Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm satisfied

       Secret telling I've made a special video clip last 17 of July. I'm so satisfied with it. It was my first n own video clip which i made for my special one. Thx for SY for the song which i've used it for the clip. Really happy that it suited my clip so well. Although there were some parts that were not edited well enough, i still hope that he'll be very happy when he saw it. I did felt a lil embarrassed Embarrassed when sy said it's "rou ma"... but after collecting some opinions from my frens, i do think he will be extremely happy. So, i dont think that it will be a big problem or a big matter for me to feel a lil more embarrassing if my frens happens to watch the video clip accidentally or purposely...well, i think i'll just treat it as it is worthy to make him happy! Hmm.. im still thinking when should i post it up? there's no other place for me to post it up other than all the video clips i stored in the internet.. so, if you are reading my post, do find it n watch it b4 ur birthday arrives ya! should b few days to a week before ur birthday! Do watch it or u'll miss it! Love u!!~ *Smoochsss* Red heart

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


LOVE.. wat do u think it is? It can be something very sweet, memorable, joyful, bitter, or painful. I might not be a good counselor or advisor but i do experienced some whether it is directly or indirectly. Yes, indirectly means im not involved. It's just simply something tat i've seen from my surrounding.


When u started to fall in love or in a relationship, things will b getting sweeter n sweeter each day. You and your partner may be very happy and wanted to share it out. Celebrating bdays, valentine's day, and anniversary happily with surprise and gifts each time. However, as time goes along..getting longer.. love might somehow fade away. When problems seem to get in the way, mend it up! Try something refreshing, extraordinary, special, memorable for both of u... if u quarrel over something, try to fix it. If third party is involved, talk it out.. discuss.. dont ignore it!! If u ignore, things will be getting complicated and harder to solve. (Yeah, i knw its not easy to do...but try ur best! Good Luck!)


When the only solution is breaking up or let's be frens, dont collapse, dont cry, dont think negatively! Instead, be STRONGER, owes think positively and move on! Life does not end at that spot. Never ever think of suicide.. never ever think of injuirying urself.. Never ever think of hurting/harming ur own life (eg: health..financial..).. never ever think of running away.. never ever think of one nite stand.. never ever think of looking for a substitute.. By doin so, u will only hurt urself..hurt ur family..hurt ur friends and hurt those who cares for u. Remember, you are not alone.. owes talk it out wit ur frens, ur parents/family or even u can look for counselors. Although u might b painful now but treat it as a lesson.. learn n get over it. Do not repeat the same mistake in the future. There are a lots of better guys/gals out there..(yeah, u hv to filter..dont simply choose ur partner). Do make more frens, b more social, b more careful and learn to b independent! You will learn lots of things from the ppl around u.


Finish with the general LOVE things, now let me share some of the pre-LOVE, LOVE n post-LOVE problems:



Hey, ppl out there.. if u really like tat gal/guy, just tell her la! Gv her/him gifts, talk wit him/her, hang out together!!! Dont keep ur mouth shut tight... it doesnt help u at all.



If u two cant get along, find out wat's the problem.. like trusting each other?? Hey.. if u really in love wit each other, u ought to trust him or her.. but pls ppl dont take this chance to cheat him or her. If i found out tat u did tat to some of my buddies, u'll b a dead meat!! i do experienced this myself, so i knw how it feels.. how hurt it is..how hard it is to get over it. If u cheat, ppl tat got cheated by u will not trust other ppl easily in the future. Do think of that.. dont b so selfish!! So, never ever "Step on two boats" at a time!! Esp married ppl!!! Do you think ur wife/husband will be very happy or can get it tru easily?? They will b very very HURT!! since they hv commited their lives to u, u ought to do the same thing! DONT CHEAT!! Do u think Divorce = Breaking up?? NO!! Think carefully b4 u do something! Apply this theory in everything u do.. not only in the "relationship" but ALL things.



hmm...breaking up is not a big deal. You may hv put in all ur effort to mend it but when it is not mendable anymore, u cant do anything too..just let it go. You may have a very long term relationship but if the guy/gal did not appreciate u, just forget about him or her. Dont put any hope in him/her, wanting him/her to b wit you again.. Its their loss for not mending it up wit u. It is not worthy for u to waste ur time n effort just to mend it up wit him or her when he/she did not try to mend it up.


