading me to take up the offer after I've declined it by offering increment every year and they will give bonus, bla bla bla.. it's all attracting (it's normal to get those offers in other company too!) but the only thing that I'm afraid of is the length of bond. My friends and relatives kept on telling me to decline it... saying if you dont like the environment, how how how? 3 years lehh... not short.. somemore at the period of time, my aim is to get a car and do sales after 2 years. In the end, I still declined him...

At that same period of time, there's another job offer... which is to work in Ast as Cust Service Exec in their call centre. The pay is super attractive and they have a lot of incentives which can add up your pay to abt 3k per mth for starters.. attractive, rite? (somemore their bonuses can be up to 6-8mths salary! $$$ a lot!!) yeah, but that job is insane. It's an easy job where you only pick calls and talk talk talk.. but the thing is... it's unhealthy. I tend to get sick easily when I was there. I have problems with my digestion, I don't have enough nutrients in my diet... I don't have enough sleep... and I'm overly stressed! It's ok to get normal calls but when you get dispute calls, that's where your headache come from. Ppl shouted at you like you're a dog... ppl shouted at you like you have no value...and you can't even say anything/explain although they are wrong cos for them customer is always right (Somemore, you have to follow up with that case..meaning you don't only talk once with that customer but a few times...arrghh)What an unfair world it is rite? You wan to be fair? not in customer service line esp in A Call Centre..

From then on, I dislike talking to ppl... so during the interview for sales in pharma line, I get so annoyed and irritated by the managers from one of the international company. Went to a few more sales line and MediCare for interview... I was called for 2nd interview, but I've declined all... Got offered by MediCare, but decline again... So what I do I want actually? I dunno too.... I dont feel peaceful at all... seems like something is not rigth but at the same time, I'm frustrated too. Cos I wanted a job so badly and I wish to start work and save money and pay off my loan soon.

I believe God did guide me when I was looking for jobs... I prayed everytime before my interview and I wanted so badly for every job that I've gone for interview.  Somehow after my interview, I dont feel secure or peaceful. Why is it so? (God do gv us some hints sometimes, it's just that mayb we are the one ignoring Him )God did gaves me a lot of oppotunities in my life. He gaves us A but we wanted B. He gaves C but we wanted D. In the end, it turns out God is right. A and C might be the better choices for us.. but we never realise in the beginning and only after that we started to regret mayb.. Just like what Ps. Albert had shared with us, higher pay doesn't mean better. Sometimes lower pay, gives you a lot of benefits... mayb not on earth but in heaven. I really believe that God really wanted me to serve Him. He wanted me to spare some time for His ministry.. Working in Ast, definitely won't gv me that time.... n so do sales... yes, time for sales is flexible.. but things can turn the other way round when I needed to go for outstation/overseas.

In the end, He provided me a super hyper comfortable working environment with good bosses and colleagues. Some may say the management is not good, but I believe He can change everything if He wanted to. He always do things which is extraordinary and out of your expectation cos we can never know what He has planned for us. Our wisdom is just a small part of His wisdom. He thinks and plans way beyond ours... ^^. I do feel grateful for all He has done after all of my childish act for refusing to obey him. When we listen, He is willing to help us.. when we open our hearts, He is willing to fill us. When we offer our lives, He more than willing to provide us with everything that we need on earth and promised us treasures in heaven. Now, with my current job, I have plenty of time to prepare my things, I have plenty of time to read His words, I have plenty of time to pray, I have plenty of time to do His works (which is serve His ppl), I have plenty of time to spend with my family (on the phone of cos.. because I wont be exhausted and I still have energy to talk), I have better health, I have more friends, and finally I am able to become myself again after resurrecting from the zombie life. XD  I,now, feel closer to Him.... just like a rebirth in last ministry but I want more... more to be filled with him... more closer to Him... more so that I can b free in His Spirit and dwell in His presence. Thank you, Lord.. I love you.

Some snaps for you to see.. hahaha~~
1) My beloved bible after it dropped out from Kevin's car and got rain on for whole night.

**El-Shaddai means God Almighty**

2) The inner body of my precious bible (age: 13 yrs old).

