Sunday, August 21, 2011


A testimony that i've seen quite some time ago but it continue to touch me once again.. Be blessed through their life testimony, be blessed by God and grab the opportunity now! God Bless You and I love you all~

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My dearest leader

I received the msg from his sister few mins after Father took him back.. was praying that time and I did not realised it until it was 20 mins later. Yes, indeed it is a good news that he is now away from pain and enjoying his eternal life in heaven but it's just too fast. Can't stop crying... my eyes are swollen and red now. All the way to his hse and coming back, my mind is filled with all sorts of memories.

Kevin is my best male buddy... He had helped me a lot. Although we've only known each other for 3 yrs, we've shared a lot. He's a very quiet guy and does not dare to speak wit new comers. It's because he was our iCampus unit 2's leader.. he need to talk a lot with us. He taught me a lot.. he adviced me a lot... we ate together... we laughed together.. we watched movie together.. he fetch me here n there.. n he even pulled me into the ministry. He was the one who first approach me to help with Port Dickson camp game (I dont even know anyone in church yet.. except for a few icampus frens n pastor), then help with make up, dance, etc.

When i'm at my lowest emotional state, he gaves me joke n advice me.. I rmb he told me... "it's a test from God". When i'm in need of help, he's the first one to offer.. the most unforgettable one is Connie's incident. He's the best gift from God. I can't thank him enough.. I owed him too much. Planned to treat him a good korean food buffet, but he was so bz after that... that we've no time to enjoy it. Till he was sick, I still dont hv the chance to treat him.

He's a funny and reliable guy... those guy that most ladies will fall in love with. His gf is so lucky to have him.. He once asked me... what do gurls like.. my gf loves baking cupcakes recently, do you have any idea wat to buy? haha~ I cant stop teasing him that time. We spent a long time in mph looking for recipe books and finally he bought one. He told me that he loves to do handmade things with creative idea but he complaint to me that his gf is not creative enuf and dont knw how to really appreciate things that he had made (eg cards). haha~ hmm... now I came to realise that he's kind of quite cerewet one. a lot of expectation... well, that's wat made him a good director rite? Even when he's sick, he still act like a big man in the house. Although he's anemic that time, he still kept on saying "I'm strong.. see, i still hv big muscle." He's so funny! Because he was bedridden, he wanted massage... complaining that his backbone is stiff/painful, he asked his sister to help. But because she couldnt reach the exact pressure point, he started creasing his brows and complaint. hahaha... just like a kid. I then helped him with some back massage. It's hilarious when he started saying... ahhhh... good good. very good.. hm... go up.. no no, let me think.. left, right, down.. I cant stop smiling while pressing the pressure point. He's like a king lying on the bed.. asking for servant to serve him. XD tat's my buddy! yeah~ 

So many words he spoke to me... I will never forget it. The way he encouraged ppl. the way he said sorry to me when he feel like i'm offended by his action during last christmas, the way he shared, the way he act like a big brother, the way he is as my best buddy... I can never forget it.

I was hoping that he will be healed... but God has his own plan in Kevin's life. He must have fulfilled it and that's why God took him back. I'm sad but I'm happy too. God planted him in my life... to be my best buddy (altho he's a guy.. haha) to change me into who I am rite now. Into a person who will never leave God again... Thank God. Most importantly, I wanted to say: Thank you, Kevin. You are the best!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Different stress nowadays

Haha~ The title looks so stupid. You must be thinking.. How can stress be different?? Stress is stress la, rite??

Been so busy these few days... Can't breathe at all. Fuh... My table is so messy now... typing with my hands on top of a pile of files. What can I do?? I just wanted to release my mind into my blog now. Can't tahan anymore.

I've finished 2 major things (Academic calendar & 2 batches Academic timetables).. now came a few more things to do. T.T Finish the examiners resolution but still the fac minutes are waiting for me to do some magic. From a few meetings to a lot of minutes (means- 1 yr average 2-3 meetings, now it nid to become 1 meeting per mth with minutes as evidence. Ta-dang~ Tat's the magic i'm goin to perform soon). Then, auditor is coming soon.. students file need to be re-arranged. Arrgghh... Well... wat to do? Just finish it asap lo.

I can do all things.. I can do it fast... Cos I'm unique. This is all thanks to Him who created me! Gayao ar~

Ohh ya... why I say different stress?? it's because I saw my last few years' status. It's so funny! On this date of 2011, I'm busy with my works. On 2010, it was because of my sprained ankle. On 2009, it was my studies. Have a look at my statuses and who likes it and commented on it... =D

2011: T.T today is friday! I shud be enjoying my day.. why oh why am I so bz these few days?? I need to breathe!! help~ 52 minutes ago ·
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Koh Lei Ming come, here is oxygen
MayOoi Kok u mean u r not breathing now? how can u b alive?? omg... ghost ahh~

2010: Doc say I can try to take off the cast on 26 onwards... ^^ It's shorter than 6 weeks!~ hehe
12 August 2010 at 15:14 via Windows Live Messenger
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Grace Peipei good ler.
MayOoi Kok u sure u wanna do dat? i think u better put it til 26th.. let it rest more la... u noe u so clumsy... hahahahaha
Me: ‎26 onwards la... not now... not yet. =.=
MayOoi Kok i mean u shud wear til its actually 6 weeks... hahahah..
Me: hmmmm... i'll see how la.... of cos i wan it to b better soon. but there's owes a "BUT".. so see hw la. XD i dunno wat im talking abt now.. Shud go to zzz now. Or else u'll see me talking nonsense. kakaka
Kong ChauShing take off but be kful,later relapse!

2009: Yosh!! finally..left Onco midterm, viro assignment n pharma lab test.. HAHAHA!!August 2009 at 22:36 ·
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Kong ChauShing congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz​zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Foong Jun Xian when i think of these shits i feel headache.. haiz..
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Never stop believing.

I've been struggling whether I should blog this out o not.

It's not the time to keep on telling people that "it's the time".... "it wont help much".... "we know edi de la"... "he wont live long".  Who are you people? who are you to determine what God will do next? I'm quite frustrated actually... why cant you just build up ur faith n fully trust in the Lord? Why cant you just persistently beg God? Why cant you just pray to God all the time? You of little faith! Change! Pray undoubtedly! It's not the end yet! You are not God. You dont make the decision on behalf of God! Dont judge or make your own assumptions based on what you've seen and heard previously. God do things differently. He's wiser than all man on earth.. He created us, he turns water into wine, he raised the dead! Who are you?

I'm sorry if you said I am indirectly/directly scolding you. I believe in God.. I put my faith in Him, I put all my trust/hope in God n not in man/technology/doctor. God is the Best Healer! Don't say I'm childish or immature... This is what God teaches me.. Be still, I am God. I am the beginning and the end. He will do things in His way... a way that man will never fathom.

Kevin himself is very strong now. Why are u so weak? He said the tumour has bcome smaller, then why do u stop believing/doubting in God. see God's miracle.. altho it's small but you'll never know what will happen next. It's God's decision not yours. So, just keep on praying and believing. Kevin did not stop to ask God for healing, why would you stop? Arent you suppose to keep on supporting? Why waste ur time on being emotional, thinking of negative things, or the worst outcome, when it's not even the end yet? Why not invest your energy in praying/proclaming positively?? so STOP your mind from wandering all around now. PRAY! Pray until something happen! Never ever stop believing! Have faith in God, my dear friends.