Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Something's Not Right

When people asked, I answered: "I'm fine". But when I'm alone, I felt there's something not right...somehow, I just know that i'm not really fine/okay.

sigh..  Please pray for me....

I don't know if it happens because of the fall... but it does happen after the fall... the only difference is, it happens a few days after the fall.

1) Bruises: These are common
2) Urinate less, few days after the fall for like 2 days.
3) Some sort of discharge/bleeding... which is not normal for this period of time.
4) Painful right shoulder/arm since monday nite: I can't lift up my hand. Daytime it's still okay... mayb it's because the night before I put on some Yoko yoko (Yeah, i know... i feel like an old lady too) and some sort of medicated plaster. Night time is the torturing time. >.<

Was so worried that I contacted one of my close friend who is now a doctor in Australia. After reading her advice, felt a lil relieved but not fully stress free yet. Still need to make an appointment with doctor if bleeding still persist. sigh.... (dont feel disappointed if I din contact/msg you if you are a doctor.. I've been struggling whom shall I seek advice from. It's not that you are not worthy... or you are not the expert... but it's a little embarrassing when I need to clearly describe the whole thing. Please understand and be happy k?).

So, friends.... I need your prayer. If you wish me well and would like to see me jumping up and down, and can at least give you a high 5, please please please pray for me. 

Arigato Gozaimasu! Kamsahamnida! Xiexie! THANK YOU!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

After effect

I have additional bruises on my hands and legs. These bruises can only be seen after 2-3 days. *Clap Clap Clap*

Here is my o-che family (they are not shy anymore, thus, showing their true colours now... some are still hiding ^^). Pls welcome them... with a big round of applause~~

Below is the chronological order of my biggest and most obvious o-che! Since the first night till the third nite, which is tonite. Will continue to capture the development of the o-che. Hahaha...

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I think today is one of my most unforgettable memory... 

Just a slip and it started my 30-45 mins of nightmare. I accidentally mistook the wrong step on the top of a staircase at level 1 in the office. Fall straight to the bottom like a superwoman (-.-"). Luckily, I can still hold my body up by using my arms to push against the staircase (and of cos thanks to my good back & arms muscles... hehe). That's why, my face, head, neck and shoulder is fine and without any injury. 

The moment i fall, it really feels like i'm acting in a movie.. where you see those actresses fall from a staircase but the only difference is I dint ROLL down the stairs. XD The funny part is.... right after I fall, the thing im looking for is my mobile phone. LOL~ Iphone is still in my hand... HTC, fly off.. to somewhere near by. 

Lucky that I didn't sprain my ankle this time.. but I hurt my left little finger aka pinky, both of my tibia, scratches on my left arm and elbow. I can still stand up after I fall, but after few steps (not even 1 minute), I started to feel a lil blackout, cold sweat, and weaker. I've no strength to support my own body weight, vision getting more n more dim, and I can't really hear what my colleague is talking about. All i know is that, my palms is covered with a little blood and she's very very very very worried... she kept on asking,"Are you okay? Can you walk? Do you want me to call your sister to drive over? Do you want to rest a while?" 

Every step I took, it's like shutting down something inside my body. Every step I took, I felt the body weighing down. Every step I took, I felt my head, fingers and body became numb and colder. Every step I took, the harder for me to see(vision getting darker). Every step I took, the voice of my colleague became lower. By the time I almost reach my sis's car, I can see my sister's shape standing nearby the car... and she asked "What happen". They were discussing whether to send me to Emergency Ward or clinic. 

On the way to clinic, although it's bright and sunny outside, my world is dark..... just like you are in an x-ray/ultrasound. The brighter it is, the darker my world is... I only manage to see the shape n a lil white colour when we're inside the basement parking. Dizziness still accompanying me... still feeling "blackout"... I don't even know that I'm actually in the lift already when my mind is still thinking: "we're waiting for elevator ". I can't see any steps, I can't walk really well....the buzzing sound still ringing very loudly in my ear..  really thank God that my colleague is helping me. She was trying very hard to support me. Thank you so much! 

Doctor suspected a mild fracture on my left tibia (but after x-ray, my tibia is fine!), other body parts are okay except for a small cut on my left pinky and  he said i have mild anemia (this i knew, since young but.... it shud b okay after a few years cos I don't feel dizzy lately). He said I looked sooooooo terribly pale, fingers and toes numb, sweating.... and because I did not have any breakfast, that's y i blackout. >.< 

This is my first long blackout... It's like around 45 mins. The moment I stand up, there's lack of blood to my brain and i started to faint again. The first and the worst....long blackout.. sigh... 

OKay, everyone.... no need worry. I'm all fine now. I'll look after myself today n tomorrow. I'll sure checkout if there's anything wrong with my body. If i felt nausea, i will go to the clinic again. I know my 2nd sister is worried. She scolded me when she's worrying so much and I can still laugh the moment I answered her call. Okay, I'm sorry.... I just don't know that the news spread so fast. I know a lot of ppl knew about it edi.... Just don't worry.. if you are, pray for me. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Record of Dynamites

Oh My! This year, it really breaks the record. 

I have 7 official dynamites bombing me in 2012! Pocket oso hangus oh... @.@ 
Why is everyone getting married in 2012? haha~ arhh.... dont ask me, "why isnt ur turn yet?". Well, i'm not ready to get hitch yet! I still hv plenty of things to do which is on the top of my priority list. nah... marriage? long long long long time lagi. Only when God say, "you are ready" then i'm ready! =D

November will be a super bz month for me. I can foresee the things we need to get ready for Christmas production, all the preparations and practices. Yet, I have 2 weddings to attend in just 1 week apart at 2 different places, Malacca and Ipoh. One on the north, the other towards the south peninsular. @.@ Really "pei fu" myself. haha~ Gonna get crazy soon.. looking for dresses will be a big headache edi. Or else, I might as well recycle my dress la. ^^ 

To those invitation that I have or will decline, really SORRY! I can't attend all cos ya know... I'm super BZ person. Can't drive or fly all the way to your wedding. Time is too short... how you wish you have 8 days in a week rite? but I can tell you that... even if you have 8 days a week, you'll still use it up like what you have done now. =D you wont? well.... I will. cos time is so PRECIOUS.... 

Time time time..... can you freeze? I cant, time mayb, but God definitely can freeze it for you! 
Money money money.... can you drop from the sky? I can't make it.. money cant fly itself to you, but God definitely can bless you through someone/something. 

All you need to do is Pray and believe!
So, you know, I know, God knows....
I'll Pray for Double/Triple blessings from God!
Since i'm blessing others, God please bless me more..... I need more of you to be able to bless others!
hiak hiak hiak~~ 7? masih ok la.... anymore? =X

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Joy

Sweet memory: A night with little Joy.

She's a clever and talkative girl.

Waving at me by the road side when we passed by. Walking in and out of her house, sweating, tired but no where to sleep cos it was too hot with no electricity yesterday night.

With kindness I invited them to wait in my house (mine not affected) but aunt rejected saying it's too late.. Little joy was holding unto my hand and talking but it was so obvious that she's tired. Successfully persuaded aunt to at least allow lil joy to stay over at my Hse while waiting for the electricity to be back.

She followed me happily, talking nonstop... Just like her name. She's so joyful. She wanted to ask a lot of things, wanted to know a lot of things, wanted to talk to me... But after my advice, she fall asleep in less than 3 mins. Surprisingly adorable.. Haha.

Today news: lil joy said it feels very nice to slp on my bed. So comfortable..

Hahaha. She's so cute! Never think that she's young or still a child
, she knows a lot of things cos she's very clever. Never underestimate a child. =)