Monday, July 19, 2010


Today is the Day that the Lord has chosen! One of the Day for the lost soul to be home again. Yes, He answered my prayer and I'm overly joyful that His daughter has accepted Him as her Saviour! I won't be ashamed of shedding tears cos I know it's the tears of JOY. When we rejoice, the Heaven door is open and the angels do rejoice & praise God too~  Why I said it's one of the Day? It's because I believe there's more to come! Never give up, never let your faith down but instead steadfast, pray n have more than 100% faith for the Miracles are not done by you but by HIM who is in Heaven. You can never do it but He can! Believe and it will prosper!

In Ps. Philip's book, I've learnt the most important thing one should have in their Christianity life... which is faith! Faith is not a word that can be utter out easily.. but it's an action that believe things that will happen when you have no clue that it will really happen or not. Believing alone is not enough, prayer is the key.... Prayer is a communication tool where you talk to your Abba Father. I've prayed for quite some time that one day this friend of mine will accept Him as Saviour. Yes, prayer doesn't mean you'll get what you ask in an instant but it takes time. Cos this is the time when God helps you to open the way for them to get to know Him and to feel His love by rebuking and binding the demonic's barrier/action. Why I say demonic's barrier? It is the Fallen Angel (Satan) that is circulating the world. So, they will fight with God to ensure no lives are to be entered into the Heaven's Door by obstructing the ability of the lost one to listen to the word of God, closing their hearts, minds, ears and eyes. Thus, at this moment, you fight with Satan too! How? Faith and prayer! This is the spiritual warfare. You fight with Satan to get more lives into Heaven! Do not be afraid for God is with Us! Therefore, PRAY! PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens). This is why when she accepted, I cried with the tears of Joy. YES!! It's our victory! God's victory!! we got more lives into Heaven. So, Rejoice!!

--- I've learnt a lot from sermons, Christian books and articles. Faith and Love are the most important points in our lives. Be devoted to him and never stray away from Him. If you really did go off from Him, don't be afraid to return home. His door is always open for you cos His Love never fades away. Remember that... He touched my heart recently telling me He always loves me and He still accept me no matter how many times I left him, rebuked him, sins against him. I can tell you my sins.... It's countless! But the greatest things of all, He always forgives and love me. He does not only Love me but you too! All of us to be exact. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16  

I've left him before but Now I've returned. Why not you too?? Repent and return to your Heavenly Father.