Friday, December 21, 2012


Arrgh!! Really feel like crying now... 

Timetable you are making me mad and frustrated! Because of you, I can't think properly.. because of you, I'm in brain jam mode! 

Gonna need a De-Stress Super Booster later! 

Gonna eat like crazy, gonna munch on my Royce Chocolate, gonna drink Boost, gonna marathon with Running Man, gonna paint my nails crazily...and I'm gonna blast my ears with music. (>.<) (T.T) super complicated feelings. sobsob..... 

I wan Christmas mood.... I wan holidays!! I wan................ No Timetabling.... I know, i'm daydreaming again. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The moments

Smile & Cheer up!
is what I told them.

The moment when I started our practice... felt anticipating and worried.
The moment when I finished choreographing... felt relieved and anticipating.
The moment when I'm anxiously searching high n low for the costume... worried and relieved.
The moment when I passed the baton to them to choreograph some dance... am really proud.
The moment when we first finished practicing the whole dances... joyful and excited.
The moment when we first did our flash mob in Sg. Buloh... anxious and crazy.
The moment when we continue our flash mob the 2nd day... more confident and joyful.
The moment when we first rehearsed... overly proud of my dancers.
The moment I visited them in workshop... they were so excited and I can't wait for them to show me what they've learned.
The moment when I received the news... disappointed but peaceful.
The moment I wrote to them... reluctant to post it up. Why?

It's all because I realized that they've grown so much! So much that I feel overly joy... so much that I just want to hug each and every one of them to thank and tell them... You did really well! They love each other, they support each other, they treat each other like their own flesh. We've become a very big family. How I wish I can see all of them perform asap but I know longer time means more patience, more practice, more time to brush up their skills, more time to prepare for the BEST that is yet to come. 

So, smile and cheer up! It's not the end but a longer pathway to the Best Production.
Yeay~ =D

Friday, November 23, 2012

Heavy Traffic

Oh my... Red light, Green light, yellow light..... honk honk honk! So many vessels moving here and there..
This is all happening in my head... it's brain jam now!

It had been a hectic week.. tiring days... Thinking, putting in creativity, counting, practicing, budgeting, RM sign, searching here and there, shopping here and there, going from this place to another. Now, it's totally jam I think.

Unknowingly, I deleted my boss's sms when it came in without reading it while I was on the phone. >.< luckily, it can be retrieved back. Luckily... it's not coming in to my 012 number. Luckily, it's not on iphone... or else, I'll be so dead.

Yeah.... Christmas is coming, another production is coming.. that's why we are all bz bz bz...

Things to do:

1) Dance moves:
    - Spooky song (pending)
    - Office mob (90% done)
    - Japanese Sakura (Done)
    - YMCA (80% Done)
    - Indian (Done)
    - Flash Mob Call Me Maybe (95% Done)

2) Costume:
    - Office mob:
       vest (pending)
       hat (9 pending)
       neck tie (Done)
       white blouse (pending)
    - YMCA
       customized shirt (pending)
    - Japan
      Yukata (80% done)
      Red Ribbon (pending)
      Fan (Done)
      Wig & Extension (pending)
    - India
      Lengha (pending)
      Bangles (Done)
      Earrings (Done)
      Hair accessories (pending)
    - Evil man
      Tuxedo (pending)
      Walking stick (Done)
      Hat (Pending)
    - Poor lady
      Patches on shirt (pending)

3) Budget (headache - Pending)
4) Makeup items (Done? 99%)

Despite all these traffics in my head... I'm still excited! hehe

Yeah, It's Christmas season! are you excited for our production?? Let's look forward to Miracle Christmas 2012!! 

p.s: I'm so sleeeeepy.... @.@ Muscle pain.... I need off day... I want holiday.... TGIF!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Good News?

Hmm... i've been wanting to post up a post about my China trip but it seems like it's going to be delayed again. It's been a super busy period!! >.<

Well, back to my topic. Should I be happy when my boss inform me that he's going to recommend me for a promotion? A promotion to senior executive... but my working experience have not reach 3 years! He told me that he wanted me to be promoted cos i've done really well but everyone is saying that min is 3 years experience. siggghh.... He also mentioned that the only way for me to get paid more is to get promoted. (yeah, so true! I've done so much and of course I wanted more pay... isnt it?)

In dilemma.... dilemma.... which one? Or I should just go with whatever God gave me first??

Monday, August 13, 2012


I have a testimony that I must share.... 

On the 4th August (Saturday) after the morning prayer/meeting, I have a sudden pain on my left shoulder blade (the triangle bone). It was so painful that I couldn't lift both of my arms above chest level. Whenever I move my right arm, it triggers the pain all the way from my right arm to my back and to the left shoulder blade. When I move my left arm, it's worst... 

