Thursday, December 1, 2011


~ I am a HAPPY girl ~

Giza dance:
- Joy to the world
- God rest ye merry gentlemen
- Jingle Bell Rock
- What time is it

Christmas Drama Dance:
- sad/despair/emotional

Johor Christmas Mission Dance:
- Cong po sui dao zi you

LOL~ It's all checked! Nice...

Remaining task:

Captain's costume:
- Tailored made.
- Hat - pending
- Badges - Bought/but not up on costume yet.
- Landyard - Handmade (done)

Sewing patient scrubs: 
- Cut =the old leper cloth into halves
- 6 strings - 2 done, left 4. =) happie-nya~ (but 1 string, 1 hour... so I need another 4 hours! great~)
- Pending: Wash & it's ready to wear!

Dancers Costume:
- Pending..

Hohoho!~ It'a almost done! =D

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who Understands Me?

This question kept on popping in my head....

Who? Who understands me?

I've tried my very best to make sure everyone is happy with everything... I know their situation/condition well but other than this... wat else can I do? Is there anyone out there who understands me? I dont want to complain... n I did not. I did not say NO or give excuses or complaints that I have too much things to do and dont want this and that.

When you show me faces, do you know how I felt? It hurts me.. I dont like ppl who talks about me at the back. I dont like people complaining at the back. If you dont like it, tell me.. if you wan to change, tell me... if I can change something, i'll try my very best to change. But if I cant, will you try to understand me and try to tolerate? Not one but few... it's like slicing my heart into slices.

I know it really test me a lot.... or mayb it's a lesson for me to learn. To learn to be better... to learn to be more patience.. to learn to love more.

I am thankful to ppl who has helped me a lot... Really thankful. You know who you are... thank you so much.

I am sad and hurt but when I got home, something was shining/blinking so brightly at the top of the staircase. =) so happy that it actually cheered me up a little... but tears flow down when I got back in my tiny little space.. He Comforted me in some ways... He's the Only One who understands me well.. No one knws how I feel deep in my heart, but He knew all.. The question has been answered... He is the Only One.

"Think about His love. His immeasurable love is for us, for you and me."

Friday, November 25, 2011


I'm proud of my Franciscan friends.. Time flies~ 9 yrs in a blink of an eye. I do felt that we're getting old.. (i mean our age, but still young at heart. hahaha~ altho, some became mommy edi). lol~

Some became doctors, some engineers, some lawyers, some artiste, some lecturers/teachers, some dunno~ too many.. cant rmb! So proud of them.... All became more n more prettier each and every day. All u can see is..... sexay lady!~ XD

While I was browsing through some webpage, youtubes, look what I found! A very nice song... although I'm not very into Malay song.. but this one.. definitely a *thumbs up* song. I miss listening to her voice actually.. She used to sing Mariah Carey's song (cos that's her idol), she's one of our vocalist.. A soprano voice, can b soft, distinct, & powerful!

Following is the youtube video:

Another Franciscan vocalist, my senior, wow~ she's so famous among the orang putih now.. haha!

I miss The Bestarians, I miss SFC, I miss everyone in KK and I also miss KK's foods... ='(

Anyone coming? wanna tapao some food for me?? Errmm... I want dumplings, durian/choc swiss roll cakes, etc etc.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am so sorry if i've mistreated/scolded/forgetting/neglecting or talking to you in a manner which is improper to you. Very very very sorry. Please forgive me.

It's been a very very bz week for me. I admit that I'm very blur/confused/sleepy/short tempered recently. I apologize!

I know i've hurt someone when she asked me that very same question. ='( she was so upset. She said sorry to me.. She sounded so sad. I am so sorry. At first, I dont feel like replying her msg (cos I got very annoyed and irritated by her after 3 days of calls), but Holy Spirit rebuked/scolded me. Felt so uncomfortable and hurt at the same time. After 16 hours, i replied her msg. Realizing that a word of comfort is very important to her.

If it happens to you too, I just wanted to say I am sorry. I dont mean to. Mayb i've been a lil harsh without realizing it. Please forgive me.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wish to say NO

Sometimes I really wish to say NO.

No for everything.
No for every favour ppl asked for.
No for all the tasks that have been given to me.
No for putting on a mask.
No for being so kind.
No for taking all the responsibilities when it is initially none of my business.

Why should I be so kind? Why should I help everyone? Why should I bombard myself with all these stresses? Why should I be the only person doing all of this?

I know I know.. ppl will gv me the same answers. I know I know I KNOW!

How I wish ppl will be considerate enough.. how I wish ppl will be kind enough to help... how I wish ppl will be polite... I wish ppl know how to communicate well. I did not say I'm always correct.. I'm perfect.. or I know everything but be kind in all ways pls.

I'm worried, I'm stressed up, I'm hurt.. I've thought of abandoning everything, leave this place and go home.

But God is graceful to me... He knew I'm suffocating.. I told him I dont feel like doing anything last nite. I thought I cant slp well... I thought my mind will be blank. I never ever thought that He will gv me a sweet dream. An unexpected dream... A dream that doesn't relate to any of my tension. A vacation, a happy moment to be remembered, a dream that actually cheer me up with a joke... Thank you so much.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Short circuit

I cant slp well these few days.. T.T feels like a lil insonmia. I forgot what I dreamt of on mon nite...but ytd nite was like... Joyful & Merry-go-around in my brain/subconscious. @.@

Hmm.... how should I start? There are too many projects on hand currently & too many works nid to be done in office too. Well, office works... do it only in office la.. but dance projects.. har! this one starts rite after working time. Ytd, i was playing the songs nonstop.. thinking n thinking. Browsing youtubes for more ideas... one of it was single ladies (cos they hv some jazz steps). But honestly, i dont really like tat song... somehow, tat song was playing all nite in my head instead of the "God rest ye merry gentlemen". @.@ all the jazz moves.. the props... my gosh! it's too happening la in my subconscious. Super sleepy now... sigghh...

Well... December, you better be good! Dance moves u better make a good impression... since u made my subconscious super joyful. Awaiting for december... 3, 18, 23, both 25 christmas dance. Gayao ar, CYS!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Sigh! Why in the world my eye chose to b infected at this day?

It started to get itchy & red on wed nite.. Thursday morning.. it swells. Then, okay... with reduced puffiness & redness. Thought it will be orite by today. Seen my optometrist.. he said, "Hmm.. no corneal ***(dunno wat they called edi). Should b only inflammation. Only some type of conjunctiva inflammation."

Then, went off to see doctor... gave me some prescription with an antibiotic eyedrop. Got 2 days mc... so lucky! I can just cancelled off my annual leave and change it to mc. Reached home around 3pm. Rest and nap a while... when I woke up, it freaks me out. =.= it got worst... both upper and lower eyelid were swollen. Can barely open my right eye. sighhh.... n tml is Ann's big day. Guess i nid to say bye bye to contact lens and makeup. Nid to wear a nerdy spec/sun glasses to cover my eye edi... if it really got worst, i'm not even sure whether I can attend the memorial event. T.T

Oh God, I need your healing..

p.s Dont freak out ok? it's me.. not other ppl. =)) scroll down if you r ready.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Hmm... been keeping all these pics in my phone for quite some time. As you all know, it's monsoon season.. so, it's been raining heavily recently. Look at some pics that I've got last few weeks..

Super dark clouds coming towards our direction.. >.<

We're being engulfed by the dark clouds... waiting to be hit by the super heavy drops of rain.

No more pics edi.... Raining too heavily that time.. cant even see the road. @.@

So, we're finished with the boring topic and now let's go on with what I have.... Hehhee... both Ojiejies and aunt came back from their UK-Europe trip and bought me lotsa souvenirs... Love it so so so so much. Got a nice shirt from Esprit, Nice cap from dunno where... Loccitane Butter Shea Body cream, 2 cans of my favourite cranberry juice.. Slurrrpp! a box of choc nougat with alcohol from dunno where.. one of the place la.. I also dont rmb...mayb germany? and a box of Kinder Bueno!! woot!! My FAV! ahaha~~ Love my sistas n aunt!

