Monday, May 30, 2011

CPM: Exit 出口 Successful~

I would like to thank all of my dancers, partner and CPM production crew. We've made it~ It was a successful and memorable production. Without one of you, things will be different. You've played a BIG part in making the event and of course the biggest and most important player is always Our Most High God and Holy Spirit. We alone are nothing but in God, we are everything.. His Spiritual flow and touch are the factors that moved all hearts. Thank God!~

I would like to personally thank Billy for enduring all the hardships with me. Doing all the difficult task that I myself could not believe I'm really doing it (cos we usually see those moves dance by all the professional dancers). A big thank you to Eric who choreograph the demon part and understanding the effect that I want...Yuan Qing for assisting Eric and helping me to keep all the demons accesories. Thanks to all small demons (Jeremy, Yuan Qing, Guo Hao & Ah Fai), although you are small demon BUT you are the one that lift the whole drama atmosphere to the climax.. I really thank all of you. Thank you Hosanna & Alix for helping me with the angel part (e.g costumes & ballet shoes) especially transportation. Without both of you, I'm sure all of the dancers will have difficulties with transportation. Both of you have been really understanding.. I'm really grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to all of my lovely angels (Alix, Crystal, Shao Qi,Chu Ling).. you've done well. Your Angelic look is finally in the EXIT. haha~ Thanks to Chu Ling.. I know it's been a lil hard for you. Cos it's a very last minute task..asking you to have an intensive training is really a big burden especially when I'm quite strict. I'm really sorry for pushing you so hard but I'm really grateful and happy that you can do it in a short time. *thumbs up* for you. Good Job!

To all of my dancers: I know I've been quite strict and fierce sometimes and pushing you all to the maximum is really "Sam fu" especially when I pin point people who did not do well. Really SORRY and hope you all will forgive me. Please do not take it into your heart and please smile and talk with me in the future okay?? =) Let's continue to stay like a family okay??

A msg from our producer, brother Kenneth, to all the dancers: Great Job for the spectacular performance. Pray that we can do greater things for His glory. God Bless..

To Liang Siong and Sebrina: Although both of you did not manage to join us in this production, please do not be sad and feel heart broken. We still have a lot of opportunities in the future. You two really did well in the practice, but we do understand that there are some things that we cannot avoid. Do not give up but put your hope in God. He will always open up a way for you when there seems to be no way. Remember this.. I still love both of you. Don't ever say that I've abandoned you..k? Jesus never abandon you, so do I. I'll keep my promise.

Thanks to all other Exit Production crew: You've worked hard! Thanks for all your effort.. Really thank God that I'm part of you all. haha~ We'll do greater things for Him in the future!! All Glory Be to God! Looking forward for Christmas event~

Everyone is tired... so, rest well and drink plenty of water. Weather is REAL HOT recently. Don't get sick. Keep your body in a good health and get ready for God's next plan. ^^

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My new daily alarm clock

For the first 2 days in new house, it's not a super comfortable experience. I've been trying very hard to sleep. I dont know whether it's because the weather is too HOT or it's because it's too new for me. But it's very unlikely to be the second reason because my bed is so comfortable now..although it's a little smaller than my previous bed.

I had a terrible experience on the first day.. I dunno which house is actually rearing some chicken, rooster or watever it is. I heard eeeheee..eehhee...eehhee... for a very long time early in the morning when the sun is not up yet. Then when it's sunrise, another eehee..ehhee..eeehhee.. My gosh! It's so annoying and I'm damn tired that day. I thought it was some kind of goose or some short breath animals. =.= Jacob was so frustrated early yesterday morning. He told me that he really wanted to catch the chicken or rooster or watever it is and cook it as a meal. XD cos he's too tired and only managed to slp for a few hours before going out to work again.

Today, it's better.. cos the sound is not that loud. Maybe it's because I've shut all the windows. But Im pretty sure what it is edi because instead of eeehheee...eeehee... it's actually cuck-cock-cuckoo...(so it's actually crowing) It's a rooster!! My gosh... How am I going to endure it for as long as I stay in that house. It'll be my daily alarm clock. (-.-") I need my beauty sleep.. I'm so tired... I just want a quiet environment. plssss give it to me....

-soundproof window..
-thick curtain

As if it's really my own house instead of rented house. =.= Who is willing to sponsor me? =D

Monday, May 16, 2011

Shifting to a new nest

For these past 5.5 years, I've been shifting from one place to another place for like 6 times. This is the 7th time! My goshhh!! Now only I realized. @.@

Shifting is not a very good thing to do especially when u have to move like anually. Although some may say "treat it as an exercise". I tell u... It's like taking your life and squeezing you out of everything. Definitely a nightmare for me. Packing is tiring... moving things are tiring and even unpacking is tiring.