Thanks to some of my dearies that the pain got a little relieved on that Saturday afternoon when they tried so hard to help me massage the affected area. But things did not go well after that. I can't lift up my hand during my interest/tambourine classes. My dancers were laughing at me... cos I really looks like an old lady, screaming for help, walking so slow, sitting/getting up so slowly... that I myself cannot even recognize that's me! 

Yes, the pain goes on and on till nite time. I couldn't sleep...and I have to take up painkiller to help me to sleep. The next day, it is still painful. Although, it is painful...but i feel like im a VIP cos I dont need to carry any of my things including my handbag, I dont need to open the door...I just need to wait for a while.. and I don't need to drive...Felt like a princess for a week. Lol~~  

I was on painkillers for 3 days and muscle relaxant drugs on 4 days, yoko yoko (topical muscle relieving liquid) 1 whole week... yes, it was prescribed on my own... =X yeah, you can say that I am a lil stubborn cos I choose not see doctor to waste my money. Cos after 3 days, the pain got a lil relieved and it was better... not much pain but I still can feel it. 

Last Friday, the pain came back during jamming session. It was painful but I have to endure it till the end of jamming session. I remembered what I've learnt in pharmacology... painkiller... Yes, it suppress the pain messages send to the brain but the more you rely on it, the higher dose you need to suppress the next pain. So, I tried to endure the pain right until before DF session starts on the next day. On 11 August, 3.50pm.. it was the last painkiller I ate (Why do I say last..? you'll know soon). 

Whenever I was on stage or Praising and Worshipping God, it's the time that I will give my all (I'm kua cheong-ing myself here... but this is what I learnt.. forget everything and give in your all). So, I dance so hard and lift up my hands like there's no pain at all... Jumping up and down, running here and there...sweating... catching up my breath... like usual. After praising session, I got back to my place... I felt a burning sensation on my left shoulder blade. It was so hot... but it's not that painful. I thought it was because I wore leather jacket, that's why u feel hot... lol~. Yes, the pain was there till night time but I was able to conduct my tambourine class (which is better than last week). 

Just before I sleep on Saturday night, I asked God to heal me... cos Sunday is a Healing service and I cant go around and pray for others when I myself still in pain and need medication. Just like what Ann prayed and said... "God will heal you and you will be completely healed right before the Sunday Healing Service", YESH! I was healed on Sunday morning! The moment I woke up, there's no pain at all... I can lift up my hand above my to stretch my body, my back, and swing my hand around without any pain. I thank God for the healing on my shoulder blade. Yes, it's the most painful thing. Although I lost my voice and  have a super sexy voice, but the freedom in moving around, swinging and lifting up my arms.... are indescribable. Yes, I got healed before I pray for others... and I believe, they too got healed by the Lord. Never give up and pray persistently.. you'll see the miracles in your life. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

For My Best Dancers

To my beloved DREAMS II dancers: 

AGain, I'm gonna say THANK YOU very much for all of your hardwork. I know I've been in ups and downs recently. My emotion wasn't that Okay.. so, I got a little angry and might have scolded you at some point. I'm really sorry! Indeed at one point, I nearly give up with the LED lights.. cos it was a little too last minute and it has been giving me a lot of problems here and there. How it burned you, how it does not light up, how awful it smells, how dangerous it is, how long it takes to fix one circuit....but through you who did not give up and because of your faith, we have successfully wrapped up the whole opening dance. Really grateful and thankful to have you all. 

The time you spent to do the LED lights till 2am in the morning, 12 am plus for a few nights in a row, and even till 4am in the morning.. the time you spent to do shopping right after classes to fix the costume, to buy the gloves, bandage, switch, wires, to charge the battery every 2 hours, to fetch and to send your teammates home... I owed you all a lot. Thank you so much for your patience, your love, your never give up spirit.. really Thank God cos you are the one that stays beside me all of the time. Helping me with this and that. Above all else, Thank God that you are safe and sound and none of you got burned by the lights. I know you have been struggling with the heat when you turn off the light on the actual day, how you tried your very best to tahan the heat it released, how you carry the battery at the back, how you tahan when the battery knock your head when you are doing your flips.. I saw what you did, I felt what you felt, to tell you the truth... my heart aches but there's nothing I can do except for thank you again and again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Without you all, DREAMS II will not have a good Opening Dance. 

You are my BEST DANCERS! Thank you!

**will try to get the complete group picture.. Seb, don't be disappointed**

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A special day

It must have been a special day today..