 Thank U veli muchie!

Ooppss... let's not forget abt this one.. hehehe~ Another souvenir from my sis.... A pen from switzerland with a super cute cow on top of the pen. Cute~ Thank u, sandra!

With lotsa chocolates piling up in my room n office, look what I've got here too! additional choc.... =))

Patchi Choc from our ex-staff. Yuuummmyy~~~ Love it!

 Today....... I bought a lot of things too! but my purse vomit blood edi.. T.T anyone wanna help me?? anyone wanna sponsor me this month?? XD nvm la... I'm not that poor what. I'm rich..... rich in heaven? ^^ hopefully~ 

I bought all of these today.... as u can see... it's all make up things.. @.@ stock for my dancers makeup. haha~ no la... some r my personal use.. two for ann.. 1 extra thing (if u notice that) which does not belong to this category of things.... is for one of my dancer. hehe~  FYI, I bought... eyelashes, 3 additional brushes for my collection, glue, MAC new glitter series, Ann's eyeliner, a concealer, brushes bag. =D super happie! But it's like... abt rm400 edi.. T.T

The MAC items! with ann's MAC fluidline eyeliner in blacktrack.

~These are mine~

A new house for my brushes! Neat & Tidy! woot woot! love it so so so much!
Next thing to buy is...the make up box. ^^

A new concealer that I found from Lash Bar. Gonna try it... very cheap! only rm25.. We'll see how it cover up all those blemishes and brighten up the dark circle. If it's good... will definitely buy it again. hehehe~

Nah, that's all for now la... Just wanna share how happy am I with those souvenirs & makeup tools. haha~ U must hv said.."ceh! better dont read this rubbish."
Thank u veli much for spending ur time here la... LOL!

Monday, October 31, 2011

A bz monday morning

Busy busy busy... is what I get early in the morning right before I step into my office. =.=

As early as 7.23am, my boss sms-ed me. Asking me about the invigilators.

At 8.50am, my student told me she forgot her exam docket. So, I need to wait for her replacement fee receipt then rush up to the exam dept to get another docket. Accompany her to the exam hall which is so far far far away.

At 8.52am, boss called me and told me he's on EL but there's 1 appointment at 10 am. If the guest turn up, then he'll come back.

8.55 am, my another batch of students told me that their classroom is under renovation and supposingly they have classes in that room until 1pm. Nobody inform me about anything (i mean from the RPU). So, called up the RPU, told them.... asked them to get a new venue. (you know what she told me?? "it's hard to get a classroom nowadays" and I was like "what? but they have classes till 1pm. No matter what, you have to find another classroom".

9.25am, got back in my office not even 2sec, my phone rang again.... RPU, found another room for 11-1pm class. Saying that they do not know that the actual room is still under renovation till today and the room might not be available for these few days. (-.-")

9.30am, exam dept called me again.... T.T the staff told me that there's similar/duplicate question in that paper. Please inform the lecturer.... and I was like "har?? but this subject got 3 lecturers and they are not from my faculty. I only have the controller." So, she left me her number and all the instructions. =.=

T.T pls...... a better day for the rest of the day.... ok? I'm not feeling very well edi.... and I dont want to get worst cos there's still plenty of things waiting for me to do. Pray for me will ya?


Received a sad news... T.T...

Life is indeed very short. I dunno why life is taken away one after another in just a few years. Got to know a lot of ppl but also lost a lot of ppl that left some footprints in  my life. God gaves us lives but he will also take it away once the journey has come to an end.

Yeun Shin... She's adorable, friendly, humble and loves to smile. Although I didn't get to see her a lot of times, but her presence in iCampus, made it more lively. I thought i'll be able to see her when cg resume n when they're workload is not that much. She's a person who rather go to cg then to stay at home when she's very stress. =') really missed her. Her laughter is so cute... I bet her friends must be really sad and missed her a lot. She's just too special..

Yeun Shin, you'll forever be in my memory. Miss you..
Rest in peace.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Is it a spa or a sparring? u decide...

When it says healing massage, pls think carefully before you really wanted to get a healing massage. The first half an hour, it was heaven~ we enjoyed it a lot... we had foot spa, full body scrub n jacuzzi but of course there were some awkward moments.. eg. using disposable underwear and a piece of cloth to cover up the top part. 

After the foot spa, we went off for full body scrub - it was okay... but later on we're left with that scrub thing on (a kind of mud i think) for like 15 mins... but that 15 mins, they were the beginnning of some torturing moment. It was so ITCHY! my neck, arms n my feet.. it was itchy! grrrr.... kenot tahan la.

Later on, we're allowed to delight ourselves in jacuzzi for 20 mins... but i felt tat it was longer! nice~ with water pressure massage straight to my backbone. awwww...nice! Nice but the other room full with surprises are waiting for us...

When u heard of massage, u must be nice.. deep massage some more.... relax-nya. How i wish i'm the one enjoying, rite?? nice! but it was a lil too early to say it's nice. massage oil was poured n rub, then suddely... OUCCHHH!! it was so painful. She was like pulling my blood vessel out. Found something in it, then golek back n forth... T.T Not once... but the whole massage session. All you can hear is OuuuuccchhhHHHhh..... sakitnya!! Hao tung!! sobsob..... Jiu Ming ar!! The room... or should i say.. the whole place was filled with our scream. T.T

I thought I can actually relax n fall asleep while they massage but it turned out to be something totally different! So, is it a Spa + massage or SPARRING with our bodies?? T.T even till now... all those points that they massage or pushed... they are still hurting... a lil painful when u slightly touch it. sobsob..... ='''( 

Ann, u r so lucky! T.T

Thursday, October 20, 2011

His Voice

His voice is still loud and clear in my mind. The way he talks is so gentle...  Guess, I really missed him a lot.

I dreamed about him this morning (it was right before I wake up for work). He called me saying, "Michelle, it's okay. I'll fetch you today okay? Wait for me in the office after work. I'll fetch you to church." Thinking of going to bible class together. "Hm... okay but I can drive today. Tomorrow my turn to fetch u okay?" but he declined my offer. "No, i'll fetch you today and tomorrow. It's okay. I'm free.. n i feel better." "Are you sure? Are you really okay to drive?". I thought he is really here with us... I've totally forgotten that he has return to be with God.

I woke up... a lil happy and a lil puzzle. Then I realised that it was only a dream.. a dream that is so real. His voice is so real. He's still my best friend. A friend that will never say no and never fail to offer help. Miss him so much~

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's happening?


Lotsa things happening lately.. I was very happy & nervous initially last sat. Set the appointment.. went for survey of costumes. Suddenly, my car was bang by a luxury car. Lexus WVA 7097, silver blue.. drove by a guy. Thought he will be very honest, gentlemen & trustable.. I chose to trust him.. but he's a coward in the end. He din answer my call, never reply my sms, n did not do any police report. Guess that's y a lot of ppl loves to bully me. (I know I've changed a lot... to a better me or worst i dont know. Cos I dont get angry easily recent yrs, I dont scold ppl that much these recent mths, I dont take revenge like how i used to - cos I owes said.. how you treat me is how i treat u; really thought this is a better me..but I got bullied almost all of the time ='(  ). Well, forget & let go..

Lost my beloved pendrive last sat n I only realised it on monday. Asked all of the dancers but none of them know where is it. T.T Lucky that I've just clear my things and save my important things to my laptop (if i didnt rmb it wrongly). Got my new pendrive, Sliq, 12GB... but it was originally installed and stored with some e-mag and application which ate some of my memory. So, I deleted the unwanted things but accidentally deleted some Sliq applications (cos Mr. J said.. Go ahead delete it, it's no use). Used it this morning and only realised that my PenDrive Icon is gone! T.T

Workload in office is increasing each and everyday recently. I got no chance to clear off all of the things. My desk is bcoming more n more messy. My mind is full with everything...never stop, never get to rest, my only time to rest is at nite. Thank God that I dont nid to bring my office work back home. =') and I'm so grateful that I can still TAHAN till today.. no signs of sakit here n there..just a lil blurred vision (eyes too tired i think?).

