Friday, December 21, 2012


Arrgh!! Really feel like crying now... 

Timetable you are making me mad and frustrated! Because of you, I can't think properly.. because of you, I'm in brain jam mode! 

Gonna need a De-Stress Super Booster later! 

Gonna eat like crazy, gonna munch on my Royce Chocolate, gonna drink Boost, gonna marathon with Running Man, gonna paint my nails crazily...and I'm gonna blast my ears with music. (>.<) (T.T) super complicated feelings. sobsob..... 

I wan Christmas mood.... I wan holidays!! I wan................ No Timetabling.... I know, i'm daydreaming again. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The moments

Smile & Cheer up!
is what I told them.

The moment when I started our practice... felt anticipating and worried.
The moment when I finished choreographing... felt relieved and anticipating.
The moment when I'm anxiously searching high n low for the costume... worried and relieved.
The moment when I passed the baton to them to choreograph some dance... am really proud.
The moment when we first finished practicing the whole dances... joyful and excited.
The moment when we first did our flash mob in Sg. Buloh... anxious and crazy.
The moment when we continue our flash mob the 2nd day... more confident and joyful.
The moment when we first rehearsed... overly proud of my dancers.
The moment I visited them in workshop... they were so excited and I can't wait for them to show me what they've learned.
The moment when I received the news... disappointed but peaceful.
The moment I wrote to them... reluctant to post it up. Why?

It's all because I realized that they've grown so much! So much that I feel overly joy... so much that I just want to hug each and every one of them to thank and tell them... You did really well! They love each other, they support each other, they treat each other like their own flesh. We've become a very big family. How I wish I can see all of them perform asap but I know longer time means more patience, more practice, more time to brush up their skills, more time to prepare for the BEST that is yet to come. 

So, smile and cheer up! It's not the end but a longer pathway to the Best Production.
Yeay~ =D