Monday, January 24, 2011

Recently & CNY

Too many things had happened.. I'm not sure where to start with or maybe I've forgotten all about it. @.@

- My laptop need to be hospitalized - diagnose & get treatments.
- Students' new semester started - old and new students.. new students (headache), old students (still the crazy bunch of youngsters - more headache? XD haha~ they'll scold me for sure if they read my post).
- Pervert or too poor to get her own underwear - this is not the first time... it's the 2nd time, got stolen. Luckily this time, not all... but a piece only.
- CPM - started... More productions to come in the future.
- Dancers - Getting more n more closer to me. They are keen to learn more but I have no spare time for them (some of them). Trying hard to guide them, be their advisor/counselor by leading them in their lives. I'm glad that they actually seek for my advice when they have difficulties. I'm glad that they take my words into account - that they will do their very best for their academic. I'm glad that one of them specifically called me and told me that she created a fan dance for me and wanted me to see it...(unfortunately im not in church at that moment - so it's put on hold) - happy that they are putting their creative mind into work. 
- J - I saw his improvement... taking his own initiative to read his bible - mayb a motivation from his discipleship? haha~ anyway, it's a good thing. Last time he used to argue with me when i've thrown him some scriptures- mayb he ate too many twisties that he kept on twisting the words.. hopefully in future, he'll be better... knowing what His will is in his life.
- CNY mood - is it ON or half way ON or OFF? I'm not sure... half way mayb? sigghh... mayb i've been too busy recently that I dont have time to do my shopping, to plan for my CNY visitation or gatherings... But I'm very lucky to have bought some clothes ytd.. that's y it's a lil ON now? plan to go shopping with mom. Buy CNY stuff with mom (since i'm back early... we still hv time to do a shopping spree), go to the 29th day (nien er se jiu) night market, roll the glutinuos rice ball with mom, going to church with family on the 1st day of CNY, visit my relatives, play cards with aunts, uncles and cousins, house visitation with my friends.. hm..the more I write the more I'm feeling the CNY mood. haha~ but first and foremost, before CNY, before shopping or mayb while shopping, eat all the foods in KK which cannot be found in kl/pj.. wahaha~~ tiramisu (should I go to little italy or grazie??), ngiu chap, dumplings, beaufort mee and vege, yoyo bubble milky tea, damai twin bread, durian/choc swiss roll cake by uncle biscuit.. ahh... wat else wat else?? I can't think of it now.. jammed! ='( too many foods..... can I eat it before CNY? cos CNY all the shops sure close one... sighh... then by 6 feb i need to fly back edi.. no more food.. sobsob ='( well nvm, after exploring kk's food... time to go to Ipoh's food. XD hahaha~~ dimsum! salted chicken! chicken in bread?? never try that yet..mayb it's time. haha~

Oh no!! I can imagine my round round face edi.... cham lo.... foods are filling up my CNY and so is fat layer.. @.@  what to do? diet plan starts right after CNY bah! haha~~ food explorer sure search for an excuse to eat more. ^^

Okay peeps, it's CNY around the corner!
Happy Chinese New Year!!
Have a properous year, Have a blessed year, Have a wonderful year filled with colours in your life!
Get more n more red packets filled with lotsa $$ this year.. but play fireworks carefully..
Capture more wonderful moments!

My msg of the year?? =D:
God will surely protect us under His wings, fear not! Be strong and courageous in the years ahead!
You'll do more wonderful things! 2011 is just the beginning of BIG things! 
So, hold unto Him, Believe and Hv Faith! Yeah!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Google translate

Pros and Cons of google translate..

It can be very useful for banana/mango like me who doesn't even know chinese and need to read chinese sentences. Likewise for other languages too. However, it sounds funny cos it is directly translated into the language that you have chosen. So, all the phrases might be upside down and when you read it, it's either:

a) You understand what it wants/telling about;
b) You get a lot of question marks on your head and that sentence does not make sense to you at all.

Try and read this paragraph that I've gotten from a friend of mine who actually use google translate to translate it into english for me (I'm not saying that friend of mine is bla bla bla... I'm just taking it as an example - I knew my friend is very busy and have no time to do the translation cos it's a very urgent stuff and I need it right away to prepare). Here it is:

"That most of the Jews, the Jesus is in the low areas in Singapore when the alien preaching to a group of aliens. Jesus began to affect the work and information on a large number of aliens. Jesus have mercy on the records of non-Jews, and further confirmed Mark's writing the object is Roman."

Sounds funny right? and the sentences don't make any sense to you at all right? You can't even guess it.. Now, you know how I got confused and have a BIG "?" mark on my face and lotsa tiny "?" on my head. 

Although it sounds funny, sometimes google translate does give us some benefits. Actually, we (mango/banana) are able to understand some simples sentences. Eg: "If you think about today, you come to church, you believe in Jesus, accept Jesus for what purpose?" This sounds just nice.... not funny at all and you know what it is exactly! Ta-dang~ A big clap to google!

See, here's the miracle of Google translate.. when you are down, why not translate some sentences and make it funny? Language... ah..languages.