Gayao ar!!~

Monday, October 3, 2011



Been longing to cut my hair for such a long time.... n finally after Seremban's mission, i went to cut my hair ytd. Was planing to keep it long... cos it's been accompaying me for such a long time (Althought my usual practice is to cut it super short after it grew super long). After some shik shak shik shak, 7 inches of my hair gone! O.O but luckily.... it's not a terrible hair cut, or else i'll cry a thousand litres. hehe~ Now, it's not super short, not very long either.. just medium n nice. Great~

Hmm.. some ppl might think, i looked weird.. but to tell u the truth, I've cut this style before but it was like 4 yrs ago i think? haha~ I know it takes some time to get use to it. hahahahaha~ So, I'm NEW again! no more long straigth hair with slanting fringe. but hor.... this is not much different la. My usual hair style will come back very soon, once it is long again.. =.=

Friday, September 23, 2011

His Message

"Silver & gold I do not have, but what I have I give you." Acts 3:6
This is what Meng Yee shared today during the offering session. Yes, I do not have anything with me. I do not have silver or gold or cash but I have time, I have love, I have me. He's like hinting me.. give me your time, spend your all in me.. (the first hint during that gathering). In prayer, I pray... I gave my time to you. Use it as your will.

John 18:1-27 (shared by Joseph)
First question - What's the most unforgettable downfall you ever had in your life?
I was thinking... not very hard.. i knew all about it but I dont feel like sharing it. It's just too shameful. The story is toooooo long. I wish I do not need to bring it up ever in my life (but i'm sure when it's time, when God really wants to use it, I will need to do so...sighh... I gv up.. I gv my all to You).

My life.. it's really alike to what Joseph had mentioned. Alike with Peter's life. Previously, I was a very obedient girl but my life changed when I got a lil rebellious, a lil overconfident, a lil too clever, having a lil thinking of my own. Thinking that I will be forgiven all the time, thinking it's not too wrong, thinking I'm still as good as before. Just like how Peter was in his life...

But denial.. it's like mine. I denied the truth, twisting it a lil, thinking it's orite all the time previously. The shame after the incident.. I tried to hide it (the truth), I tried to climb back, but more problems came... my trust in others, I lost it. My faith in christianity, I lost it. When all things happened around me and my family... I'm drown in pitch black well.

Been lost for almost 1-2 years, God looked for me again. He had never gv up my life. Just like how He looked for Peter when he got back to his origin place. Jesus asked,"Do you love me?". It's like... he's asking me at the same time... "Do you love me?". Again during that sharing, I felt him... He's asking me that very same question. "Do you truly love me more than these?" "Feed my lambs", "Do you truly love me?" "Take care of my sheep", "Do you love me?" "Feed my sheep". I knew deep in my heart, he's talking to me.

I've been running away for too long... Been trying to play hide and seek. But I can no longer run from Him. He's there.. telling me now and then. I'm afraid, I know nothing.. I'm scared, I have no ability that i'm proud of. I'm weak... I'm no one. But He kept telling me... i'm made strong in Him. I'm His love one that he had never give up. I'm a sinner but by His grace, I'm saved.

I give thanks for your grace and mercy.

Monday, September 19, 2011


"O-ches" is becoming a part of my life recently...

My existing o-che on left knee (got it during my dance practice) has not even fully recovered yet.. and yet... i got additional 2 o-ches on my right leg. Should i say I'm clumsy?? definitely a no no... it's because I had too much of fun in gambang! XD it's been real crazy... too excited... till my toe nails polish got cracked in the middle of my excitement. =.=  (Imagine: 10 ppl in a tube.. n some of us almost fly off the tube when it went down the slide, O.O!!)

It was kind of funny to walk a lil tempang... cos one o-che is on my feet near the joint of my toe and another o-che on my tibia. I really hv no idea hw i got the o-che on my joint but on the tibia it  is all thanks to the bus journey. hahaha~ it was to the left, to the left, to the right, to the right on the bus... so i accidentally bang onto one of the seat when i was trying very hard to reach chu ling's seat while holding my hp. ouch! so painful...

Hopefully all these o-ches will b cured asap... no more o-che pls... 1st Oct is coming. Nid to fill up my schedule edi. Time to get fully prepared! YOSH!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bad service from Firefly

Firefly u have a terrible call centre customer service. The way your staff talked is so rude. I've worked in call centre before but i've never talked that rude to a customer. How dare you?!

It's a bad impression you gave me. You made me headache.. I know one person's attitude does not represent the whole team but it did spoiled ur reputation. 

I bought a ticket for 7.10pm initially but later I changed it to 10pm as I needed more time. So to do the changes, I need to pay a penalty fee of RM100. No fare difference, no need to pay extra. Done all these last 12 August. However, I got a call last week (around 8th september) saying that the 10pm flight has been cancelled and need to change my flight to 7.10pm. If Firefly cancelled the flight, I have no choice but to agree rite? So, last sat (10 Sept), I went to the Subang Airport Firefly Sales Office and ask for a refund of the penalty fee. The malay lady at the counter called up the management office and agreed to the refund but as she cannot refund it in cash form ( I used credit card to buy the ticket previously), she asked me to call up the call centre to either revert it back to my credit card or do credition. So, I called the call centre today (14 Sept) and got assisted by a very rude customer representative named Shalini. I did not even raised my voice at first but the way she is unwilling to help and sounding more and more rude, makes me boiling! This lady here said that there's no refund procedure and the person at the counter did not make a remark in the system. So, she can't help at all. saying NO REFUND. Later she said, if you want, you write an email to my management office.

My gosh!! She's so rude! you wait and see. I'm not free these few days. You'll definitely get an email from me. You'll definitely kena shoot by me!

Ring Ring Ring

Let me just tell a lil bit abt myself here... I'm a light sleeper. I cant slp with lights on, i cant slp when it's hot, i cant slp when it's noisy, i cant slp if the bed is not straight enuf (meaning it must b a lil hard or not too soft and i can feel that my backbone is straight- guess this is wat u learn from dancing -> straight backbone).

Okay... as u all know, i dont wake up way early than my scheduled time.. cos i know i'll b tired if i do so. But today at 7 stg in the morning, my phone rang! 8am it rang again... 8 stg it rang again-->5 times in just an hour! My gosh!! it's not my alarm clock but ppl called in.. my colleague n my student. T.T Hello people, i dont start work before 9am la...... It has been a very tiring week last week and it continues till today. I need sufficient rest for my body and brain to recuperate from all those tiring things. Nvm... it rang n had woken me up from my sleep.. cant slp back after the first ring. A lil headache.. a lil dizzy... guess my face still in a TIRED mode now. sigghh....

If I'm on leave how?? my boss n colleague kept on asking me when i'm going on leave, am I coming to work, where am I... If I'm away how? will you guys keep on calling me again?? (well, they did called me last time when i'm on medical leave. T.T sick oso nid to answer call ar.. I know my boss was a lil guilty for calling me up although im on ML.) I dont wish to answer any call tml and monday....can??? spare me pls? please allow me to have some good holidays... will ya?

My dear friends... if you know and if you can avoid from calling me that early, pls call me a lil late ok? but not in the middle of the nite la.... U know I will surely answer ur call. I never avoid calls.. even ur sms, i will read it altho im in the middle of my dreams. I'm pretty sure some ppl did received my replied in the middle of the nite previously. Cos I'm a supeeeeeeerr light sleeper.. unless i'm really tired and i cant hear anything for the first 2 hours of my sleeping time.

**I'm sure some of you will suggest me turn off my phone when im sleeping.. but let me tell u why i never switch off my phone. This is because i'm away from my family...If and if there's any emergency, i am still able to answer their call..**

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's a MESS!