3)The new appearance of my little baby.. ta-dang~~

**That fish thing symbol means Peace**

My baby is part of my companion for my everyday life now, even in office.. hehe~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I found this video very entertaining.. Hope u'll enjoy it too! Have fun...

p.s. Yes, I'm a lil bored in office. There's nothing for me to do at the moment. Done all of my things since yesterday. @.@ If you wish that I can help you with something, feel free to ask me. If I can help, I will. Cheers~

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Was lost but now it was found

Before I went out for lunch, my boss told me to lock the clinic's glass door too because it's friday and our staff have a longer break due to prayer time. So, I locked the clinic and my office glass' doors. Usually I only brought my office keys with me but yesterday was a little different. Instead of putting it back to my office drawer, I brought it together with me for lunch. Happily, I tagged it along in my cute and protective keychain (why do I say protective? cos it actually wrapped around the keys so that it doesn't makes any sound when you are walking - the cling-cling sound).

After lunch, Katie & I went back to her office and relax for a while but who knows  BK ffk (cos usually we have a prayer meeting on Fri). So, prayer goes on with the two of us only. Prayer finish on time..and I went back to my office as usual. As I was climbing the stairs, I realised that my key is no longer with me. In my hand, there's only my mobile phone and my money but where's my keys??

My mind just went blank and I don't know when and where did I dropped it... I asked Katie, I asked my sis... I even asked the maids... (T.T) In my mind, I kept on picturing my boss scolding me and never trust me again... I kept on imagining on how am I going to explain to my boss. I searched high and low for it... the whole left wing of the 2nd floor, the classroom, parking zone, canteen, and even the open area between the parking zone & canteen but I couldn't find it at all. Tears almost slide down on my cheeks... disappointment can be seen from my facial expression. Sadly, I went back to my office hoping that my office glass door is open and my colleague will tell me that he got my keys out of nowhere. Unfortunately, the glass door is still locked. Nobody is in the office. Instantly, I thought of calling one of my colleagues but my hand trembled when I tried to look up for his number in my phone. Another disappointment came, when I couldn't search for his number and even my other colleagues numbers (cos I panicked and I cant remember that I've added Mr. in front of their name). In the end, I tried to recall for one of their number (I had cold sweat and my heartbeat is increasing at that moment - this shows that I'm really panicked). Got it & called...

My colleague open the office's glass door for me (Luckily he didn't went out to KD or some other places. Or else, I'll be a dead meat...). Again we tried to recall where I've been and whether or not I've missed out some places.. but I've searched everywhere. Suddenly my sis called and asked me to ask the student service counter (before that, I've asked Sherrie where can I ask for Lost & Found.. is there any counter for that - but she told me there's none. If lost means it's really LOST! to my horror, O.O that's the end of my day) on the first floor.

**praying in my heart - God, I obeyed you..I went for prayer and I did not go anywhere.. but how come once I've finished eating, I did not see my key on the cafeteria table.. where could I possibly dropped it? I couldn't even find it my sis's office and not even in the classroom. Where is it, Lord? Can you please help me? Give me a good news..? You gave me a big responsibility holding those keys.. keys to my faculty office, keys to my clinics.. where there's a lot of money and expensive equipments. If I've lost it, the doors have to be changed... If I've lost it, the equipments and things will be possibly am I going to stay on and work in this office. I prayed hard.. hoping for a miracle*

So, I went down and asked the lady. She smiled and went to the shelf near the 2nd counter and took something. Suddenly, she waived the thing... and ask smilingly, is this your key?? I recognised the purple keychain and was O.O screaming THANK GOD!! yes, that's my key!! My heart was full with joy and tears wear pouring in my heart. God did listen to my prayer... The lady told me that someone (dunno who) just dropped it at the last counter (the ptptn counter - not even the student service counter) and dunno how they passed it to the first counter (the student service counter). In my mind, God must have sent a good samarintan to pick it up from somewhere and left it with the counter. Gratefully, I thank God again and again... It was once lost, but now it is found.

God, I Thank You & I Love You deep in my heart~