Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crazy life in KL

Toxic assignment, presentation, midterm test + haema test + FYP shocking results + Golden lotus's nagging = BIG pressure + CRAZY decision making.


On the 20th March, me, roommate (laysze), tien, ting n wai went for dinner in Tak Fuk, kepong. We have crabs, prawns, man tao & Tofu as our dinner.

Food & port dickson pics can be located from the photo album.

Gals who dont knw how to eat crabs... Tien is super funny. She hold the crab with her palm (scared tat it will fly away??) and Laysze is trying hard to teach her how to crack it open after learning it.


Next, a guy who tried to snatch man tao from a crab. So hungry meh?? the crab oledi die lo... no body some more. Even dead oso cannot eat mantao. So pity...


After finish eating the whole thing (10.40pm).... Suddenly, one of them came up with a suggestion. W: "Come, let us go to Port Dickson". Others: "Oohhh sure!! why not? never been there b4." B4 goin to PD, some stop by at home to change clothes n shoes. In the end, we arrived PD at 1.30am...


Some practice how to b lesbian, some showing off their strength by carrying other ppl, some just sat down n staring the blacky blacky sky & sea (cos no stary stary nite), some recall n play their childhood game, some compete with each other in a 100m race, and some planted their feet in the sand. The night just go on n on...wu liao ppl still go on with their wu liao things. After wuliao-ing, we began our journey back home and reached home at 4.30am...


In conclusion, when a person or a bunch of ppl get too STRESSED or too PRESSURIZED, their mind started to think & act crazily. Altho tired, but its all just some FUN to release their stress.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Low immune system

Cham lo... I just realized tat im sick with flu (like water flowing from the water pipe) every weekend. woohoo.... i guess im just too bz with my uni stuff like fyp, assignment n tests. Lack of rest, run here and there to do my things... n when i hv my free time, i used it till the fullest without giving a nice rest to my body. XD so, i think this is wat i get for exhausting my body. XP Dont learn from me... Nononono, u shouldnt.


Hmmm..... u knw wat, everytime when im having water pipe flu, there's an opportunity for me to argue with tat selfish/dirty/irresponsible hsemates who accomodate small room. But i just cant go out wit my super comfortable pyjamas and running nose to argue wit them. I just cant argue till half way n say "excuse me, i nid to get my tissue a while" then right after tat continue to argue right? arrghh.... Nvm la, i dont think i nid to argue anymore cos they will move out soon. wahaha..


With my current flu, i will still nid to study for my toxicology and haematology midterm tests and prepare for my presentation. Hopefully, i'll b alrite on tues without any changes to my voice or else, my fellow toxic-mates will hv a good laugh at my sexy voice. ^^


Wish me Get Well Soon n Good Luck ya!~