Really wanna cry edi... it's all in a mess! The whole uni is in a mess.. T.T

1) Timetable clashing.
2) Venue clashing.
3) Got harsh complaints from those highly educated ppl (although it's not our fault - all due to those clashing of venue/time and bad facilities). *Do you think that u r a Dxxxxx and you study the most expensive course that you can b sarcastic and blame others and owes expect ppl to treat you like a king??? T.T it's so hard to serve them..... - but God reminded me through Col 3:22-24 that I must b sincere and give in my all in everything I do.(although they are not my direct boss/bosses)
4) Power tripping - while conducting lesson (complaint from my own lect - I understand how she felt. Even If im the one experiencing it, i'll b upset too. )
5) Students left out for examination cos our fac's academic calendar is slightly different from the majority degree's examination (the respective dept still discussing abt the issue - hopefully they'll grant us a special examination day cos I know this thing will re-occur in the future!)
6) I'm more of a PA than just an exec! =.= lotsa expectation from boss... but boss, can u increase my pay by a whole lot??? plssssssss?

**All thanks to this respective dept tat all things got clash.... n thanks to the other facs that prepare things last min. This is why I hate last minute things.... feel so insecure. We'll continue to see whether there's clashing for next week or not. ~pening~**

Sunday, August 21, 2011


A testimony that i've seen quite some time ago but it continue to touch me once again.. Be blessed through their life testimony, be blessed by God and grab the opportunity now! God Bless You and I love you all~

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My dearest leader

I received the msg from his sister few mins after Father took him back.. was praying that time and I did not realised it until it was 20 mins later. Yes, indeed it is a good news that he is now away from pain and enjoying his eternal life in heaven but it's just too fast. Can't stop crying... my eyes are swollen and red now. All the way to his hse and coming back, my mind is filled with all sorts of memories.

Kevin is my best male buddy... He had helped me a lot. Although we've only known each other for 3 yrs, we've shared a lot. He's a very quiet guy and does not dare to speak wit new comers. It's because he was our iCampus unit 2's leader.. he need to talk a lot with us. He taught me a lot.. he adviced me a lot... we ate together... we laughed together.. we watched movie together.. he fetch me here n there.. n he even pulled me into the ministry. He was the one who first approach me to help with Port Dickson camp game (I dont even know anyone in church yet.. except for a few icampus frens n pastor), then help with make up, dance, etc.

When i'm at my lowest emotional state, he gaves me joke n advice me.. I rmb he told me... "it's a test from God". When i'm in need of help, he's the first one to offer.. the most unforgettable one is Connie's incident. He's the best gift from God. I can't thank him enough.. I owed him too much. Planned to treat him a good korean food buffet, but he was so bz after that... that we've no time to enjoy it. Till he was sick, I still dont hv the chance to treat him.

He's a funny and reliable guy... those guy that most ladies will fall in love with. His gf is so lucky to have him.. He once asked me... what do gurls like.. my gf loves baking cupcakes recently, do you have any idea wat to buy? haha~ I cant stop teasing him that time. We spent a long time in mph looking for recipe books and finally he bought one. He told me that he loves to do handmade things with creative idea but he complaint to me that his gf is not creative enuf and dont knw how to really appreciate things that he had made (eg cards). haha~ hmm... now I came to realise that he's kind of quite cerewet one. a lot of expectation... well, that's wat made him a good director rite? Even when he's sick, he still act like a big man in the house. Although he's anemic that time, he still kept on saying "I'm strong.. see, i still hv big muscle." He's so funny! Because he was bedridden, he wanted massage... complaining that his backbone is stiff/painful, he asked his sister to help. But because she couldnt reach the exact pressure point, he started creasing his brows and complaint. hahaha... just like a kid. I then helped him with some back massage. It's hilarious when he started saying... ahhhh... good good. very good.. hm... go up.. no no, let me think.. left, right, down.. I cant stop smiling while pressing the pressure point. He's like a king lying on the bed.. asking for servant to serve him. XD tat's my buddy! yeah~ 

So many words he spoke to me... I will never forget it. The way he encouraged ppl. the way he said sorry to me when he feel like i'm offended by his action during last christmas, the way he shared, the way he act like a big brother, the way he is as my best buddy... I can never forget it.

I was hoping that he will be healed... but God has his own plan in Kevin's life. He must have fulfilled it and that's why God took him back. I'm sad but I'm happy too. God planted him in my life... to be my best buddy (altho he's a guy.. haha) to change me into who I am rite now. Into a person who will never leave God again... Thank God. Most importantly, I wanted to say: Thank you, Kevin. You are the best!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Different stress nowadays

Haha~ The title looks so stupid. You must be thinking.. How can stress be different?? Stress is stress la, rite??

Been so busy these few days... Can't breathe at all. Fuh... My table is so messy now... typing with my hands on top of a pile of files. What can I do?? I just wanted to release my mind into my blog now. Can't tahan anymore.

I've finished 2 major things (Academic calendar & 2 batches Academic timetables).. now came a few more things to do. T.T Finish the examiners resolution but still the fac minutes are waiting for me to do some magic. From a few meetings to a lot of minutes (means- 1 yr average 2-3 meetings, now it nid to become 1 meeting per mth with minutes as evidence. Ta-dang~ Tat's the magic i'm goin to perform soon). Then, auditor is coming soon.. students file need to be re-arranged. Arrgghh... Well... wat to do? Just finish it asap lo.

I can do all things.. I can do it fast... Cos I'm unique. This is all thanks to Him who created me! Gayao ar~

Ohh ya... why I say different stress?? it's because I saw my last few years' status. It's so funny! On this date of 2011, I'm busy with my works. On 2010, it was because of my sprained ankle. On 2009, it was my studies. Have a look at my statuses and who likes it and commented on it... =D

2011: T.T today is friday! I shud be enjoying my day.. why oh why am I so bz these few days?? I need to breathe!! help~ 52 minutes ago ·
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Koh Lei Ming come, here is oxygen
MayOoi Kok u mean u r not breathing now? how can u b alive?? omg... ghost ahh~

2010: Doc say I can try to take off the cast on 26 onwards... ^^ It's shorter than 6 weeks!~ hehe
12 August 2010 at 15:14 via Windows Live Messenger
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Grace Peipei good ler.
MayOoi Kok u sure u wanna do dat? i think u better put it til 26th.. let it rest more la... u noe u so clumsy... hahahahaha
Me: ‎26 onwards la... not now... not yet. =.=
MayOoi Kok i mean u shud wear til its actually 6 weeks... hahahah..
Me: hmmmm... i'll see how la.... of cos i wan it to b better soon. but there's owes a "BUT".. so see hw la. XD i dunno wat im talking abt now.. Shud go to zzz now. Or else u'll see me talking nonsense. kakaka
Kong ChauShing take off but be kful,later relapse!

2009: Yosh!! finally..left Onco midterm, viro assignment n pharma lab test.. HAHAHA!!August 2009 at 22:36 ·
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Kong ChauShing congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz​zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Foong Jun Xian when i think of these shits i feel headache.. haiz..
Shunfa Teh good to you :D
Chuck Yau all shit.....

Monday, August 1, 2011

Never stop believing.

I've been struggling whether I should blog this out o not.

It's not the time to keep on telling people that "it's the time".... "it wont help much".... "we know edi de la"... "he wont live long".  Who are you people? who are you to determine what God will do next? I'm quite frustrated actually... why cant you just build up ur faith n fully trust in the Lord? Why cant you just persistently beg God? Why cant you just pray to God all the time? You of little faith! Change! Pray undoubtedly! It's not the end yet! You are not God. You dont make the decision on behalf of God! Dont judge or make your own assumptions based on what you've seen and heard previously. God do things differently. He's wiser than all man on earth.. He created us, he turns water into wine, he raised the dead! Who are you?