Gave some advises to two different people this morning. Hmm.. They were like a sudden conversation. Have I serve my purpose of the day? or more to come for today?

I feel grateful to God that I'm still of good use. Told God plenty of times or should I say all the time, to use me.. Lord, I'm here.. I belongs to you.. use me as you wish. Thank you, Lord.

Thank God...

I Love you my lord, only you that I need. When I see your face, my life has been changed. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Monday, July 2, 2012

White Flag

I'm so not in the mood to do any work today. sigh~

I feel so tired and sleepy. I have so many work that I dont know where to start off. I cant think of anything... AND I'm feeling OLD lately. >.< my skin tends to be very dry these few weeks.. so it's a little (or should i say very) flaky and I can feel my palms' cells are pulling, straining, and stressing each other. Skin breaking out but I cant do much cos i hv a very sensitive skin and i dont hv time to go to Bukit Bintang just to see my specialist... forgetting this and that. And I have super short memory term now.. T.T  I seriously dont know what happened to me.

I feel like surrendering to whatever I need to do... *waving my white flag hard from left to right*

really asking for SOS option... if there's any.

Things scattering inside my brain:
a) Office: - mountain high pending tasks.
b) LED lights not fixed yet.... trial n error last sat = FAILED. bought new and smaller wires which can only be found in Pudu today. (I owed Ah Fei a lot). He'll need to finish off everything by tonight. Pity him but he's the only one that has the equipment to do that.
c) Costume (hopefully sebrina manage to buy it before sat).
d) Song to be passed to our multimedia.
e) bridesmaid dress waiting for lovely gown's call to pick up.
f) fix my tambourine's tassel
g) must prepare a list of things to buy/prepare:

  • handbag to store my makeup stuff, ann's make up stuff, ann's personal thing (i think i nid to), water bottles. so, should i buy a medium size or a big one? but i dont know whether it matches my dress o not. In dilemma.. haha~ sendiri cari pasal punya... **ignore me please**
  • A checklist for bride's belonging
  • A checklist for DREAMS II dance team. 
  • 9 July dinner arrangement

h) Apply for credit card (which im so reluctant to do... but sandra scolded me... n force me to apply one before vacation.. fyi, she even helped me to apply online bcos i owes tell her that im bz with something.. i'm not free now. she even logged in to my staff profile, changed my information, and getting some information). =S
i) Others I cant recall..... i must hv forgotten a long list of tasks again.. >.<

Anyone wanna be my PA?? hehe~

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Forgetful me

Someone please help me... T.T I've been calling the wrong names, talking about the wrong things, pronouncing the wrong word (i combined 2 words into 1) these two days. It happened for the whole 2 days!

They have become some of my dancers jokes... =.= eg. Forgotten someone: I pronounce it as meat man. sighh~~

And then I forgot my most important thing! >.< and the biggest problem is I only realised it today. My gosh!! Worried if it's still there or gone...

Monday, June 18, 2012

3 hours of FUN

It was FUN yesterday... learning, teaching and practicing with 24 people at the same time for 3 hours. 

I know the time is a little short to learn so many steps and to get familiarize with your partner. But this is also the time when you'll build up relationships and see their funny/awkward moments. Haha~ But there's one thing I did not get it from them.... "stepping on each other's feet". From what I learnt from the professionals, beginner tends to step on each other's feet on their first lesson. So, imagine how clever they are....! 

For people who never dance before, indeed this is a big breakthrough for them. But I found it to be quite fascinating to see their spirits and the way they create their own style. The boys are the most incredible ones, they learned their basic steps from Eric, thus copying Eric's dance style... which is EXACTLY the same. I can't stop laughing at their way of dancing the moment I watched it. LOL! 

They are a few of them who made my day livelier... To name a few, David: the galloping master...Samuel: The master of "stealing chicken", and some admitted their own mistakes and wanted to repeat and repeat again. 

Although it's tiring... although I need to use all of my voice resulting a little sorethroat, but it's all worth it! Seeing how far is your accomplishment in just 1 day, I can't wait to meet up with you all again on coming Saturday for the 2nd lesson. Time to quickly wrap up everything and be prepared for the 7 July 2012! Shake the Stage with your swing dance! Impress them!~ Yeah!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Back OFF

Just woke up from being attacked by the demon. Satan really dislike the things we have done for God. The more he tried to stop us, the more we are going to do it because we know he is afraid now.

I can hear clearly just now. He tried to scare me. I'm being tied down, unable to move a single inch, unable to open my eyes and my mouth but I'm still able to pray in my heart cos my heart belongs to Jesus.

