Thursday, April 4, 2013


Sometimes typo can be a laughter but sometimes it will create a BIG misunderstanding. 

Hello people out there. Typo in an official e-mail will certainly create some serious misunderstanding. Of course it will confused people from time-to-time too. For me, I don't look at the day you typed but the date. Everything goes according to the date. If you typed it wrongly and when I asked to clarify and you know that there must be some misunderstanding, can't you just kindly re-read your email and see if there's any mistake? 

Sigh! Adult! How old are you? With high education yet you still have lotsa typo in your email. I'm seriously doubting how you wrote all of your theses.

Thank God I have a boss who understands me well and supports me all the time. We clarified everything without your help and we don't know when in the future this will happens again with your serious typo problem and talking without some serious thinking. Yes, i'm mad cos you blew up my day early in the morning. I'm not your sandbag, A/Pxxx. 

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