I'm sorry if you said I am indirectly/directly scolding you. I believe in God.. I put my faith in Him, I put all my trust/hope in God n not in man/technology/doctor. God is the Best Healer! Don't say I'm childish or immature... This is what God teaches me.. Be still, I am God. I am the beginning and the end. He will do things in His way... a way that man will never fathom.

Kevin himself is very strong now. Why are u so weak? He said the tumour has bcome smaller, then why do u stop believing/doubting in God. see God's miracle.. altho it's small but you'll never know what will happen next. It's God's decision not yours. So, just keep on praying and believing. Kevin did not stop to ask God for healing, why would you stop? Arent you suppose to keep on supporting? Why waste ur time on being emotional, thinking of negative things, or the worst outcome, when it's not even the end yet? Why not invest your energy in praying/proclaming positively?? so STOP your mind from wandering all around now. PRAY! Pray until something happen! Never ever stop believing! Have faith in God, my dear friends.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Promise of a Lifetime

Love this song so much.

Did you just cheer me up??

Honestly, I am stressed up!

Works, assignments, etc etc etc....

You wanted me to obey you. You wanted me to submit my all. You said.. "Do not harden your heart. Fear Him. Worship Him."

I love what I do... I love to think & imagine to be free in you. To be able to move freely.... without any troubles. But I know my limitation... I know cos i'm not a professional. Yet, you say... Nothing is impossible. I'm your strength, your rock, your foundation. Aren't this a little too heavy for me? a lil too big perhaps? a lil too much? I know your answer.... I know you tried to comfort me.

"Are you ok?", giving me peanuts as a reminded me ur words.

okay okay... I just wanted to release my stress. =x i'll keep quiet from now on. I will not b angry over little things.. I know i'm quite rebellious sometimes..pls forgive me. I will surrender, listen to u instead..

Friday, July 15, 2011


Gosh! I am not being pro-active o wat...

Dr. A ask whether the lab is open or not for later afternoon's class. For sure I dont knw about it.. common sense: Yes, it should be. But as a pre-caution step I need to re-confirm with the respective faculty rite? I  tried to contact their admin staff but she was not around. So, their lecturer ask me to call up their lab staff directly and I did so.

To my surprise, they have not receive any information about our class at all. Meaning, if I dont call up, they wont do anything (the lab will be locked..etc etc). But then... of cos all these small ppl, u know scare of dying or get scolded by big ppl rite? Hence, that lab staff asked me to write an email to her boss, Dr. B, and cc a copy to her to ask permission and inform her about the lab usage. Well, I did it again (I dont knw whether I'm just too obedient or wat).

Dr. B then replied and ask whether it's the same slot as requested by C. Of cos I replied yes... Then so suddenly C emailed stating that i'm complicating things up. Gosh!! So, am I the one that should b blamed for? Too pro-active? too bossy?? Great!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is it Good or Bad?

I dont know whether you have the same opinion as me or not.. why not u tell me?
Is it good or bad by....
- having a compassion heart
- being kind hearted
- concerning others
- lending a helping hand whenever you can
- having heartaches when someone is hurt
- treating others as part of your family
- getting closer to others
- treat someone better (as how you want them to treat you)
- thinking of solutions for others when they hv no one to seek to
- leading a role model for others to follow
- treating others by buying them food, clothes, etc

Some may said...
- u r foolish!
- that's y u r being bullied.
- that's y u r being used by others.
- do you think you are that great?
- do you think you have that much of resources?
- it's none of ur business, why care so much abt others?
- it's not ur responsibility.
- just pretend u did not see anything or heard anything.
- just ignore it.
- why dont u treat me the same way (when he himself is far more luckier than those ppl).
- why trouble others?

I just dont understand... is it wrong???
I have 1 big principle in my life: Treat others as how you want them to treat you. Love them, if you want them to love you.

So, why do u like me? is it bcos I'm so nice for you to be bullied? I'm sure it's bcos I treat you nice enough that you dont hv the reason to hate me rite? Think.... I'm so tired... it seems like ppl will never understand. siggghh...

Friday, July 1, 2011


I was confused with certain things... felt tired to go on with another thing... I am reminded in some ways that I shall seek Him first and not worry about tomorrow. But somehow, I am still lost in my directions... lost in a way that I myself dont know what is actually happening to me... it seems like.. my mind is blank. I couldnt think although I know deep down somewhere there's an's just that I couldnt recall what it is.

Felt helpless... felt so miserable.... felt like I'm storing in more n more and dunno who to talk to. I dont know where should I seek for the answer. Suddenly, I was reminded once again, pray! Prayer is the key to everything. It's like a snap of finger... suddenly awake! I've totally forgotten that prayer helps in this very matter that I'm super helpless with. How can I only remember that prayer makes a difference in ministry but forgotten that He also works in our own lives and ppl surrounding us? How foolish am I....

Being a leader, I only remember on how to comfort my darlings.... remember to teach them the right way but forgotten my own life. Somehow, a messenger reminded me... that I also need help from God, need someone(or God) to comfort from time to time, need a shoulder to lean on, need a heart to heart talk... by this way, I will b encouraged, I will be comforted, I will be able to reconstruct my thinking. Thank God... for reminding me through some ways.

Yes, you are the Greatest! You know my heart well... you know my know what I need... pls continue to guide me, O Lord.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My limit??

I have been so busy lately and lack of rest. My body is getting a little alarm.. signaling me that the immune system is not as strong as before. Has been sneezing for whole day yesterday, sorethroat started this morning, n now gastric. Aizz... can I stay strong until DREAMS is over? Am I at my limit?? Certainly no... (I must say NO, cos I wanted to b more n to be used by Him). I've been informed by pastors that we'll have a lot of projects coming. Just dunno when and what it is.. and we might nid to go out for mission together wit him.

Besides my ministry, there's my work.... working in this office is kinda nice & comfortable except when there's some idiot who really likes to kacau u and pisses u off! haaiizzzz..... really beh ta han some ppl edi. I really dunno wat's in their mind. Is it really hard for u to add on a "please" word when u're asking for something? Is it really hard for you to speak politely? Oh dear.... I tot I can relax today. In the mid of my gastric pain, he called up! deng... almost explode. Then someone came and kacau again. Speaking of those brainless words... pls la.. dont go around flirting or kacau-ing ppl can ar?? Haizzz.... control control.... cannot cannot. Hv to tahan no matter wat. self control.. patience... love... pls come to me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wat day is today??

Yesterday was a definitely a good day cos Junko is born!... I bought a steam sterilizer and a pacifier that flip close when it drops (happy happy~~).. but today.. sigghh... it seems like 180 degree turning. T.T

I accidentally deleted my document, hence, i nid to re-type it again. But lucky me, I'm quite fast in typing and editing documents. Well, nobody knows what's gonna happen after I finished typing. =.=

Happy to submit my completed work to my boss but... just before I enjoy my seaweed plum vinegar, things got a lil complicated again. It is good for a customer to purchase a fully filled drink/food in its package but no one will ever like it when things spilled bcos of the pressure it has. The vinegar/seaweed came flying out of the package like it cant contain the pressure/stress it has (the opening only 2cm long, width only 3mm lehh). Flying right to my errrmmm.. u knw where. sighh... now I smell like a plum vinegar. ='( my skirt, my tank top, my cardigan n even my hair smell of vinegar. arrgghhh....

It's really not a very good day for me today... but I pray that things will just turn better as the clock is ticking now. **begging earnestly**

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For my dear Joyce

Dear Darling,

This is super useful for you. I'll definitely get you one of this and buy other things. hahaa~~ Can't wait to see you. Really hope to fly back to see you now. *Hugssss* U & your lovely daughter has brighten up my day today. I just can't stop smiling.. I cant stop feeling the joy in my heart. Feel like it's leaping inside!~ Love you!! Not to forget... Jimmy, U r great too! Happy Fathers' Day & Happy being first time papa~ God Bless Your Family!