Rebukes him in my heart and slowly and forcefully I'm able to open my eyes and then followed by my mouth. Finally im able to speak in tongues and rebuke him with my lips. Slowly I can feel the grips being released.

Immediately I asked for prayers for myself and also those who ministered in Malaysia for Jesus crusade. I know Satan dislike it and he will tried his best to stop us by all means.

Pray now! Don't say that it's only MU nightmare. It's not! It's real! Pray now... This happened because he's afraid and he doesn't want revival to be in Malaysia. Pray for Malaysia. The more we pray, the more we preach the gospel, the more people who believe, the more he is afraid. Proclaim Malaysia for Jesus. Say to him, I'm not afraid of you!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Something's Not Right

When people asked, I answered: "I'm fine". But when I'm alone, I felt there's something not right...somehow, I just know that i'm not really fine/okay.

sigh..  Please pray for me....

I don't know if it happens because of the fall... but it does happen after the fall... the only difference is, it happens a few days after the fall.

1) Bruises: These are common
2) Urinate less, few days after the fall for like 2 days.
3) Some sort of discharge/bleeding... which is not normal for this period of time.
4) Painful right shoulder/arm since monday nite: I can't lift up my hand. Daytime it's still okay... mayb it's because the night before I put on some Yoko yoko (Yeah, i know... i feel like an old lady too) and some sort of medicated plaster. Night time is the torturing time. >.<

Was so worried that I contacted one of my close friend who is now a doctor in Australia. After reading her advice, felt a lil relieved but not fully stress free yet. Still need to make an appointment with doctor if bleeding still persist. sigh.... (dont feel disappointed if I din contact/msg you if you are a doctor.. I've been struggling whom shall I seek advice from. It's not that you are not worthy... or you are not the expert... but it's a little embarrassing when I need to clearly describe the whole thing. Please understand and be happy k?).

So, friends.... I need your prayer. If you wish me well and would like to see me jumping up and down, and can at least give you a high 5, please please please pray for me. 

Arigato Gozaimasu! Kamsahamnida! Xiexie! THANK YOU!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

After effect

I have additional bruises on my hands and legs. These bruises can only be seen after 2-3 days. *Clap Clap Clap*

Here is my o-che family (they are not shy anymore, thus, showing their true colours now... some are still hiding ^^). Pls welcome them... with a big round of applause~~

Below is the chronological order of my biggest and most obvious o-che! Since the first night till the third nite, which is tonite. Will continue to capture the development of the o-che. Hahaha...

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I think today is one of my most unforgettable memory... 

Just a slip and it started my 30-45 mins of nightmare. I accidentally mistook the wrong step on the top of a staircase at level 1 in the office. Fall straight to the bottom like a superwoman (-.-"). Luckily, I can still hold my body up by using my arms to push against the staircase (and of cos thanks to my good back & arms muscles... hehe). That's why, my face, head, neck and shoulder is fine and without any injury. 

The moment i fall, it really feels like i'm acting in a movie.. where you see those actresses fall from a staircase but the only difference is I dint ROLL down the stairs. XD The funny part is.... right after I fall, the thing im looking for is my mobile phone. LOL~ Iphone is still in my hand... HTC, fly off.. to somewhere near by. 

Lucky that I didn't sprain my ankle this time.. but I hurt my left little finger aka pinky, both of my tibia, scratches on my left arm and elbow. I can still stand up after I fall, but after few steps (not even 1 minute), I started to feel a lil blackout, cold sweat, and weaker. I've no strength to support my own body weight, vision getting more n more dim, and I can't really hear what my colleague is talking about. All i know is that, my palms is covered with a little blood and she's very very very very worried... she kept on asking,"Are you okay? Can you walk? Do you want me to call your sister to drive over? Do you want to rest a while?" 

Every step I took, it's like shutting down something inside my body. Every step I took, I felt the body weighing down. Every step I took, I felt my head, fingers and body became numb and colder. Every step I took, the harder for me to see(vision getting darker). Every step I took, the voice of my colleague became lower. By the time I almost reach my sis's car, I can see my sister's shape standing nearby the car... and she asked "What happen". They were discussing whether to send me to Emergency Ward or clinic. 

On the way to clinic, although it's bright and sunny outside, my world is dark..... just like you are in an x-ray/ultrasound. The brighter it is, the darker my world is... I only manage to see the shape n a lil white colour when we're inside the basement parking. Dizziness still accompanying me... still feeling "blackout"... I don't even know that I'm actually in the lift already when my mind is still thinking: "we're waiting for elevator ". I can't see any steps, I can't walk really well....the buzzing sound still ringing very loudly in my ear..  really thank God that my colleague is helping me. She was trying very hard to support me. Thank you so much! 

