Friday, March 23, 2012

A Good Excuse

LOL!~ I finally understand why I love dramas and movies so much.. XD

Indeed a good excuse... haha~

You will get to learn a lot of things from drama or movies. Like CSI, you get to know some of the diseases or techniques they used in laboratories. In Material Queen, you get to have a free revision of what is Marfan Syndrome. In Da Jang Geum, you cannot mix n match vegetables and fruits or herbs as you like... etc etc...

Even my students get the examples from me in classes through all these dramas. They tend to remember it easily. Haha~ So, I must continue to watch more movies/dramas in the future??


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Moody Day

I think my weaknesses are getting more n more obvious. Oh gosh!

I realised I can easily cry when people starts complaining or scolding me for some reasons that are actually not under my control or my direct control. T.T how ar? Been experiencing it since Feb 2010 till today... good news or bad news?

I can be calmed when those things happen but right after that.... my heart is aching, mood feel so down, and I can't focus. I know Happiness is a choice... I can choose to be moody or I can choose to be Happy. I know I should choose to be Happy all the time and think positively.

The old me... I used to be the one who is tough n never shed a tear but now... what have I become? Is it becoming better that I dont get angry easily? Is it better that I dont go scold people? Is it better that I get hurt than other ppl getting hurt? Oh well.... it's so obvious isnt it? Of course, it's better to make other ppl  happy and make them feel comfortable. I shouldn't be writing and spitting out my rantings here.. Oh crap!

This is what you call.... writing to heal.... yes, i'm trying...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thank God

Thank God I hurt my finger this afternoon n not coming sat. Haha.. You must be thinking this gal must be real stupid. How can 1 still be thankful for getting hurt. Well, I'm one here.. Haha. Not stupid but clever! XD

Somemore, it's my left hand index finger. If it's my right hand then I won't be able to hold my tambourine. If it's my right hand, I won't be able to hold the fan. If it's my right hand, I won't b able to write. If it's next sat, i wont be able to things smoothly. Not even dancing with my tambourine. Cos you'll be able to see an index finger with white plaster sticking out weirdly n blood oozing out staining the plaster. =D See! There's so many things to be thankful of. Really thank God!

I bet you'll laugh at me if u know how I cut my finger. Heehee~