Friday, September 23, 2011

His Message

"Silver & gold I do not have, but what I have I give you." Acts 3:6
This is what Meng Yee shared today during the offering session. Yes, I do not have anything with me. I do not have silver or gold or cash but I have time, I have love, I have me. He's like hinting me.. give me your time, spend your all in me.. (the first hint during that gathering). In prayer, I pray... I gave my time to you. Use it as your will.

John 18:1-27 (shared by Joseph)
First question - What's the most unforgettable downfall you ever had in your life?
I was thinking... not very hard.. i knew all about it but I dont feel like sharing it. It's just too shameful. The story is toooooo long. I wish I do not need to bring it up ever in my life (but i'm sure when it's time, when God really wants to use it, I will need to do so...sighh... I gv up.. I gv my all to You).

My life.. it's really alike to what Joseph had mentioned. Alike with Peter's life. Previously, I was a very obedient girl but my life changed when I got a lil rebellious, a lil overconfident, a lil too clever, having a lil thinking of my own. Thinking that I will be forgiven all the time, thinking it's not too wrong, thinking I'm still as good as before. Just like how Peter was in his life...

But denial.. it's like mine. I denied the truth, twisting it a lil, thinking it's orite all the time previously. The shame after the incident.. I tried to hide it (the truth), I tried to climb back, but more problems came... my trust in others, I lost it. My faith in christianity, I lost it. When all things happened around me and my family... I'm drown in pitch black well.

Been lost for almost 1-2 years, God looked for me again. He had never gv up my life. Just like how He looked for Peter when he got back to his origin place. Jesus asked,"Do you love me?". It's like... he's asking me at the same time... "Do you love me?". Again during that sharing, I felt him... He's asking me that very same question. "Do you truly love me more than these?" "Feed my lambs", "Do you truly love me?" "Take care of my sheep", "Do you love me?" "Feed my sheep". I knew deep in my heart, he's talking to me.

I've been running away for too long... Been trying to play hide and seek. But I can no longer run from Him. He's there.. telling me now and then. I'm afraid, I know nothing.. I'm scared, I have no ability that i'm proud of. I'm weak... I'm no one. But He kept telling me... i'm made strong in Him. I'm His love one that he had never give up. I'm a sinner but by His grace, I'm saved.

I give thanks for your grace and mercy.

Monday, September 19, 2011


"O-ches" is becoming a part of my life recently...

My existing o-che on left knee (got it during my dance practice) has not even fully recovered yet.. and yet... i got additional 2 o-ches on my right leg. Should i say I'm clumsy?? definitely a no no... it's because I had too much of fun in gambang! XD it's been real crazy... too excited... till my toe nails polish got cracked in the middle of my excitement. =.=  (Imagine: 10 ppl in a tube.. n some of us almost fly off the tube when it went down the slide, O.O!!)

It was kind of funny to walk a lil tempang... cos one o-che is on my feet near the joint of my toe and another o-che on my tibia. I really hv no idea hw i got the o-che on my joint but on the tibia it  is all thanks to the bus journey. hahaha~ it was to the left, to the left, to the right, to the right on the bus... so i accidentally bang onto one of the seat when i was trying very hard to reach chu ling's seat while holding my hp. ouch! so painful...

Hopefully all these o-ches will b cured asap... no more o-che pls... 1st Oct is coming. Nid to fill up my schedule edi. Time to get fully prepared! YOSH!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bad service from Firefly

Firefly u have a terrible call centre customer service. The way your staff talked is so rude. I've worked in call centre before but i've never talked that rude to a customer. How dare you?!

It's a bad impression you gave me. You made me headache.. I know one person's attitude does not represent the whole team but it did spoiled ur reputation. 

