Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My limit??

I have been so busy lately and lack of rest. My body is getting a little alarm.. signaling me that the immune system is not as strong as before. Has been sneezing for whole day yesterday, sorethroat started this morning, n now gastric. Aizz... can I stay strong until DREAMS is over? Am I at my limit?? Certainly no... (I must say NO, cos I wanted to b more n to be used by Him). I've been informed by pastors that we'll have a lot of projects coming. Just dunno when and what it is.. and we might nid to go out for mission together wit him.

Besides my ministry, there's my work.... working in this office is kinda nice & comfortable except when there's some idiot who really likes to kacau u and pisses u off! haaiizzzz..... really beh ta han some ppl edi. I really dunno wat's in their mind. Is it really hard for u to add on a "please" word when u're asking for something? Is it really hard for you to speak politely? Oh dear.... I tot I can relax today. In the mid of my gastric pain, he called up! deng... almost explode. Then someone came and kacau again. Speaking of those brainless words... pls la.. dont go around flirting or kacau-ing ppl can ar?? Haizzz.... control control.... cannot cannot. Hv to tahan no matter wat. self control.. patience... love... pls come to me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wat day is today??

Yesterday was a definitely a good day cos Junko is born!... I bought a steam sterilizer and a pacifier that flip close when it drops (happy happy~~).. but today.. sigghh... it seems like 180 degree turning. T.T

I accidentally deleted my document, hence, i nid to re-type it again. But lucky me, I'm quite fast in typing and editing documents. Well, nobody knows what's gonna happen after I finished typing. =.=

Happy to submit my completed work to my boss but... just before I enjoy my seaweed plum vinegar, things got a lil complicated again. It is good for a customer to purchase a fully filled drink/food in its package but no one will ever like it when things spilled bcos of the pressure it has. The vinegar/seaweed came flying out of the package like it cant contain the pressure/stress it has (the opening only 2cm long, width only 3mm lehh). Flying right to my errrmmm.. u knw where. sighh... now I smell like a plum vinegar. ='( my skirt, my tank top, my cardigan n even my hair smell of vinegar. arrgghhh....

It's really not a very good day for me today... but I pray that things will just turn better as the clock is ticking now. **begging earnestly**

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For my dear Joyce

Dear Darling,

This is super useful for you. I'll definitely get you one of this and buy other things. hahaa~~ Can't wait to see you. Really hope to fly back to see you now. *Hugssss* U & your lovely daughter has brighten up my day today. I just can't stop smiling.. I cant stop feeling the joy in my heart. Feel like it's leaping inside!~ Love you!! Not to forget... Jimmy, U r great too! Happy Fathers' Day & Happy being first time papa~ God Bless Your Family!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011


I had a very complicated feelings...

A second of joy, a second of stress, a second of disappointment.. what in the world is happening?

Things happening to my surrounding or me in summary:

1) Boss not going to another company (means I still hv my good boss).
2) Lift starting making that same noise (oooiinngg....oiinnggg).
3) Timetabling is making me big headache (why they dont tell me earlier that there are things they wanted to change? n it's different from what they've given me earlier..)
4) I smell smoke... means he's smoking.
5) When im stressed, ppl post some funny things (it releases my stress a while).
6) I actually dont really like relying on others. So, if I have choices, I will definitely choose NOT TO ASK FOR HELP FROM ANYONE.
7) I wish I have car.
8) I wish I have plenty of time.
9) I wish Im on holiday.
10) I wish I have plenty of money (well..who dont?)
11) I just dont feel like doing anything!
12) GREAT! I dont know it's blogger problem o wat. My blogger bckgrd changed! @#&%&$%@*#&^ It's so UGLY!!

Okay.. get back to work. sigghh.. negative thoughts go away from me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heavy Eyes

=.= I wanna slp...

Cant hear any rooster crowing this morning but Utada's First Love music rang...(sms coming in) Not once... but three times! =.= boss oh boss.... I dont start work at 7stg in the morning. My working hours are from 9 to 5.30pm. T.T sssooooo slpyyyy....

After the soft music, wwiiinngg wwiinngg sound came. =.= Hello ppl?? it's early in the morning. Why cant all this sort of noise stop making noises for mayb a week?? I can barely open my eyes now. I'm so tired. so sleepy... I seriously in need of toothpick now. =.= It's so HEAVY!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was checking the timetable and doing some amendments when I felt the building shaking. I can feel the chair, my table, my computer moving to left n right a little... I tot I was dizzy or something. Then I quickly ask my colleague, while asking.. I saw the glass door moving. ha... but my colleague didnt feel anything. By the time he touched my table, it stop shaking.

After a few seconds, I felt the second tremor again. Again, I asked him.. still he did not feel anything. Perhaps he was standing so he couldn't feel anything. Ask another friend of mine, yet he responded me with the same answer as my colleague. However, fren in fb clarify the issue for me... saying it was earthquake. Happening in Sumatera.. 5.4 mag then 6.2 mag. Tat's y we felt it. Another colleague of mine who was in the clinic at that time, testified that he too felt it. sighh... earthquake is happening more n more frequent. Is it safe in Msia? Is our building safe to withstand all the tremors mayb in the future?

The time is near... Be prepared. Never fall asleep.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Why Moody??

Why am I so moody today?? Monday blues?? I dont think so...

Somehow, I cant really laugh or smile.. I can feel my brows squeezing n creasing so hardly. help me!! I really wanna cry liao...

Usually i'm the one who comforted others.. but today.. I dont even knw what happened to me. How to comfort myself? Drowning myself with songs now... Hoping to get a cure. A cure to my heart. wat happen to me? T.T

Monday, June 6, 2011


I missed my family so much. Seen them in Brunei and in Exit event. They remain close in my heart. Feeling the warmth... feeling the love they hv for me. I'm grateful..

We can't celebrate fathers' day with daddy this year..(actually for these past 6 yrs). Bought him a crocs in 1U on 29 May (although he said it's expensive but he was smiling - I knw he likes it cos he kept on trying on my lil sis's crocs). Although I'm tired but looking at their happy face while shopping energize me. Dad was a lil heartache when we used too much of our money spending on those few days when they're here. But I'm glad that i'm able to treat them on good foods and buy them stuffs. Happy Family is what you should ask for. Money doesnt buy happiness but building up a good relationship remains forever. Flying them over to KL just for the event is not wasting money.. but seeing the chances of salvation is the main purpose I have in mind. Although dad did not go to the front (he's kind of a shy person), I knew in my heart that a seed of gospel has been planted in him (cos he said - aiya, when u hv heart, wherever u are it counts). I believe that day will come.

In the past, there were too many things happening. I wish I can just wipe off the dark part but every part that had happened, there must b a lesson. I yearn for a happy family for ages. This day..this happy family has been granted by God. He never leave us or abandon us. In Him, I always believe, no matter how hard is our lives, how dramatic is our lives, He will always be there for us.

Together we share our tears, together we share our happy moments.
- We've just talked with each other through video call last nite. Mom & Dad were super funny and energetic. From now on, we'll b able to communicate more easily with the whole family. Love my family~