Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Listen to Our Hearts

As you all have heard, as you all have seen in the news. People from another country had invaded to my homeland. Although it's far from my city (about 400km - 6 hours 25 mins drive / 1 hour flight), but we are all united as one. I don't know what to say about our Government or those people who claim our homeland as their land. BUT can't they listen to what we want? We are the citizen who live there. We are the one who grew up there. It's not up to their decision, whose land it belongs to. 

All we want is just peace. Since it's been ages we've called ourselves Malaysian and we are proud to have live harmoniously together with different ethnics and races peacefully for decades. So, let us be. We owned the land. Not people who have not live or grow up there, not people who suddenly invade and claim its theirs, or people who said they will do this and that but all turn up to be empty promises. I pray that my friends and all who live nearby the towns/island to be safe. I pray that all Sabahan be united as one and not be shaken by any parties. May the Lord reign in Sabah and reclaim our freedom from all darkness. 

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