I bought a ticket for 7.10pm initially but later I changed it to 10pm as I needed more time. So to do the changes, I need to pay a penalty fee of RM100. No fare difference, no need to pay extra. Done all these last 12 August. However, I got a call last week (around 8th september) saying that the 10pm flight has been cancelled and need to change my flight to 7.10pm. If Firefly cancelled the flight, I have no choice but to agree rite? So, last sat (10 Sept), I went to the Subang Airport Firefly Sales Office and ask for a refund of the penalty fee. The malay lady at the counter called up the management office and agreed to the refund but as she cannot refund it in cash form ( I used credit card to buy the ticket previously), she asked me to call up the call centre to either revert it back to my credit card or do credition. So, I called the call centre today (14 Sept) and got assisted by a very rude customer representative named Shalini. I did not even raised my voice at first but the way she is unwilling to help and sounding more and more rude, makes me boiling! This lady here said that there's no refund procedure and the person at the counter did not make a remark in the system. So, she can't help at all. saying NO REFUND. Later she said, if you want, you write an email to my management office.

My gosh!! She's so rude! you wait and see. I'm not free these few days. You'll definitely get an email from me. You'll definitely kena shoot by me!

Ring Ring Ring

Let me just tell a lil bit abt myself here... I'm a light sleeper. I cant slp with lights on, i cant slp when it's hot, i cant slp when it's noisy, i cant slp if the bed is not straight enuf (meaning it must b a lil hard or not too soft and i can feel that my backbone is straight- guess this is wat u learn from dancing -> straight backbone).

Okay... as u all know, i dont wake up way early than my scheduled time.. cos i know i'll b tired if i do so. But today at 7 stg in the morning, my phone rang! 8am it rang again... 8 stg it rang again-->5 times in just an hour! My gosh!! it's not my alarm clock but ppl called in.. my colleague n my student. T.T Hello people, i dont start work before 9am la...... It has been a very tiring week last week and it continues till today. I need sufficient rest for my body and brain to recuperate from all those tiring things. Nvm... it rang n had woken me up from my sleep.. cant slp back after the first ring. A lil headache.. a lil dizzy... guess my face still in a TIRED mode now. sigghh....

If I'm on leave how?? my boss n colleague kept on asking me when i'm going on leave, am I coming to work, where am I... If I'm away how? will you guys keep on calling me again?? (well, they did called me last time when i'm on medical leave. T.T sick oso nid to answer call ar.. I know my boss was a lil guilty for calling me up although im on ML.) I dont wish to answer any call tml and monday....can??? spare me pls? please allow me to have some good holidays... will ya?

My dear friends... if you know and if you can avoid from calling me that early, pls call me a lil late ok? but not in the middle of the nite la.... U know I will surely answer ur call. I never avoid calls.. even ur sms, i will read it altho im in the middle of my dreams. I'm pretty sure some ppl did received my replied in the middle of the nite previously. Cos I'm a supeeeeeeerr light sleeper.. unless i'm really tired and i cant hear anything for the first 2 hours of my sleeping time.

**I'm sure some of you will suggest me turn off my phone when im sleeping.. but let me tell u why i never switch off my phone. This is because i'm away from my family...If and if there's any emergency, i am still able to answer their call..**

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's a MESS!


Really wanna cry edi... it's all in a mess! The whole uni is in a mess.. T.T

1) Timetable clashing.
2) Venue clashing.
3) Got harsh complaints from those highly educated ppl (although it's not our fault - all due to those clashing of venue/time and bad facilities). *Do you think that u r a Dxxxxx and you study the most expensive course that you can b sarcastic and blame others and owes expect ppl to treat you like a king??? T.T it's so hard to serve them..... - but God reminded me through Col 3:22-24 that I must b sincere and give in my all in everything I do.(although they are not my direct boss/bosses)
4) Power tripping - while conducting lesson (complaint from my own lect - I understand how she felt. Even If im the one experiencing it, i'll b upset too. )
5) Students left out for examination cos our fac's academic calendar is slightly different from the majority degree's examination (the respective dept still discussing abt the issue - hopefully they'll grant us a special examination day cos I know this thing will re-occur in the future!)
6) I'm more of a PA than just an exec! =.= lotsa expectation from boss... but boss, can u increase my pay by a whole lot??? plssssssss?

**All thanks to this respective dept tat all things got clash.... n thanks to the other facs that prepare things last min. This is why I hate last minute things.... feel so insecure. We'll continue to see whether there's clashing for next week or not. ~pening~**