Doctor suspected a mild fracture on my left tibia (but after x-ray, my tibia is fine!), other body parts are okay except for a small cut on my left pinky and  he said i have mild anemia (this i knew, since young but.... it shud b okay after a few years cos I don't feel dizzy lately). He said I looked sooooooo terribly pale, fingers and toes numb, sweating.... and because I did not have any breakfast, that's y i blackout. >.< 

This is my first long blackout... It's like around 45 mins. The moment I stand up, there's lack of blood to my brain and i started to faint again. The first and the worst....long blackout.. sigh... 

OKay, everyone.... no need worry. I'm all fine now. I'll look after myself today n tomorrow. I'll sure checkout if there's anything wrong with my body. If i felt nausea, i will go to the clinic again. I know my 2nd sister is worried. She scolded me when she's worrying so much and I can still laugh the moment I answered her call. Okay, I'm sorry.... I just don't know that the news spread so fast. I know a lot of ppl knew about it edi.... Just don't worry.. if you are, pray for me. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Record of Dynamites

Oh My! This year, it really breaks the record. 

I have 7 official dynamites bombing me in 2012! Pocket oso hangus oh... @.@ 
Why is everyone getting married in 2012? haha~ arhh.... dont ask me, "why isnt ur turn yet?". Well, i'm not ready to get hitch yet! I still hv plenty of things to do which is on the top of my priority list. nah... marriage? long long long long time lagi. Only when God say, "you are ready" then i'm ready! =D

November will be a super bz month for me. I can foresee the things we need to get ready for Christmas production, all the preparations and practices. Yet, I have 2 weddings to attend in just 1 week apart at 2 different places, Malacca and Ipoh. One on the north, the other towards the south peninsular. @.@ Really "pei fu" myself. haha~ Gonna get crazy soon.. looking for dresses will be a big headache edi. Or else, I might as well recycle my dress la. ^^ 

To those invitation that I have or will decline, really SORRY! I can't attend all cos ya know... I'm super BZ person. Can't drive or fly all the way to your wedding. Time is too short... how you wish you have 8 days in a week rite? but I can tell you that... even if you have 8 days a week, you'll still use it up like what you have done now. =D you wont? well.... I will. cos time is so PRECIOUS.... 

Time time time..... can you freeze? I cant, time mayb, but God definitely can freeze it for you! 
Money money money.... can you drop from the sky? I can't make it.. money cant fly itself to you, but God definitely can bless you through someone/something. 

All you need to do is Pray and believe!
So, you know, I know, God knows....
I'll Pray for Double/Triple blessings from God!
Since i'm blessing others, God please bless me more..... I need more of you to be able to bless others!
hiak hiak hiak~~ 7? masih ok la.... anymore? =X

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Joy

Sweet memory: A night with little Joy.

She's a clever and talkative girl.

Waving at me by the road side when we passed by. Walking in and out of her house, sweating, tired but no where to sleep cos it was too hot with no electricity yesterday night.

With kindness I invited them to wait in my house (mine not affected) but aunt rejected saying it's too late.. Little joy was holding unto my hand and talking but it was so obvious that she's tired. Successfully persuaded aunt to at least allow lil joy to stay over at my Hse while waiting for the electricity to be back.

She followed me happily, talking nonstop... Just like her name. She's so joyful. She wanted to ask a lot of things, wanted to know a lot of things, wanted to talk to me... But after my advice, she fall asleep in less than 3 mins. Surprisingly adorable.. Haha.

Today news: lil joy said it feels very nice to slp on my bed. So comfortable..

Hahaha. She's so cute! Never think that she's young or still a child
, she knows a lot of things cos she's very clever. Never underestimate a child. =)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Owls

It's been a long time since I felt so tired n din slp well. Im used to it during my uni life but now... It's all because of my little devils. Should I say owl? Vampire? Or robot? They never feel tired.. They can talk all nite, play whole nite, go in n out of ur room all nite n even early in the morning. Oh sleeping beauty just wasted like tat.