How To Get Your Flat Stomach Back After Pregnancy - The Belly Wrap Secret

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I had a very complicated feelings...

A second of joy, a second of stress, a second of disappointment.. what in the world is happening?

Things happening to my surrounding or me in summary:

1) Boss not going to another company (means I still hv my good boss).
2) Lift starting making that same noise (oooiinngg....oiinnggg).
3) Timetabling is making me big headache (why they dont tell me earlier that there are things they wanted to change? n it's different from what they've given me earlier..)
4) I smell smoke... means he's smoking.
5) When im stressed, ppl post some funny things (it releases my stress a while).
6) I actually dont really like relying on others. So, if I have choices, I will definitely choose NOT TO ASK FOR HELP FROM ANYONE.
7) I wish I have car.
8) I wish I have plenty of time.
9) I wish Im on holiday.
10) I wish I have plenty of money (well..who dont?)
11) I just dont feel like doing anything!
12) GREAT! I dont know it's blogger problem o wat. My blogger bckgrd changed! @#&%&$%@*#&^ It's so UGLY!!

Okay.. get back to work. sigghh.. negative thoughts go away from me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heavy Eyes

=.= I wanna slp...

Cant hear any rooster crowing this morning but Utada's First Love music rang...(sms coming in) Not once... but three times! =.= boss oh boss.... I dont start work at 7stg in the morning. My working hours are from 9 to 5.30pm. T.T sssooooo slpyyyy....

After the soft music, wwiiinngg wwiinngg sound came. =.= Hello ppl?? it's early in the morning. Why cant all this sort of noise stop making noises for mayb a week?? I can barely open my eyes now. I'm so tired. so sleepy... I seriously in need of toothpick now. =.= It's so HEAVY!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was checking the timetable and doing some amendments when I felt the building shaking. I can feel the chair, my table, my computer moving to left n right a little... I tot I was dizzy or something. Then I quickly ask my colleague, while asking.. I saw the glass door moving. ha... but my colleague didnt feel anything. By the time he touched my table, it stop shaking.

After a few seconds, I felt the second tremor again. Again, I asked him.. still he did not feel anything. Perhaps he was standing so he couldn't feel anything. Ask another friend of mine, yet he responded me with the same answer as my colleague. However, fren in fb clarify the issue for me... saying it was earthquake. Happening in Sumatera.. 5.4 mag then 6.2 mag. Tat's y we felt it. Another colleague of mine who was in the clinic at that time, testified that he too felt it. sighh... earthquake is happening more n more frequent. Is it safe in Msia? Is our building safe to withstand all the tremors mayb in the future?

The time is near... Be prepared. Never fall asleep.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Why Moody??

Why am I so moody today?? Monday blues?? I dont think so...

Somehow, I cant really laugh or smile.. I can feel my brows squeezing n creasing so hardly. help me!! I really wanna cry liao...

Usually i'm the one who comforted others.. but today.. I dont even knw what happened to me. How to comfort myself? Drowning myself with songs now... Hoping to get a cure. A cure to my heart. wat happen to me? T.T

Monday, June 6, 2011


I missed my family so much. Seen them in Brunei and in Exit event. They remain close in my heart. Feeling the warmth... feeling the love they hv for me. I'm grateful..

We can't celebrate fathers' day with daddy this year..(actually for these past 6 yrs). Bought him a crocs in 1U on 29 May (although he said it's expensive but he was smiling - I knw he likes it cos he kept on trying on my lil sis's crocs). Although I'm tired but looking at their happy face while shopping energize me. Dad was a lil heartache when we used too much of our money spending on those few days when they're here. But I'm glad that i'm able to treat them on good foods and buy them stuffs. Happy Family is what you should ask for. Money doesnt buy happiness but building up a good relationship remains forever. Flying them over to KL just for the event is not wasting money.. but seeing the chances of salvation is the main purpose I have in mind. Although dad did not go to the front (he's kind of a shy person), I knew in my heart that a seed of gospel has been planted in him (cos he said - aiya, when u hv heart, wherever u are it counts). I believe that day will come.

In the past, there were too many things happening. I wish I can just wipe off the dark part but every part that had happened, there must b a lesson. I yearn for a happy family for ages. This day..this happy family has been granted by God. He never leave us or abandon us. In Him, I always believe, no matter how hard is our lives, how dramatic is our lives, He will always be there for us.

Together we share our tears, together we share our happy moments.
- We've just talked with each other through video call last nite. Mom & Dad were super funny and energetic. From now on, we'll b able to communicate more easily with the whole family. Love my family~

Monday, May 30, 2011

CPM: Exit 出口 Successful~

I would like to thank all of my dancers, partner and CPM production crew. We've made it~ It was a successful and memorable production. Without one of you, things will be different. You've played a BIG part in making the event and of course the biggest and most important player is always Our Most High God and Holy Spirit. We alone are nothing but in God, we are everything.. His Spiritual flow and touch are the factors that moved all hearts. Thank God!~

I would like to personally thank Billy for enduring all the hardships with me. Doing all the difficult task that I myself could not believe I'm really doing it (cos we usually see those moves dance by all the professional dancers). A big thank you to Eric who choreograph the demon part and understanding the effect that I want...Yuan Qing for assisting Eric and helping me to keep all the demons accesories. Thanks to all small demons (Jeremy, Yuan Qing, Guo Hao & Ah Fai), although you are small demon BUT you are the one that lift the whole drama atmosphere to the climax.. I really thank all of you. Thank you Hosanna & Alix for helping me with the angel part (e.g costumes & ballet shoes) especially transportation. Without both of you, I'm sure all of the dancers will have difficulties with transportation. Both of you have been really understanding.. I'm really grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to all of my lovely angels (Alix, Crystal, Shao Qi,Chu Ling).. you've done well. Your Angelic look is finally in the EXIT. haha~ Thanks to Chu Ling.. I know it's been a lil hard for you. Cos it's a very last minute task..asking you to have an intensive training is really a big burden especially when I'm quite strict. I'm really sorry for pushing you so hard but I'm really grateful and happy that you can do it in a short time. *thumbs up* for you. Good Job!

To all of my dancers: I know I've been quite strict and fierce sometimes and pushing you all to the maximum is really "Sam fu" especially when I pin point people who did not do well. Really SORRY and hope you all will forgive me. Please do not take it into your heart and please smile and talk with me in the future okay?? =) Let's continue to stay like a family okay??

A msg from our producer, brother Kenneth, to all the dancers: Great Job for the spectacular performance. Pray that we can do greater things for His glory. God Bless..

To Liang Siong and Sebrina: Although both of you did not manage to join us in this production, please do not be sad and feel heart broken. We still have a lot of opportunities in the future. You two really did well in the practice, but we do understand that there are some things that we cannot avoid. Do not give up but put your hope in God. He will always open up a way for you when there seems to be no way. Remember this.. I still love both of you. Don't ever say that I've abandoned you..k? Jesus never abandon you, so do I. I'll keep my promise.

Thanks to all other Exit Production crew: You've worked hard! Thanks for all your effort.. Really thank God that I'm part of you all. haha~ We'll do greater things for Him in the future!! All Glory Be to God! Looking forward for Christmas event~

Everyone is tired... so, rest well and drink plenty of water. Weather is REAL HOT recently. Don't get sick. Keep your body in a good health and get ready for God's next plan. ^^

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My new daily alarm clock

For the first 2 days in new house, it's not a super comfortable experience. I've been trying very hard to sleep. I dont know whether it's because the weather is too HOT or it's because it's too new for me. But it's very unlikely to be the second reason because my bed is so comfortable now..although it's a little smaller than my previous bed.

I had a terrible experience on the first day.. I dunno which house is actually rearing some chicken, rooster or watever it is. I heard eeeheee..eehhee...eehhee... for a very long time early in the morning when the sun is not up yet. Then when it's sunrise, another eehee..ehhee..eeehhee.. My gosh! It's so annoying and I'm damn tired that day. I thought it was some kind of goose or some short breath animals. =.= Jacob was so frustrated early yesterday morning. He told me that he really wanted to catch the chicken or rooster or watever it is and cook it as a meal. XD cos he's too tired and only managed to slp for a few hours before going out to work again.

