Saturday, January 21, 2012


We're so excited to go home.. Flight was scheduled at 5.40pm (changes from Firefly to MAS due to cancellation of route). Went out from home 4 hours earlier... took the KL express and reach KLIA 1-2 hours earlier than our flight. Half day gone just like tat....

Now, due to some technical problems, our flight got delayed.... 5.40pm to 6.15pm. Announcement was made, informing us that the Engineer is trying very hard to fix it. Thought we can reach home at 8.15pm... going to hv dinner in Sailor's Cafe with our dearest family... but now it almost ruin our plan. Will only reach at 8.45pm... add on another 30 min to 1 hour for luggage.. O.O we'll only come out from the arrival hall at 9.30pm. My gosh!! It wont be dinner edi... it will become our supper. so fattening~ cham lo~ not even CNY yet... n we're getting fatter edi.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!!~~

**getting bored & waiting to board the plane**

Monday, January 16, 2012

Good or Bad?

Taking a leave is it good or bad??

Sigh, I wanted some off days but everytime after I got back from my leaves, things got real mess in the office. T.T It's like I can never take leave or else there'll be a pile of mess waiting for me to clear off and settle. Why??

It got real mess and I dont even know where to start clearing. So many things, so little time, so not systematic, so confusing, I'm speechless..... I wanted to say something good.... but but but..... there's none at this moment.

Even when i'm not working, I still need to answer calls and handle some things. Not once, but a few times edi!! From Janda baik till last friday... it's the same thing! Sms from boss in the middle of the nite (cos he's overseas that time - daytime for him, midnite for me), sms from colleague early in the morning, settle exam things in the morning although i'm off, sms-es from boss and colleague on last fri when i'm trying to sleep - tat moment i'm was exhausted... T.T

I just want a nice off work day only........

Monday, January 9, 2012

Stepping out

**you may ignore my post**

I guess i'm really out of my comfort zone now.... stepping out... is really not easy. How you wish things are easy and manageable. 

Challenges... said YES! but at the same time... scratching my forehead. T.T gonna have few scars.. XD newly cut nails are so sharp. but it's my habit i guess.... when things come, I hid my face with my palms, when things get a lil out of hands, I scratched my forehead, when I think too much, some strands of my hair turn white. O.O great~

I wanna shout SOS actually.... but since it's been given to me... I hv to take it up. I believe He gave me according to my ability. If I want to improve and grow, this is it! but but but...... my inner self is lack of confidence. sobsob.... cham ar!! Feel like slapping myself.. arghh! sighh.... 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Chapter

2012 is a brand new year, a new phase of my life... A year of preparations and challenges that will help me grow/walk further in my ministry & life.

There are so many things to do this year... even before 2011 ends, my schedule has been filling up with assignments, dates, and missions. Now I know why God planted me here..... instead of KK. He's expanding me. Although i've fallen previously but if we hold on unto Him, he's willing to change your life! Changing your life into the life that He has prepared for you! Thank God~

This year onwards: My life will be colourful! I will hold on unto Him until He bless me. I will equip myself and overcome all challenges. The challenges/obstacles are the things that will open up a new door for me to see a new chapter of expansions, nearer to my paradise in Heaven. Hooray!

I wanted to say: I am READY!


Today is the first day of returning and giving tuition. 2 hours just passed like a second (nah.. that's too fake. hahha... it feels like half an hour only).

Happy to hear that majority of them passed their Science and some or half (i dunno - din ask the whole class) got 75 and 80 above. Not bad huh? =) FYI, they are a bunch of students who love to talk when you're talking, love to play while u're still teaching, love to ask a lot of unrelated questions. Well, they are the one who paint my life.. =D

On the other way round, it's time for me to do revision again for biology. My gosh...... it feels like a sleeping pill to me. why oh why? is it bcos it's the first chapter? Reading bible is far more better than tat... or should I say... it's been a long time since I last read biology (somemore, it's the fundamental of biology) **yawn**

Hmmm.. time to change! time to create some interesting things from it..... imagination! I'm relying on you! Long way to go~ Jiayou bah!