Btw 12-1am - they reach home
1.30am - went to another house to meet up with frens. another owl came into my room to get her stuff.
2am - came home, closing the main gate a little too loudly. Came into my room to get some more stuff. Then go out to living room. Talk, eat n laugh... They happy, me pengsan.
3am - they finally fall asleep.
5am - Jc preparing to go out.
5.15am - send Jc to church.
7 stg - that two owls woke up. Coming in to my room, going out.. Repeating for dunno how many times.
7.45am - SMS came.
8 am - another SMS came to another number.
8.15 am -phone rang! Really feel like scolding ppl edi. She said, " where r u? I'm here." I said, " who r u?" she said," u're not owl1 meh?". In a little super super tired and annoyed voice, I said," no, u look for owl1, call owl1 number." Grrr...
9am - someone came into my room n asked, "do u want breakfast?" n I was like Wat??? What time is it now? Just let me slp some more.
9.30am - SMS came in again...
The phone just keep on ringing nonstop. @.@
-- my whole nite n morning gone with busy busy ppl--

Super tired... I surrender... Next time, I will never allow owls to stay over. If u want, better become a Cinderella. Reach my room before 12am n transform into sleeping beauty straight away.

To me who is surperly "sing sui", it's better this way. T.T

Monday, April 23, 2012


Felt so negative now... I know we should owes be positive but there's so many things happening lately.

Really feel like complaining now. arrgghh!!

Spare a me minute to complain ok? It's boiling up in me... just nid to release it.

Who are you?! I'm not working for you. So, I don't do your work. I've been kind enough to help you with your paper (FYI, it is not listed in my job description to do question paper). It is your job to do your things perfectly. If i've helped and it's not perfect or as you wished, just be grateful and stop complaining and saying things which is ungrateful! You never know how busy am I and yet I still helped you out with your paperworks. Do you think that you have a higher qualification and it means that you are superior than all of us? All I ever heard from you is just complaints. You have been complaining for almost 2 years now (from the day I started working till now). Aren't you tired? You're not? I am! I am tired of your complaints and requests!

Some are leaving this company due to some reasons, some are staying just because the pay is higher or maybe they really love their jobs or their bosses. Well, for me... I have a good boss, good working environment but with some extraordinary colleagues only. Is it good or bad? I dont know.. cos sometimes it is good, sometime it isn't. Sis is thinking of leaving too... so, should I? One by one... they are leaving.. sigh~

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I cant feel anything...nothing at all... 

I don't feel like it's bothering me.... I don't feel like it's a thing that I should really know. The "me" that I used to be, would have been really angry and mad. But.... this time I felt nothing. Why?? is the red signal blinking edi? 

I have always wanted to know the whole truth. I have always wanted to know earlier on...n not the last one to know. Yes, I got it all mixed up and was so blurred n confused till today.... The truth... it was shown in front of me... but I felt nothing. Nothing... is alright that it is nothing.....? Or is it because... it is no longer in my priority list? 


Fuuuu....... sharing it out is not as hard as I thought it would be. 

Jesus loves us more than everything. There's owes a reason, why God put us here in our position. Why he wanted us to go through so many things, so many experiences that we thought we will not get through it before. By holding unto Him, we did get through... rite? This is why.... we must share all of our testimonies and life experiences... You will never know when it is the time to share, but you will know when there's a voice in your heart telling you to do so. 

I'm glad that i'm able to help (not as in action, but in prayer and advice), to guide, and to support someone who is in the same situation that I used to be. 

Last time, I used to ask God..... why am I so rebellious when I was young, why am I so stupid that I got fooled around, why am I stuck in this family, why am I having such a complicated and very dramatic situation. There's a reason... With Him, I'm able to go through it... He heard our pains, he heard our sufferings, he heard our cries, he stays with us and never abandon us, he heals us, above all else, HE LOVES US. This is why he will surely protect your family, relatives and friends. There's a reason why you are going through some things, he wanted to use you too! just like he used me... my life, although there's a lot of ups n downs, He still loves me and never gv up on me. 

When you're feeling depressed, just talk to God. He will comfort and answer you... it might not be immediately but remember God has his own timing or God has a better plan for you. When it is the time, you'll see the wonders of God coming into your life! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Good Excuse

LOL!~ I finally understand why I love dramas and movies so much.. XD

Indeed a good excuse... haha~

You will get to learn a lot of things from drama or movies. Like CSI, you get to know some of the diseases or techniques they used in laboratories. In Material Queen, you get to have a free revision of what is Marfan Syndrome. In Da Jang Geum, you cannot mix n match vegetables and fruits or herbs as you like... etc etc...

Even my students get the examples from me in classes through all these dramas. They tend to remember it easily. Haha~ So, I must continue to watch more movies/dramas in the future??


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Moody Day

I think my weaknesses are getting more n more obvious. Oh gosh!

I realised I can easily cry when people starts complaining or scolding me for some reasons that are actually not under my control or my direct control. T.T how ar? Been experiencing it since Feb 2010 till today... good news or bad news?