However, moving to this new nest is definitely a heaven for me i think. It's a well renovated hse.. feels like a real home but without complete set of house furniture. Hopefully, we'll hv a complete one in the future. I've bought so many things for this new hse.. New hse with new bed, mattress, pillow, aircon, washing my life will b so comfortable! lol~

Then, we have a set of sofa given by church friend, a tv given by sis's ex boss, a friend given by God. LOL~ we hv new hsemate!! yeah~

My new hsemate is damn cute~ I've told her before that I was planning to buy the LG health deluxe aircon but I bought another brand last sat without informing her. I forgot actually... The delivery was supposed to be at 6-7pm today and they've said they'll call before they send it over. I did not receive any call except a msg indicating there's a missed call. I didnt return the call cos it's unknown to me. So, they called my new hsemate instead.

During the delivery, I think they asked my new hsemate where to put the things. I've bought two things which are two diff brands. I guess the guy must hv asked, "Ini LG letak mana??". Without actually looking at what it is, I think my new hsemate said, "LG? Oh.. LG atas atas."

After delivery she called n informed me that the things hv been delivered to our new hse. I was surprised at first cos it's earlier than the expected delivery time but shocked when I told her, I've bought another brand of aircon and that LG is supposed to be washing machine.. and it's mistakenly moved and trap upstairs now. LOL!~

I bet she'll b reading my post... so, I just wanns say... My new hsemate U are really super funny and cute~ My life will b awesome with u as a part of our new family. Can't wait to laugh my head off with you~

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Did u see it?

Have you open up today's google page? Did you realize that the woman is moving/dancing while drawing out the GOOGLE words?? It's so nice~

I found it interesting and it seems like dancing and to my surprise it really was. The animation they created is based on Martha Graham, a dancer & a choreographer who was very well known long long time ago.

I dunno how they did the animation but it's really creative and look at the way it actually move and poses and move on to another character. Fantastic!! If there's a like button, I'll definitely like it a lot of times. LIKE LIKE LIKE!!~

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ooinngg sound

Oh my gosshh... I can't tahan it anymore.

The Ooooiinnngggg sound keeps on ooiinngg there making me more and more dizzy. Hello ppl, I'm feeling much more better than yesterday but it doesn't mean you can go on Oooiinnggg there for countless of times. You are making me dizzy @.@

I'm in the mid of rushing and translating my notes cos I have an exam coming up this sunday. Can you just stop Oooiinngg there and let me focus before I faint? Your Ooiinnggg sounds are definitely making me sick and feel a little nausea. arrgghh.... (see... it's still oooiinngg nonstop) my goodness, can someone just stop it? it's so annoying..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mom is always the BEST

My body immune system wasnt tat strong lately... Flu & cough keep on coming. But this morning, there's an additional element - Fever. @.@ I hate fever.. it's been a long time since fever last visited me. My joints were painful and my throat felt so dry... knowing that fever is gonna attack me soon, I went to see doctor.

Reaching home, everybody had went out to work..leaving me alone at home. Bought some dimsum, ate it and ate my medicine. My body was getting weaker and weaker, joints are getting more n more painful - more like too sensitive. Instead of surfing the internet, I went to bed.. tried to slp but it's getting harder and harder. Felt that my blanket is not thick enough. My toes and fingers are getting colder with no blood. Switching the fan off does helped a little but I still felt cold. Got my jacket and wear it with blanket on me - I felt better.

Although I'm sick, my phone still kept on ringing. Seems like I'm a busy person har.. I started to slp at 10 stg till 4.30pm but I did woke up from time to time.. Cos it's just too suffering.. felt like my bones are coming out of my body. Headache came and attacked me too. There's one time I can't stand it anymore..called Jacob and cried.

How I wish mom is with me. Her love and warmth, I missed it so much. I miss her so much... not because I'm sick and I recall her warmth but I do miss her tender loving care. I cried for nobody knows how suffering am I that moment. I cried cos sickness did not go away. I cried cos Mom knows everything and she'll never leave me alone when I'm sick. Mommy, I love you.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Twice in a month

I'm super duper hyper excited now...

I'll be seeing my parents in 2 weeks plus time then after 4 days i'll be seeing them the 2nd time at two places. I can't believe it that they'll actually come & see the EXIT. Is this the day that we've been waiting for ages?? I do hope that God really hv chosen this day to reveal His message to him.

"Open the Eyes of my heart, Lord" Open the eyes of my daddy's heart, Lord. Let him see n feel the love you hv for him which is over pouring. Once again touch my mommy's heart. Melt her heart with your love and caring. Let her submit herself once again into your hands, my Lord. This is my prayer. In Jesus' name, Amen.

p.s So, Daddy & Mommy will be exploring my new home and having a sweet short holiday here in KL with us.. =) I am so HAPPY!! Pray for my daddy's salvation ok??