Monday, July 9, 2012

For My Best Dancers

To my beloved DREAMS II dancers: 

AGain, I'm gonna say THANK YOU very much for all of your hardwork. I know I've been in ups and downs recently. My emotion wasn't that Okay.. so, I got a little angry and might have scolded you at some point. I'm really sorry! Indeed at one point, I nearly give up with the LED lights.. cos it was a little too last minute and it has been giving me a lot of problems here and there. How it burned you, how it does not light up, how awful it smells, how dangerous it is, how long it takes to fix one circuit....but through you who did not give up and because of your faith, we have successfully wrapped up the whole opening dance. Really grateful and thankful to have you all. 

The time you spent to do the LED lights till 2am in the morning, 12 am plus for a few nights in a row, and even till 4am in the morning.. the time you spent to do shopping right after classes to fix the costume, to buy the gloves, bandage, switch, wires, to charge the battery every 2 hours, to fetch and to send your teammates home... I owed you all a lot. Thank you so much for your patience, your love, your never give up spirit.. really Thank God cos you are the one that stays beside me all of the time. Helping me with this and that. Above all else, Thank God that you are safe and sound and none of you got burned by the lights. I know you have been struggling with the heat when you turn off the light on the actual day, how you tried your very best to tahan the heat it released, how you carry the battery at the back, how you tahan when the battery knock your head when you are doing your flips.. I saw what you did, I felt what you felt, to tell you the truth... my heart aches but there's nothing I can do except for thank you again and again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Without you all, DREAMS II will not have a good Opening Dance. 

You are my BEST DANCERS! Thank you!

**will try to get the complete group picture.. Seb, don't be disappointed**

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A special day

It must have been a special day today..

Gave some advises to two different people this morning. Hmm.. They were like a sudden conversation. Have I serve my purpose of the day? or more to come for today?

I feel grateful to God that I'm still of good use. Told God plenty of times or should I say all the time, to use me.. Lord, I'm here.. I belongs to you.. use me as you wish. Thank you, Lord.

Thank God...

I Love you my lord, only you that I need. When I see your face, my life has been changed. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Monday, July 2, 2012

White Flag

I'm so not in the mood to do any work today. sigh~

I feel so tired and sleepy. I have so many work that I dont know where to start off. I cant think of anything... AND I'm feeling OLD lately. >.< my skin tends to be very dry these few weeks.. so it's a little (or should i say very) flaky and I can feel my palms' cells are pulling, straining, and stressing each other. Skin breaking out but I cant do much cos i hv a very sensitive skin and i dont hv time to go to Bukit Bintang just to see my specialist... forgetting this and that. And I have super short memory term now.. T.T  I seriously dont know what happened to me.

I feel like surrendering to whatever I need to do... *waving my white flag hard from left to right*

really asking for SOS option... if there's any.

Things scattering inside my brain:
a) Office: - mountain high pending tasks.
b) LED lights not fixed yet.... trial n error last sat = FAILED. bought new and smaller wires which can only be found in Pudu today. (I owed Ah Fei a lot). He'll need to finish off everything by tonight. Pity him but he's the only one that has the equipment to do that.
c) Costume (hopefully sebrina manage to buy it before sat).
d) Song to be passed to our multimedia.
e) bridesmaid dress waiting for lovely gown's call to pick up.
f) fix my tambourine's tassel
g) must prepare a list of things to buy/prepare:

  • handbag to store my makeup stuff, ann's make up stuff, ann's personal thing (i think i nid to), water bottles. so, should i buy a medium size or a big one? but i dont know whether it matches my dress o not. In dilemma.. haha~ sendiri cari pasal punya... **ignore me please**
  • A checklist for bride's belonging
  • A checklist for DREAMS II dance team. 
  • 9 July dinner arrangement

h) Apply for credit card (which im so reluctant to do... but sandra scolded me... n force me to apply one before vacation.. fyi, she even helped me to apply online bcos i owes tell her that im bz with something.. i'm not free now. she even logged in to my staff profile, changed my information, and getting some information). =S
i) Others I cant recall..... i must hv forgotten a long list of tasks again.. >.<

Anyone wanna be my PA?? hehe~

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Forgetful me

Someone please help me... T.T I've been calling the wrong names, talking about the wrong things, pronouncing the wrong word (i combined 2 words into 1) these two days. It happened for the whole 2 days!

They have become some of my dancers jokes... =.= eg. Forgotten someone: I pronounce it as meat man. sighh~~

And then I forgot my most important thing! >.< and the biggest problem is I only realised it today. My gosh!! Worried if it's still there or gone...