I can be calmed when those things happen but right after that.... my heart is aching, mood feel so down, and I can't focus. I know Happiness is a choice... I can choose to be moody or I can choose to be Happy. I know I should choose to be Happy all the time and think positively.

The old me... I used to be the one who is tough n never shed a tear but now... what have I become? Is it becoming better that I dont get angry easily? Is it better that I dont go scold people? Is it better that I get hurt than other ppl getting hurt? Oh well.... it's so obvious isnt it? Of course, it's better to make other ppl  happy and make them feel comfortable. I shouldn't be writing and spitting out my rantings here.. Oh crap!

This is what you call.... writing to heal.... yes, i'm trying...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thank God

Thank God I hurt my finger this afternoon n not coming sat. Haha.. You must be thinking this gal must be real stupid. How can 1 still be thankful for getting hurt. Well, I'm one here.. Haha. Not stupid but clever! XD

Somemore, it's my left hand index finger. If it's my right hand then I won't be able to hold my tambourine. If it's my right hand, I won't be able to hold the fan. If it's my right hand, I won't b able to write. If it's next sat, i wont be able to things smoothly. Not even dancing with my tambourine. Cos you'll be able to see an index finger with white plaster sticking out weirdly n blood oozing out staining the plaster. =D See! There's so many things to be thankful of. Really thank God!

I bet you'll laugh at me if u know how I cut my finger. Heehee~

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yes! It is bleeding. My purse is dried up now. (T.T) It's to make them happy, to make a memorable vacation for our family trip without the need of worrying. First time in my life I bought so so so so much from Esprit n uniqlo.

Hopefully God will bless me more n more n more n more! Pray that God will touch my parents hearts n one day we'll b a happy family in Christ and Proud to be a Christian family. Amen!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Oh my!! I'm so excited now... Jiejie's reply is really getting me on my excite nerve. LOL!

Cant wait for end of Sept n early of Oct to come.... haha~ Family trip again... but this time without eldest jiejie. =( nvm.... we'll definitely hv lotsa fun there. xD

Dad's dream finally come true... his dream of going to his famous historical sites is finally coming this year. He wanted to go since 2010.. but due to expensive air fare / not-so-suitable date.. we re-route our family vacation to Taiwan. I bet he must be smiling all day long these few days.. must b too happy inside tat it shows outwardly. ^^

Beijing and Chengdu here we come!! Forbidden city & great wall - the place where my dad is really proud of.. (FYI, he's a typical chinese cos he can speak of the China history nonstop.. to me who is a totally no idea of chinese history person, will owes nod n answer "oh... mm.. owhh.... i see". He prefer talking to er jie.. cos she's more into history =P)

Jiuzhaigou, which is in Chengdu, is famous of its beautiful lake. Here are some informations:

Jiuzhaigou is about 1,900-3,100 meters above sea level, on a plateau with a moist climate. The weather in Jiuzhaigou changes, and it is usually sunny during the day and rainy at night. There are distinguishing features of Jiuzhaigou during each season, such as flowers in the spring, greenery during the summer, colourful leaves during the autumn, and a special Jiuzhaigou in the winter, when everything is covered by snow.

The best time to visit Jiuzhaigou is autumn, especially from late September to mid October (Chelle: Guess what... it's October, we're going on October. The BEST time! lol~) , as the leaves change colours and the view is outstanding. 

Autumn (The season when we will be visiting that place!
Red and yellow are the main colours in Jiuzhaigou during the autumn. The fiery maple leaves, the yellow leaves of the smoke trees, the green and luxuriant forests covering the hills, and the blue lakes like sapphire lying between them... the views in Jiuzhaigou during the autumn are just like a painting (Yes, I agree~ I can totally imagine it now.. hehehe~). Temperature differentials between day and night are larger than in the summer, as it is around 18C during the day and falls to below 8C at night. 

(Well, of course I don't know whether I can see such breathtaking scenery or not la... but hopefully I will! XD)

Besides that, we're definitely going to see Panda! hahaha~ Chengdu is the world famous place for Giant Panda.. Oh my! can't wait... Jiejie's fault for telling me last nite.. Got so excited after I surfed for the information today. =.=

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hectic but blessed week

Thanksgiving is over.. Had lotsa fun playing n eating, drawing n colouring... Thank God I'm good in controlling brushes as I've been doing a lot of make up for other ppl recently. Sis got 1st and I got 3rd... Both are English educated but manage to write Chinese character. So we're not OCBC.. Orang cina bukan cina. Hahaha~

Sis's calligraphy is the big characters while mine is smaller and smoother. This proves tat I'm a lady! >.<

Mon to fri: days tat fly so so so fast with thing increasing and never decreasing in office. Had a great valentine day with my work. Sigh.. Super headache.. All things come at the same time. Even things tat are Not under my responsibility became mine. @.@ learning the system in 1.5 hrs and expect me to finish 4 sets at the end of the day. Punya main banyak tu...

