Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hm.. how should i start? Am i guilty of not studying hard for neurobiology? Am i guilty of not doing the protein & proteomics tutorial? Am i guilty of skipping immunology lecture? Well, it's hard to say. First, my schedule was packed with 5 science subjects. Second, everyweek there will be at least 2 reports and alternates week 3 reports to do. Ya, some might be a group report but not all k? Is this the destiny of a biostudent?? why must do reports?? haiz.. hate it. Third, why must our classes start early in the morning and end very very late?? ish... tat's so so tired k? Even if u wan to study, i dun think there's much time cos by the time u reach home, u will b very tired d. Hey, when ppl tired, u sure take a nap rite? If not, how r u goin tahan till late at nite? So...the decision was made this morning..


I skipped Immunology lecture (which is a very very boring and very rojak lecture) to spend more time to study but i ended up talking wit Tian. Sobsob.. see we are the 38 ppl. Everyday oso got things to 8. yeah, we r 8. So wat?? gals are born naturally with the 8 syndrome. Even Sy who used to b very quiet and shy oso ended up bli bla bli bla with us. Hahaha.. Although we talk much but we oso managed to study a little of the neurobiology. No worries.. (Now say no worries..but during the test sweat like ****).


During the test - Wasey, Dr. Say's eyes kept on staring on us (like wanna eat all of us). Hm.. Dr ah.. u so scared tat we will cheat ah??You should know tat the room is so so small with 67 students inside lo. Somemore u still wan us to separate.. haiz. Of cos cramp like sardine la. (Sigh..) Now about the question paper, he told us tat he will gv us MCQ n 1 Short answer (He said ONE short answer only ahh..). Then, today the paper came out full with questions, 8 pages!! 40 MCQs and 4 short answers (Eh..Dr. u say ONE short ans question de wor..how come got extra 3 ques?? See this is the trend of nowadays lecturer in UTAR. I think the one who started it is Adeline bah... Cannot fully trust their words one.Ishh..). Nvm.. There were a few questions about neuro diseases and i din memorise it at all..So, ended up with ?? on my head lo. Dunno how to do leh.. cham. Calculation oso wrong d..Ter-add something extra inside. XD


Dont wanna talk about the test paper d. Next, i oso skipped Protein tutorial class but dun worry.. will replace it tml. Join grp 3 tutorial class lo. No big deal. It was lucky tat i've made this wise decision today. Haha.. if not, sure kena tembak by Dr. Woo. Lots of ppl din do the tut (yeah, including me!). Everyone was so busy studying for the test that the Protein tut questions were neglected. I heard tat she was so so so angry cos lots of ppl who attended the class did not do her tut ques. Luckily i predicted this incident in the morning n made this wise decision (Skipped jor, ma hv more time to do the tut ques lo.. Who dare to go to Dr woo's class when u r not ready at all wor. I admit i dont dare.. n im scared XP).


This is wat i wan to explain.. So, Do u think im guilty?? haha.. ya rite. I knw wat's in ur mind... k la, back to tut n study lo. See ya!~