Monday, October 31, 2011

A bz monday morning

Busy busy busy... is what I get early in the morning right before I step into my office. =.=

As early as 7.23am, my boss sms-ed me. Asking me about the invigilators.

At 8.50am, my student told me she forgot her exam docket. So, I need to wait for her replacement fee receipt then rush up to the exam dept to get another docket. Accompany her to the exam hall which is so far far far away.

At 8.52am, boss called me and told me he's on EL but there's 1 appointment at 10 am. If the guest turn up, then he'll come back.

8.55 am, my another batch of students told me that their classroom is under renovation and supposingly they have classes in that room until 1pm. Nobody inform me about anything (i mean from the RPU). So, called up the RPU, told them.... asked them to get a new venue. (you know what she told me?? "it's hard to get a classroom nowadays" and I was like "what? but they have classes till 1pm. No matter what, you have to find another classroom".

9.25am, got back in my office not even 2sec, my phone rang again.... RPU, found another room for 11-1pm class. Saying that they do not know that the actual room is still under renovation till today and the room might not be available for these few days. (-.-")

9.30am, exam dept called me again.... T.T the staff told me that there's similar/duplicate question in that paper. Please inform the lecturer.... and I was like "har?? but this subject got 3 lecturers and they are not from my faculty. I only have the controller." So, she left me her number and all the instructions. =.=

T.T pls...... a better day for the rest of the day.... ok? I'm not feeling very well edi.... and I dont want to get worst cos there's still plenty of things waiting for me to do. Pray for me will ya?


Received a sad news... T.T...

Life is indeed very short. I dunno why life is taken away one after another in just a few years. Got to know a lot of ppl but also lost a lot of ppl that left some footprints in  my life. God gaves us lives but he will also take it away once the journey has come to an end.

Yeun Shin... She's adorable, friendly, humble and loves to smile. Although I didn't get to see her a lot of times, but her presence in iCampus, made it more lively. I thought i'll be able to see her when cg resume n when they're workload is not that much. She's a person who rather go to cg then to stay at home when she's very stress. =') really missed her. Her laughter is so cute... I bet her friends must be really sad and missed her a lot. She's just too special..

Yeun Shin, you'll forever be in my memory. Miss you..
Rest in peace.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Is it a spa or a sparring? u decide...

When it says healing massage, pls think carefully before you really wanted to get a healing massage. The first half an hour, it was heaven~ we enjoyed it a lot... we had foot spa, full body scrub n jacuzzi but of course there were some awkward moments.. eg. using disposable underwear and a piece of cloth to cover up the top part. 

After the foot spa, we went off for full body scrub - it was okay... but later on we're left with that scrub thing on (a kind of mud i think) for like 15 mins... but that 15 mins, they were the beginnning of some torturing moment. It was so ITCHY! my neck, arms n my feet.. it was itchy! grrrr.... kenot tahan la.

Later on, we're allowed to delight ourselves in jacuzzi for 20 mins... but i felt tat it was longer! nice~ with water pressure massage straight to my backbone. awwww...nice! Nice but the other room full with surprises are waiting for us...

When u heard of massage, u must be nice.. deep massage some more.... relax-nya. How i wish i'm the one enjoying, rite?? nice! but it was a lil too early to say it's nice. massage oil was poured n rub, then suddely... OUCCHHH!! it was so painful. She was like pulling my blood vessel out. Found something in it, then golek back n forth... T.T Not once... but the whole massage session. All you can hear is OuuuuccchhhHHHhh..... sakitnya!! Hao tung!! sobsob..... Jiu Ming ar!! The room... or should i say.. the whole place was filled with our scream. T.T

I thought I can actually relax n fall asleep while they massage but it turned out to be something totally different! So, is it a Spa + massage or SPARRING with our bodies?? T.T even till now... all those points that they massage or pushed... they are still hurting... a lil painful when u slightly touch it. sobsob..... ='''( 

Ann, u r so lucky! T.T

Thursday, October 20, 2011

His Voice

His voice is still loud and clear in my mind. The way he talks is so gentle...  Guess, I really missed him a lot.

I dreamed about him this morning (it was right before I wake up for work). He called me saying, "Michelle, it's okay. I'll fetch you today okay? Wait for me in the office after work. I'll fetch you to church." Thinking of going to bible class together. "Hm... okay but I can drive today. Tomorrow my turn to fetch u okay?" but he declined my offer. "No, i'll fetch you today and tomorrow. It's okay. I'm free.. n i feel better." "Are you sure? Are you really okay to drive?". I thought he is really here with us... I've totally forgotten that he has return to be with God.

I woke up... a lil happy and a lil puzzle. Then I realised that it was only a dream.. a dream that is so real. His voice is so real. He's still my best friend. A friend that will never say no and never fail to offer help. Miss him so much~

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's happening?


Lotsa things happening lately.. I was very happy & nervous initially last sat. Set the appointment.. went for survey of costumes. Suddenly, my car was bang by a luxury car. Lexus WVA 7097, silver blue.. drove by a guy. Thought he will be very honest, gentlemen & trustable.. I chose to trust him.. but he's a coward in the end. He din answer my call, never reply my sms, n did not do any police report. Guess that's y a lot of ppl loves to bully me. (I know I've changed a lot... to a better me or worst i dont know. Cos I dont get angry easily recent yrs, I dont scold ppl that much these recent mths, I dont take revenge like how i used to - cos I owes said.. how you treat me is how i treat u; really thought this is a better me..but I got bullied almost all of the time ='(  ). Well, forget & let go..

Lost my beloved pendrive last sat n I only realised it on monday. Asked all of the dancers but none of them know where is it. T.T Lucky that I've just clear my things and save my important things to my laptop (if i didnt rmb it wrongly). Got my new pendrive, Sliq, 12GB... but it was originally installed and stored with some e-mag and application which ate some of my memory. So, I deleted the unwanted things but accidentally deleted some Sliq applications (cos Mr. J said.. Go ahead delete it, it's no use). Used it this morning and only realised that my PenDrive Icon is gone! T.T

Workload in office is increasing each and everyday recently. I got no chance to clear off all of the things. My desk is bcoming more n more messy. My mind is full with everything...never stop, never get to rest, my only time to rest is at nite. Thank God that I dont nid to bring my office work back home. =') and I'm so grateful that I can still TAHAN till today.. no signs of sakit here n there..just a lil blurred vision (eyes too tired i think?).

Gayao ar!!~

Monday, October 3, 2011



Been longing to cut my hair for such a long time.... n finally after Seremban's mission, i went to cut my hair ytd. Was planing to keep it long... cos it's been accompaying me for such a long time (Althought my usual practice is to cut it super short after it grew super long). After some shik shak shik shak, 7 inches of my hair gone! O.O but luckily.... it's not a terrible hair cut, or else i'll cry a thousand litres. hehe~ Now, it's not super short, not very long either.. just medium n nice. Great~

Hmm.. some ppl might think, i looked weird.. but to tell u the truth, I've cut this style before but it was like 4 yrs ago i think? haha~ I know it takes some time to get use to it. hahahahaha~ So, I'm NEW again! no more long straigth hair with slanting fringe. but hor.... this is not much different la. My usual hair style will come back very soon, once it is long again.. =.=