But this week is indeed the week tat I felt most blessed.. I can see how caring is my sis, bf n Hse mates. Got no time to eat, yet they cook for me.. Got to do OT in office and they waited for me extra hours without anything to do, pick me up late at nite just to fetch me home. So gam dong... =')

I wanna say Thank You very much and God will definitely bless you all for your caring and kind heart. =)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


We're so excited to go home.. Flight was scheduled at 5.40pm (changes from Firefly to MAS due to cancellation of route). Went out from home 4 hours earlier... took the KL express and reach KLIA 1-2 hours earlier than our flight. Half day gone just like tat....

Now, due to some technical problems, our flight got delayed.... 5.40pm to 6.15pm. Announcement was made, informing us that the Engineer is trying very hard to fix it. Thought we can reach home at 8.15pm... going to hv dinner in Sailor's Cafe with our dearest family... but now it almost ruin our plan. Will only reach at 8.45pm... add on another 30 min to 1 hour for luggage.. O.O we'll only come out from the arrival hall at 9.30pm. My gosh!! It wont be dinner edi... it will become our supper. so fattening~ cham lo~ not even CNY yet... n we're getting fatter edi.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!!~~

**getting bored & waiting to board the plane**

Monday, January 16, 2012

Good or Bad?

Taking a leave is it good or bad??

Sigh, I wanted some off days but everytime after I got back from my leaves, things got real mess in the office. T.T It's like I can never take leave or else there'll be a pile of mess waiting for me to clear off and settle. Why??

It got real mess and I dont even know where to start clearing. So many things, so little time, so not systematic, so confusing, I'm speechless..... I wanted to say something good.... but but but..... there's none at this moment.

Even when i'm not working, I still need to answer calls and handle some things. Not once, but a few times edi!! From Janda baik till last friday... it's the same thing! Sms from boss in the middle of the nite (cos he's overseas that time - daytime for him, midnite for me), sms from colleague early in the morning, settle exam things in the morning although i'm off, sms-es from boss and colleague on last fri when i'm trying to sleep - tat moment i'm was exhausted... T.T

I just want a nice off work day only........

Monday, January 9, 2012

Stepping out

**you may ignore my post**

I guess i'm really out of my comfort zone now.... stepping out... is really not easy. How you wish things are easy and manageable. 

Challenges... said YES! but at the same time... scratching my forehead. T.T gonna have few scars.. XD newly cut nails are so sharp. but it's my habit i guess.... when things come, I hid my face with my palms, when things get a lil out of hands, I scratched my forehead, when I think too much, some strands of my hair turn white. O.O great~

I wanna shout SOS actually.... but since it's been given to me... I hv to take it up. I believe He gave me according to my ability. If I want to improve and grow, this is it! but but but...... my inner self is lack of confidence. sobsob.... cham ar!! Feel like slapping myself.. arghh! sighh.... 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Chapter

2012 is a brand new year, a new phase of my life... A year of preparations and challenges that will help me grow/walk further in my ministry & life.

There are so many things to do this year... even before 2011 ends, my schedule has been filling up with assignments, dates, and missions. Now I know why God planted me here..... instead of KK. He's expanding me. Although i've fallen previously but if we hold on unto Him, he's willing to change your life! Changing your life into the life that He has prepared for you! Thank God~

This year onwards: My life will be colourful! I will hold on unto Him until He bless me. I will equip myself and overcome all challenges. The challenges/obstacles are the things that will open up a new door for me to see a new chapter of expansions, nearer to my paradise in Heaven. Hooray!

I wanted to say: I am READY!


Today is the first day of returning and giving tuition. 2 hours just passed like a second (nah.. that's too fake. hahha... it feels like half an hour only).

Happy to hear that majority of them passed their Science and some or half (i dunno - din ask the whole class) got 75 and 80 above. Not bad huh? =) FYI, they are a bunch of students who love to talk when you're talking, love to play while u're still teaching, love to ask a lot of unrelated questions. Well, they are the one who paint my life.. =D

On the other way round, it's time for me to do revision again for biology. My gosh...... it feels like a sleeping pill to me. why oh why? is it bcos it's the first chapter? Reading bible is far more better than tat... or should I say... it's been a long time since I last read biology (somemore, it's the fundamental of biology) **yawn**

Hmmm.. time to change! time to create some interesting things from it..... imagination! I'm relying on you! Long way to go~ Jiayou bah!