Today, it's better.. cos the sound is not that loud. Maybe it's because I've shut all the windows. But Im pretty sure what it is edi because instead of eeehheee...eeehee... it's actually cuck-cock-cuckoo...(so it's actually crowing) It's a rooster!! My gosh... How am I going to endure it for as long as I stay in that house. It'll be my daily alarm clock. (-.-") I need my beauty sleep.. I'm so tired... I just want a quiet environment. plssss give it to me....

-soundproof window..
-thick curtain

As if it's really my own house instead of rented house. =.= Who is willing to sponsor me? =D

Monday, May 16, 2011

Shifting to a new nest

For these past 5.5 years, I've been shifting from one place to another place for like 6 times. This is the 7th time! My goshhh!! Now only I realized. @.@

Shifting is not a very good thing to do especially when u have to move like anually. Although some may say "treat it as an exercise". I tell u... It's like taking your life and squeezing you out of everything. Definitely a nightmare for me. Packing is tiring... moving things are tiring and even unpacking is tiring.

However, moving to this new nest is definitely a heaven for me i think. It's a well renovated hse.. feels like a real home but without complete set of house furniture. Hopefully, we'll hv a complete one in the future. I've bought so many things for this new hse.. New hse with new bed, mattress, pillow, aircon, washing my life will b so comfortable! lol~

Then, we have a set of sofa given by church friend, a tv given by sis's ex boss, a friend given by God. LOL~ we hv new hsemate!! yeah~

My new hsemate is damn cute~ I've told her before that I was planning to buy the LG health deluxe aircon but I bought another brand last sat without informing her. I forgot actually... The delivery was supposed to be at 6-7pm today and they've said they'll call before they send it over. I did not receive any call except a msg indicating there's a missed call. I didnt return the call cos it's unknown to me. So, they called my new hsemate instead.

During the delivery, I think they asked my new hsemate where to put the things. I've bought two things which are two diff brands. I guess the guy must hv asked, "Ini LG letak mana??". Without actually looking at what it is, I think my new hsemate said, "LG? Oh.. LG atas atas."

After delivery she called n informed me that the things hv been delivered to our new hse. I was surprised at first cos it's earlier than the expected delivery time but shocked when I told her, I've bought another brand of aircon and that LG is supposed to be washing machine.. and it's mistakenly moved and trap upstairs now. LOL!~

I bet she'll b reading my post... so, I just wanns say... My new hsemate U are really super funny and cute~ My life will b awesome with u as a part of our new family. Can't wait to laugh my head off with you~

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Did u see it?

Have you open up today's google page? Did you realize that the woman is moving/dancing while drawing out the GOOGLE words?? It's so nice~

I found it interesting and it seems like dancing and to my surprise it really was. The animation they created is based on Martha Graham, a dancer & a choreographer who was very well known long long time ago.

I dunno how they did the animation but it's really creative and look at the way it actually move and poses and move on to another character. Fantastic!! If there's a like button, I'll definitely like it a lot of times. LIKE LIKE LIKE!!~

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ooinngg sound

Oh my gosshh... I can't tahan it anymore.

The Ooooiinnngggg sound keeps on ooiinngg there making me more and more dizzy. Hello ppl, I'm feeling much more better than yesterday but it doesn't mean you can go on Oooiinnggg there for countless of times. You are making me dizzy @.@

I'm in the mid of rushing and translating my notes cos I have an exam coming up this sunday. Can you just stop Oooiinngg there and let me focus before I faint? Your Ooiinnggg sounds are definitely making me sick and feel a little nausea. arrgghh.... (see... it's still oooiinngg nonstop) my goodness, can someone just stop it? it's so annoying..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mom is always the BEST

My body immune system wasnt tat strong lately... Flu & cough keep on coming. But this morning, there's an additional element - Fever. @.@ I hate fever.. it's been a long time since fever last visited me. My joints were painful and my throat felt so dry... knowing that fever is gonna attack me soon, I went to see doctor.

Reaching home, everybody had went out to work..leaving me alone at home. Bought some dimsum, ate it and ate my medicine. My body was getting weaker and weaker, joints are getting more n more painful - more like too sensitive. Instead of surfing the internet, I went to bed.. tried to slp but it's getting harder and harder. Felt that my blanket is not thick enough. My toes and fingers are getting colder with no blood. Switching the fan off does helped a little but I still felt cold. Got my jacket and wear it with blanket on me - I felt better.

Although I'm sick, my phone still kept on ringing. Seems like I'm a busy person har.. I started to slp at 10 stg till 4.30pm but I did woke up from time to time.. Cos it's just too suffering.. felt like my bones are coming out of my body. Headache came and attacked me too. There's one time I can't stand it anymore..called Jacob and cried.

How I wish mom is with me. Her love and warmth, I missed it so much. I miss her so much... not because I'm sick and I recall her warmth but I do miss her tender loving care. I cried for nobody knows how suffering am I that moment. I cried cos sickness did not go away. I cried cos Mom knows everything and she'll never leave me alone when I'm sick. Mommy, I love you.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Twice in a month

I'm super duper hyper excited now...

I'll be seeing my parents in 2 weeks plus time then after 4 days i'll be seeing them the 2nd time at two places. I can't believe it that they'll actually come & see the EXIT. Is this the day that we've been waiting for ages?? I do hope that God really hv chosen this day to reveal His message to him.

"Open the Eyes of my heart, Lord" Open the eyes of my daddy's heart, Lord. Let him see n feel the love you hv for him which is over pouring. Once again touch my mommy's heart. Melt her heart with your love and caring. Let her submit herself once again into your hands, my Lord. This is my prayer. In Jesus' name, Amen.

p.s So, Daddy & Mommy will be exploring my new home and having a sweet short holiday here in KL with us.. =) I am so HAPPY!! Pray for my daddy's salvation ok??

Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's a fragrance or a poison?

What do you think about body odour??

Do you know some ppl has a very very very strong body odour? My nose is so sensitive. I remember there's once, when I took the train to somewhere and it stopped at the pasar seni, ppl came rushing in to the train. Somehow there's one bangladesh guy i think, he stood right in front of me. He raised his arm to hold the handle. Oh my!! A strong smell came right out from where you know... my nose reacted so fast, that I can actually felt the itchiness..n not long after that, I started sneezing nonstop. Runny nose came and attacked me. T.T

I'm not sure whether you had encountered this incident before but some ppl... they put on their cologne or perfume or dunno wat. It is so strong that even when they are gone from the lift, or room, or place/area, that super strong fragrance is still there! O.O it's a like a poison... it's not a fragrance to me, it's a poisonous gas. It's too strong tat I almost faint once in the lift. siggh... ppl oh ppl..

Just now... someone came into my office. He stopped by for a while. Not even 3 mins... when he left, his odour... urggghhh.... it's still here. it's so strong.. =X I really wanna faint edi. I dont knw why some ppl, if you know that you have strong body smells, pls la.. use some nice fragrance n not too strong smell perfume can o not? Or if you know that you are going to sweat a lot, can u just wipe it with handkerchief or bring extra shirts?? Or bring some small bottles of perfume (mild type - if you dont like the strong ones?)with you everywhere you go..

Yes, I'm quite sensitive.. or shud I say.. I am very sensitive. My nose is sensitive.. my skin is sensitive. So, pls think on my behalf, okie?

- I can't stand strong body odour.
- I can't smell too strong perfume - I will really faint, I'm not joking. I've experienced it before. It was a blackout for me.
- My nose will get super itchy and thereafter, runny nose will attack me for at least 1 day.

Ohh...p-uh-leasssseeee ppl..

Exit Trailer is OUT!

Hey people..

