Thursday, February 28, 2013

Delete Button

Yes, it had been a rough day yesterday... 

Tired and hurtful... it filled all of my mind. Can't concentrate on my work and can't focus. It just kept on piling up on my head. Yes, I admit it's one of my weaknesses... it's really hard to accept pain or scar in my life. Although I tried so hard to joke, to fill my mind with so many things.. tears just fall automatically. 

BUT all these are the things that teach me and help me improve more. Like what Joel Osteen said, "Hit the delete button". I shall delete all the negative thoughts and renew it with the word of God. Reprogramme it with positive thinking. Thank God for giving me good sisters, good disciple and all the wonderful people around me. They advised me, they cheered me up, they are just wonderful! I believe God had prepared the best path for me, the one that He think best for me. As long as I don't give up on what he has given me to go through, I will success one day.. earning His praises. That's all I need. 

Thank you, sis. I will remember what you said,"You are who you are. Just be yourself."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

CNY Mood ON!

Three more days and I'll be back in my hometown!!~ YEAH! No mood to work edi... I've been smiling one whole day thinking the holidays are coming nearer and nearer. Lol... do u feel excited as I am? 

Can't wait to meet up with my family, my relatives and friends. 

1) Facial - Checked!
Made my facial appointment! Teehee~ Not even home yet.... but sms-ed Vanessa, my beautician, already. XD Happy happy~ It's been so long since I last had a facial treatment. Hmm... it's been 5 mths! My gosh! My face gonna be a good playground for Vanessa. sigh~ Poor face..

2) Nails 
When it's CNY, it's time to pamper myself! ngahahaha~ Am gonna paint my nails crazily again.. should I do something like Christmas?? maybe yes! Cos i'm loving my China Glaze and my Etude nail polish glitter pack in silver & nude. (^.^) Cant wait, cant wait... 

3) Day 28 Night Market
Not sure about this year... if we're going or not. It's been a tradition i think, for us to go out to join the crowd in shopping and buying foods till 1 or 1.30am. Feeling a little lazy.. but if mom wanna go, why not? 

4) Sandra's own homemade Brekkie to go go
Can't wait to try it out since she called me few days ago saying that she succeeded in creating the same taste Brekkie to go go as Boost Juice. Lol~ Homemade, why not?? I'm sure it will be one of my breakfast those few days in KK. Can't wait for other breakfast too! Nian gao (sticky dough), mien fun tap (something like roti canai)! Woohoo~~ 

5) Nieces and Nephews
Hahahahaha... I really can't wait to see them all. They are too cute to resist! Can't wait to see Hannah. Din get the chance to see her yet. and yes! i'm gonna see her during the Family Reunion dinner. =D 

So, CNY come faster!! then go slower!! Lol~ 

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!! Have a safe journey back home and remember to have a good fellowship and precious time with your family!! Don't miss any of the good time. Miss ya all~