Sometimes after a couple break up, they will still contact wit each other.. yeah, its not tat u cant contact with each other anymore but the way n things tat u share...pls pls pls..think b4 u said it out. Think of the other party's feeling... whether o not they hv actually let it go/forget abt it or still hoping for some lil hope to b wit u... U may hurt him/her indirectly by sharing ur current lifes (like meeting up wit some gal/guy, how u two get along, how u wan to tackle a gal or how u wan to flirt wit some guys..) and dont ask "do u still hoping to b wit me again? do u still love me? do u still hv the feeling?" when u actually not wanting to b wit him/her again. This is definitely a NO NO step.. dont ever try to pop this topic up when u r simply searching for a topic to communicate with him/her (yeah, ur EX..). In my opinion, those ppl who asked this ques/talk abt things like tat are either trying to flirt wit the EX or trying to step on two boats (if he/she is in a relationship), or simply wanna end the feelings/hope tat the gal/guy (yeah, the ex again..) put in him/her. So pls stop it... Sometimes, i do feel angry wit some ppl who do so... do u knw how hurt is ur ex ah?? If u really wanna end the HOPE tat ur ex is hoping.. stop doin tat! Do u knw how hard it is for ur ex to stop tumbling in tat painful world?? Do u knw how hard it is for her/him to forget abt the past u both shared?? Oh pls!!


Watever it is.... if someone out there need some advice, dont hesitate to look for ur frens/parents/counselors. This post is something tat i wan to share.. if i hv offended u, im sorry! anyway, i do hope some ppl do learn something...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hm.. how should i start? Am i guilty of not studying hard for neurobiology? Am i guilty of not doing the protein & proteomics tutorial? Am i guilty of skipping immunology lecture? Well, it's hard to say. First, my schedule was packed with 5 science subjects. Second, everyweek there will be at least 2 reports and alternates week 3 reports to do. Ya, some might be a group report but not all k? Is this the destiny of a biostudent?? why must do reports?? haiz.. hate it. Third, why must our classes start early in the morning and end very very late?? ish... tat's so so tired k? Even if u wan to study, i dun think there's much time cos by the time u reach home, u will b very tired d. Hey, when ppl tired, u sure take a nap rite? If not, how r u goin tahan till late at nite? So...the decision was made this morning..


I skipped Immunology lecture (which is a very very boring and very rojak lecture) to spend more time to study but i ended up talking wit Tian. Sobsob.. see we are the 38 ppl. Everyday oso got things to 8. yeah, we r 8. So wat?? gals are born naturally with the 8 syndrome. Even Sy who used to b very quiet and shy oso ended up bli bla bli bla with us. Hahaha.. Although we talk much but we oso managed to study a little of the neurobiology. No worries.. (Now say no worries..but during the test sweat like ****).


During the test - Wasey, Dr. Say's eyes kept on staring on us (like wanna eat all of us). Hm.. Dr ah.. u so scared tat we will cheat ah??You should know tat the room is so so small with 67 students inside lo. Somemore u still wan us to separate.. haiz. Of cos cramp like sardine la. (Sigh..) Now about the question paper, he told us tat he will gv us MCQ n 1 Short answer (He said ONE short answer only ahh..). Then, today the paper came out full with questions, 8 pages!! 40 MCQs and 4 short answers (Eh..Dr. u say ONE short ans question de wor..how come got extra 3 ques?? See this is the trend of nowadays lecturer in UTAR. I think the one who started it is Adeline bah... Cannot fully trust their words one.Ishh..). Nvm.. There were a few questions about neuro diseases and i din memorise it at all..So, ended up with ?? on my head lo. Dunno how to do leh.. cham. Calculation oso wrong d..Ter-add something extra inside. XD


Dont wanna talk about the test paper d. Next, i oso skipped Protein tutorial class but dun worry.. will replace it tml. Join grp 3 tutorial class lo. No big deal. It was lucky tat i've made this wise decision today. Haha.. if not, sure kena tembak by Dr. Woo. Lots of ppl din do the tut (yeah, including me!). Everyone was so busy studying for the test that the Protein tut questions were neglected. I heard tat she was so so so angry cos lots of ppl who attended the class did not do her tut ques. Luckily i predicted this incident in the morning n made this wise decision (Skipped jor, ma hv more time to do the tut ques lo.. Who dare to go to Dr woo's class when u r not ready at all wor. I admit i dont dare.. n im scared XP).


This is wat i wan to explain.. So, Do u think im guilty?? haha.. ya rite. I knw wat's in ur mind... k la, back to tut n study lo. See ya!~