This is the things that I'm bz with lately. Make sure you check the trailer out. Play it and after you've watched it, reserve your ticket wit me. Call me up or msg me or come n find me. Don't miss out the opportunity. It's a live dance performance with video clips for the whole EXIT production. Can't wait to see you all there! Be there cos I'll be there!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More spectacles to go!


I am so HAPPY! Never in my life I got my spectacle done so fast n so cheap!
The cheapest of all... but of cos frame's quality not very very very good la. Well, at least I can opt for more styles now. Will change my current spec's lens too! with that same price I got for my new frame. Then, out for frame shopping! wahahahaha~

p.s Will try a new contact lens solution mayb this coming weekend (just got it few days ago).. haha~ It's not even in the market yet and they claim to be better than all that is in the market. Yet to try soon! Can't wait... U knw my eyes are quite sensitive and can easily feel dry. So, let's wait n see.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lucky to know earlier

Today is like a normal day in office... but with a lil headache, flu n sorethroat. I did not realize anything wrong with me... until I felt my own skin while going down the staircase on the way to my sis's office. Weird.. why would I feel it? It should be my skirt that's covering my thigh.

Oh gosh... I realized there's a hole at the side. The thread had came off revealing my thigh. O.O cham lo... how am I goin to cover it up? asking for safety pin here n there but found none.

Back in my office, I sat there thinking...maybe my blazer will help me cover it up. But it's not long enough.. I can still clearly see my skin. Think think think... *A bulb lighted up* the best solution ever! hahaha~ I quickly grabbed it and went to the washroom. Solved my problem like nothing happened before.

Do you know what's my solution? hahaha~ My best friend for office tools... stapler! XD Bye bye my embarassing moment! It's lucky to know it earlier or else ppl will stare at me during lunch time. Thank God!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be strong!

Exit is nearer and nearer as the time goes by...

My heart aches when I heard all sorts of news happening around us. Sprained ankle, car accidents, sickness, body aching, etc etc. Today around 2.30pm, I received a sms saying, "I want cry already, because I wash my shirt hua dao... my leg n body liu xue le, hen tong". I immediately called her up..

On the other end, she was crying terribly.. asking about her condition, she told me her toe nail came off and the side of her body got scratch.. her cries deeply hurts my heart. I comforted her and advice her to get her wound wash & wrap up.

Our Father in Heaven,
I give thanks to you that you have chosen us to hear your calling,
I give thanks unto you that you give us the strength to live on day by day,
I give thanks to you that you help us to create stronger bonds each and everyday, strengthening us in both physically & spiritually,
I pray that, Oh God, it's your will be done and not ours.
Purify and sanctify us, so that You may use us to the fullest in your ministry,
Clease us, Oh Lord, with your blood that you have shed for us.
Nail our sins on the cross, and remember not our sins.
Lead us and guide us into your path with your words and spirit.
I pray that, Oh God, you'll cover us with your blood,
send forth your angels to protect us and our families,
Strengthen us as you have given us the authority and power with your heavenly angels to fight with the princes of air and regain the lost souls.
Here, I submit the dance team into your hands,
Be with us Jehovah, All glory and honour are yours.
In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Be strong my dear brothers & sisters in Christ. Don't cry and give up but stay strong and ask for His comfort. Do not complain but give thanks all the time. He has CHOSEN you, so lift up your cross and walk with Him into the narrow gate to gain the treasure in Heaven.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buttercup BKK Advice

My friend told me about his incidents and here it is in his blog. Funny~ I can't just stop laughing at him. I told him... u hv the not so brilliant look. that's y u r easily targeted to be cheated. XD Have fun reading it and learning some easy thai phrases.

He@ven_Of_bRokeN` EnGlisH: Taxi Scams - Bangkok (Read this if you're coming h...: "First of all, I must say that Thailand is a really not-too-bad country. I am loving the culture as well as the people here. I had been stayi..."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I cant even sleep well last nite. All I have in my mind was dance moves. The idea that I need to incorporate into the dance. All the "sensual" touch.. @.@

Never in my life, other than my boyfriend(s), I have intimate touch with. So stress! It's common you know.. I grew up in a convent school (means no guy at all except for the male school teachers in both primary & secondary schools). The only male friends I have were mostly from church. How am I suppose to actually allow them to touch me ( I rmb.. only Daniel ever put his hand on my shoulder for pic..others no)?? I cant.. I feel weird to tell u the truth. ticklish?? no..

It's not that I'm selling at a very high price but I just cant. It's hard.. siiggghhh.... If one touch my hand/arm, it's ok.. I can accept it. shoulder, forcefully say ok la.. but waist, my goodness.. face? No! I cant.. this is super weird. I cant pass my own self.

I need a breakthrough is it? It's just a dance.. I know. So, I nid to b a lil braver? T.T someone pls help me. HELP!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Laughing Medicine

These few videos are my medicine.. haha~ Can't stop laughing when i watch it. I miss those days when we're having fun.

The Da-lang's production. Created on Dec 2009 (If not mistaken).
Titled: Stress Management.
Part 1

Part 2

Da-Lang FM

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Do I really look that tired lately?? @.@ the 5th floor staff said I looked extremely tired lately.. well, my look isn't that important. All I can feel is that.. my eyes are heavy! (I need toothpick..toothpick~) haha~

My mind is... recently, my memory is not that good. I kept on forgetting things or maybe my schedule is too packed till I can't remember what I've arranged or what others told me. Do you want to be my planner?? my personal assistant perhaps? =)) Or my clone?? I wish I can do all things without the feeling of fatigue in my body.

Have a peek into my schedule for this week (or mayb will continue till next week(s)):
Mon- Angel's dance practice
Tues- Dance practice
Wed - Tuition
Thurs- Dance practice
Fri- Tuition
Sat- Cell group/DF/Dance practice
Sun- Sun service/Dance practice.

Let's see... hmm... mostly dance practice hor..? No wonder my muscle is so stress. XD However, my body muscle is not that painful edi but shoulder still a little stiff. Massage? free massage from anyone? =) U r welcome to massage me with all sorts of techniques u hv up on ur sleeve. hehe~ pijak on my back oso can! no prob~ (but dont tell me u r 80kg la.. my bones will break)

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Virology Lab Practical

There are 3 videos shown here... It's all culturing embryonic cell from a chicken embryo. These videos were taken since 2009 during my virology practical but I have no time to upload or to convert & cut to be uploaded in youtube (previously, there's a limitation for youtube where one can only upload a max of 10mins long video..but now, we are able to upload video which is longer than 15 mins). As you all know, I've lost my lappie and I've lost all the software but fortunately, I still have the video in my mobile phone. So, here it is! enjoy~

  • Demonstration by Mr. Bunny on how to do the cell culturing.

  • Part 1 of the lab practical was done by me. I love practicals... hehe~ miss those time.. This is the dissection part & embryonic cell culturing.
  • Part 2 was continued my lab partner in further culturing the cell for other body parts.

1 month to go..

As you all know the "Exit" cpm production has been postponed to 29th May 2011 with 2 sessions, 11am and 1pm at Bentley. However, it seems like my body and mind is in a stress condition now. @.@

I have muscle cramp these few days.. sleeping and waking up with body aching. Gosh, I have to admit that I'm getting old is it? ='( but it's okay... cos I'm not the only person having all this symptoms haha! all of us are in the same condition. Yesterdat, H told me that her butt is flowering! hahaha~~ 

My mind was in great tension too... U know what I've dreamt of last nite?? My team's dress turns into a blue green dress with sponge cushioning all over the dress. Making one to looks like puffy doll. The dress came with cushioned collar instead of the wide U neck that I wanted. Instead of soft and comfortable dress, it became a puffy and hard to move around dress. (@.@!!) my goodness.... usually I forgot my dreams easily after I woke up but this one.. it haunted me up till now.

Am I really that stress?? I know my muscle is.. haha~ still in painful condition la.. moving an inch feels like pulling my whole muscle out. ='(